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Saaking's Blog 5: Next Generation Consoles

It's my hope that the next generation is a long a way off; however, that shouldn't stop us from speculation and discussing what we would like to see in the eighth generation of gaming. It's safe to say that the big three will once again go at it so I'll make a sort of wishlist of things I would like to see ffom each console maker.


  • Continue supporting first party games and pushing new IPs
  • Don't get too cocky if you beat the 360. I think Sony really learnt a lot when they realized that they would not rule supreme for a third time. It changed them for the better.
  • Make the PS3 more accessible to developers. While there's no denying that the PS3 is far more powerful than the 360, Sony should make it easier on the developers.
  • Stick with Blu-ray
  • Integrate the online with the console more.
  • Get rid of motion controls and go back to more traditional gaming
  • Support more first party games
  • Introduce new IPs instead of using the same ones over and over.
  • Expand online gaming on the next Nintendo console
  • Up the graphics to compete with Sony's and Microsoft's next console
  • Take your time and make a reliable, solid console
  • Stop being fixated on beating Sony
  • Gather better first party support
  • Increase the graphical capabilities and use Bluray.
  • Make XBL free or add more stuff to justify the price
  • Less timed exclusives and more full exclusives
  • Focus on full games instead of DLC
  • Fix the D-pad and face buttons on the controller.
I think that pretty much sums it up. These are my clear unbiased thoughts on what each company should do. Whether you agree is up to you. Thanks for reading.

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RetroPietro4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

agree entirely with what you have to say. What i have learnt with this generation of consoles is never to buy a Microsoft system and stick with Nintendo and Sony.

ABizzel14832d ago

I'm going to use your same format to comment.

Sony- I agree with everything you said except for sticking with Blu Ray. I'm sure Blu Ray is going to grow for years to come, but Sony doesn't stick with the same format (even though they have had some formats cross over). PS1 games were on CD's, PS2's games were on DVD's, and now PS3 games are on Blu Ray's. So I'm pretty sure we'll see Sony pushing another format for the PS4 whether it's USB games, Digital Downloads, or whatever.

Nintendo- Here's where I'm going to have to completely disagree with you. You're opinions are probably what most hardcore gamers want (especially Nintendo fans). But it's not going to happen. Nintendo sis what they have been trying to do since the PlayStation entered the gaming market, beat Sony. The true gamers who've been playing games forever may not consider it a win, but Nintendo does so I guarantee Nintendo is going even more casual than they were with the Wii. They may create one new franchise, we'll get 2 versions of the established franchises, and everything else will be Wii Sports and Wii Fit. They'll work on online some, but it still won't be up to PSN or XBL standards, even a generation later. Their console will probably be as powerful as a PS3. And their going to find some other way to play games like they did with the Wii mote.

Microsoft- I agree with most of your Microsoft comments. THe next system won't have a RROD epidemic. Their systems will probably come out first again, maybe 2 years ahead of Sony this time (which should be VERY INTERESTING), but their focus won't be on trying to beat Sony. It's going to be on taking market share from Nintendo. MS is going to be hardcore-casual. They'll still have all the multiplatform games, and their exclusive franchises, but their going to push a little harder towards getting that casual market as well. Their first party is in trouble now as they continue to lose more (I'm sure they hire some employees from closed studios to other ones they own). They need to acquire companies that make exclusives for them now. Stop using that XBL movie for DLC, and timed exclusives and build up your first party devs or at least make more devs. 2nd party. They missed the chance at getting Bioware, but Valve is still there (since they're pretty much exclusive to Xbox and PC which you might as well say is Microsoft). XBL won't be free, why would they give up money that gamers are willing to pay. And finally their either going to go Digital Download (most likely) or Blu Ray since it should be the new standard by then.

You make some good points, and we'll just have to wait it out and see what happens when these systems do come out.

HolyOrangeCows4832d ago

I hope they can redeem themselves next gen.

MS needs to make a more solid console.
And they need to stop making LIVE fees intertwined with non-gaming crap and online gaming. I play GAMES online on GAME systems, not Twitter; so don't make fees for both.

Nintendo used to spit out great games by the truck load. Now they focus too much on accessibility and family. That's fine, Nintendo, but you almost COMPLETELY ignore your core fans from back in the day, and those still hopeful in the present.

HolyOrangeCows4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

MS is always talking about their non-gaming features and how they make LIVE gold such a good value. And I don't want to pay for the non-gaming features, only the online gameplay (If even that).

