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Saaking's Blog 9: Best Xbox 360 Games

I haven't played as many 360 games as I have PS3 games; however, I still wanted to do a list of my favorites games so far. Contrary to what many people believe, I do not despise the 360's games (just the hardware for all the problems it's caused) and I do enjoy gaming on the 360. Maybe not as much as the PS3, but it's still games and it's still fun. Anyways, with that out of the way here are my favorite Xbox 360 games  so far (in order):

7. Left 4 Dead
While the game is a lot better on PC, it still plays great on the 360 and will offer a lot of game time. In fact, I spent a lot of time on the game or at least more than I do with most others. Great game, but if you haven't gotten it yet just get Left 4 Dead 2 instead. There's no story to be explained so it's all good.

6. Kameo
After playing the atrocious (in my opinion) Perfect Dark Zero and the very poorly done Banjo & Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, I was afraid to put Kameo into the 360. It stayed on my shelf for months and only recently did I start playing it. I should have done it earlier. The game was one of the first 360 games (and it shows), but even now it's still lots of fun. Certainly Rare's best game this generation.

5. Halo 3
Many people bought a 360 just for this game and I can see why. It's one of the best multiplayer games this generation and a good game; however, in my opinion it does not live up the greatness of Halo: Combat Evolved. The story was a disappointment, but in the end the multiplayer makes it worth it. I'm not the best Halo player around, but I do enjoy it.

4. Lost Odyssey
I just began playing the game and so far it's been incredible. It didn't fare too well with reviewers and I honestly don't know why. Other than the loading times, I've had a lot of fun. It's a very good traditional JRPG and I really wish more 360 owners would have given it a chance.

3. Mass Effect
While not an exclusive, the game is just as much fun. I played the PC version back when it was released, but I never got to finish it. I recently finished the 360 version and I can see why so many people are excited about the sequel. Great story, great dialogue, great characters, and good gameplay. The game has all the ingredients to make a wonderful game. I'm on my second run through (on a higher difficulty) and I can't wait for Mass Effect  2 on January 26.

2. Gears of War
This is the game that introduced many of us to the next generation of gaming. It was game like we had never seen before and back in 2006 it blew my mind. The games was great, looked great, and the gameplay was really solid. I still enjoy it a lot more than it's lesser sequel.

1. Fable 2
Peter Molyneux hyped this game so much that it was doomed to disappoint and, while it did not live up the hype, the game is just awesome. When I went into the game  I really didn't expect much, but damn was it great. I enjoyed the gameplay, simple yet fun. I enjoyed the character and I enjoyed the story. It was addicting, fun, and overall great. Yes, it did not live to expectations, but it IS an amazing game that every 360 owner should experience. That is why Fable 2 is my favorite Xbox 360 game so far.  Fable III is one of my most anticipated games of 2010 (I still can't believe I left it out of my previous list!)

So that's pretty much it. There's many more games on the 360 and I'm sure some people will disagree with the list, but that's just my opinion, so I have to ask: what are your favorite 360 games?

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darkmurder4781d ago

Why dont u make a reasons why PS3 is better than xbox blog?

danthaman154781d ago

Because that would be an unoriginal and boring blog. Seriously, who wants to read "X is better than Y because of blah" for the upteenth time?

4781d ago
Tony P4781d ago

Mass Effect. Probably my favorite new title so far this gen. Definitely my top 360 game. Also Bioshock. Pretty much it.

AliTheBrit194781d ago

Wahey :)

My favourite 360 exclusive is also Fable II saaking

Anon19744777d ago

I loved the first Fable, and Fable 2 didn't disappoint for me. It's sad that this game was sometimes overshadowed by the hype because in the end it was still simply excellent.

And I bought Halo 3 for it's story. I hadn't really played multiplayer with Halo since the first one, and my brief forays online with Halo 3 left me irritated. I can't believe how many obnoxious 12 year olds are out there. When I played it, I'd end up having to mute entire lobbies, and then the game would finally be playable, but in the end it wasn't worth the effort for me. I've always loved Halo's, B-movie sci-story. That and the splitscreen co-op has always kept me coming back.

RockmanII74781d ago

My favorite 360 game is Halo 3, gotta love forge mode :)

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The story is too old to be commented.