So I hope they make separate, cheaper fees:
Fee #1 - Strictly for Online play
Fee #2 - Access to Netflix, Twitter, etc.

And then I can only pay for the online gameplay and pay less for it.
And MAYBE that smaller fee will be closer to justified to me for the slightly better community.

presto7174832d ago

Sometimes I think about if ninendo had gone with a real hd console instead of a wii this gen. that would have made things interesting.

I would also like the ps4 to be a massive powerhouse just like the ps3 was. With better dev support, we might be seen ps3 games that surpass their pc counterparts.

Sometimes, I find it hard to envision the next gen. Graphics look so good now (KZ, U2) I dont know what the PS4 and Xbox3 will look like.

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Sheikh Yerbouti4832d ago

Introduce the PS4 at a lower price point.

RadientFlux4832d ago

funniest thing I've read all day, Saaking thinks he has "unbiased thoughts"

aaronisbla4832d ago

they seemed pretty unbiased to me. Its not like he told MS to just give it up and don't come back. Most of the points he made were good points, it just seems you wanna hold his previous actions against him, kinda lame imo

Saaking4832d ago

I've been an extreme fanboy troll around here so I get why you're calling me biased. You'll just have to take my word for it that I'm trying not to be a fanboy anymore. I'm tired of the same routine. I want to actually discuss game including those on the 360 that I like. But any ways, what would you say MS should improve?

Sheikh Yerbouti4832d ago

when Magneto joined the X-Men.

RadientFlux4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

Alright here are my two cents:

My only issue with the Xbox 360, was RROD. Other than that I found it to be a solid console. It's been criticized for having last-gen technology due to it's DVD drive. Considering that the Bluray format wasn't ready for the 360 launch, not really a big deal.

Though I am sure that both Sony and 360 will be using Bluray next gen or maybe a modified version of it to keep piracy down. As it's getting cheaper and cheaper to burn bluray discs.

The two things I would like Sony to focus on next gen is more western developer support. Make the development tools easier and they will come. As one of the games I'm looking forward to the most next year is 'Divinity 2' and it's a shame that it's not on the PS3.

The last thing would be to tweak the controller as I don't really like the current PS controller and find the X360 controller more comfortable (but that's a personal preference).

Narutone664832d ago

the 360 is plagued by RROD makes it not a solid console. I want to play some of the games coming out of the 360, but the hardware is the one holding me back.

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Cajun Chicken4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

I agree with most of this. But in some instances, the Wii's motion controls are great, for games such as No More Heroes. But it has proved a point, motion controlled gaming is certainly an OPTION.

Nintendo should shake off the 'fitness' vibe next console, that's the only thing which has infuriated me with Nintendo, before, Nintendo consoles were 'Toys' now they're being marketed as fitness devices and brain training systems, annoys me.

Agree with ALL MS points.

Saaking4832d ago (Edited 4832d ago )

Some people perhaps like the motion controls but I'd really love if Nintendo released a more traditional console. I loved the NES, SNES, N64 and even the GC, but not the Wii.

For now, the motion controls are irreversible, but perhaps next gen they can make motion controls optional and focus more on a normal controller.

GiantEnemyCrab4832d ago

Saaking I agree with on this one. Good lists.

I would add for MS to include an HDD in every system and for both Sony and MS to cut down on the multiple SKU's.

soxfan20054832d ago

I pretty much agree with everything on those lists as well. Next generation should be easier and cheaper for all companies. Blu-ray technology will no longer be prohibitively expensive to include in consoles at launch, and 250gb or larger hard drives should also be pretty inexpensive to include in all consoles.

This generation was tough for both MS and Sony, and I think they each made (mostly) the right decisions. MS simply could not afford to include HD-DVD in all 360 consoles. HD-DVD was unproven technology in 2005, and would have required a retail price of at least $600 at launch. MS didn't do badly last generation, but they also didn't do well enough to convince gamers to spend $600 of more on the 360. I believe that if MS had included HD-DVD at launch, the 360 would not be around anymore. Besides, most 360 games are nearly identical to most PS3 games despite using just a single DVD, and with the exception of Forza 3 and a few multi-disc RPG's, using DVD format has not been an issue for developers.

Sony, on the other hand, built up a LOT of good will with the success of PS2, and that allowed them the flexibility to launch a console at $600. Now that Sony has proven the worth of Blu-ray for gaming, MS, and maybe Nintendo, can follow suit next generation without taking the risks that Sony had to.

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