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Saaking's Blog 4: 2010- PS3 vs. Xbox 360

2009 is about to come to an end and what a year it's been! So many great games have been released that I've had to pass on some of them; however, with 2009 nearly over we have to look forward to what's ahead. 2010 is shaping up to be one of the greatest years for gamers, but which is the console to own? Which console will offer the best quality games? Let's find out.

First off, the PS3. The following games are scheduled to release in 2010, exclusive to PS3 (only the major games are listed to keep it short):

God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
The Agent
The Last Guardian
Heavy Rain
Insomniac Game

The 360 offers:

Halo Reach
Fable III
Crackdown 2
Alan Wake

It is definitely a much more evenly matched fight next year as both consoles have some great games coming; however, it is more than clear that the PS3 has the edge. With genre defining games such as God of War III and Gran Turismo 5, there is no doubt that the PS3 is the console to own. Not to mention all the great mutliplatform games available on both platforms.  2010 is a great year for gamers, especially those with PS3s.

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lh_swe4855d ago

Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction. Is it because they are on the PC too?

I do agree it's been a great year for the PS3 and hopefully 2010 will be even better.

Saaking4855d ago

Yea, they're multiplat so they're not on the list of exclusives. It's definitely a more even year, but I still think PS3 has the edge just like in 2008.

II Necroplasm II4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

Doesn't matter. Those 2 games are on the 360 console and not on PS3.
Isn't this blog about PS3 vs Xbox 360 and console gamers?

Shepherd 2144850d ago

Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are exclusives, because PS3 does not get them, and the PC versions are designed to run best on Microsoft Windows. I will be playing Mass Effect 2 on 360, and no PS3 owner will get to play it on their PS3. That is exclusive to me.

stb4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

I will be playing it in my pc. and,

God of war 3, GT5, last guardian, heavy raing, infamous 2, resistance fall of man 3, maybe killzone 3 in the ps3, and who know if sony get another more exclusive this next year, so dont know you, but i will play alan wake as well, so kid, guess we ps3 fan will be the winners this time.

Shepherd 2144848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Actually, "kid", the real winners are the one with intelligence and attention spans, and can still thoroughly enjoy a game two years from its launch. Im talking about Halo 3 pal, and i played an ass load of it today. Its one of the reasons Halo 3 is still one of the top games played on Xbox Live, it has lasting value. Sure i play other new games, but still fall back on the greatness. PS3 gamers have a new favorite game every couple months, its quite funny actually. I've actually had the ame favorite game for six years, wonder if you know what something like that is like.

Btw, Alan Wake is not coming for PC any time soon, "kid". Guess you missed the news. And any other game you play on PC, you'll have to spend a huge amount of money to get it looking better than the 360 version. Bye now =).

randomwiz4848d ago

I wouldn't argue about the more exclusives, I would argue the more console defining exclusives.

The ps3 has GT5 and GOW3, and even the Last Guardian, are console defining games.

The 360 has Halo reach, and maybe Fable 3 as console defining games.

Both sony and ms are releasing their biggest franchises next year(gt and halo)

syanara4848d ago

dude Halo 3 is boring as all hell. and I MEAN BORING I've played halo 3 alot trying to see why its so good but it was BORING AS HELL, I have more fun playing fallout 3 but besides that Playing the same game for over 2 years from launch isn't nessicarily a good thing. and nobody is forcing someone to buy the next PS3 game either. So I don't see how you can use that as a strong point in the 360. however. Alan Wake could be the only 360 game I am actually legitamately interested in however Im not gonna buy another xbox for ONE GAME. I am REALLY interested in HEAVY RAIN that game just looks fun not because of the gameplay but because of the story and the decisions. ModNation Racers looks awesome. if ever a game could overcome LBP ModNation Racers would be it lol.

so yea above all the great PS3 Exclusives comming out next year which nobody is FORCING you to get you also have the option of the PSWands which showed off some intresting games as well at TGS and GAMESCOM.

RockmanII74848d ago

Dude halos awesome. I'm playing it right now.

Shepherd 2144848d ago

i dont care if you think its boring or not. My 500+ hours of gameplay put into Halo 3's multiplayer over two years says otherwise. MLG choosing Halo 3(not Killzone 2, not Resistance, not Socom)as its flagship game says otherwise. Ten million copies of Halo 3 sold says otherwise. A Metacritic score of 94 says otherwise. Halo 3 being in the top three most played games on Xbox Live says otherwise.

You are boring. I find your opinions lacking of intelligent ideas, and you do not spark any interest or provocative thought in my brain other than for me to defend a great game, thus, you are boring. See what I did there?

Now if you'll excuse me, its time for me to go and dominate in Halo 3 now. Bye =)

syanara4848d ago

I like how you TOTALLY and COMPLETELY MISSED the point of WHAT I was saying. Ignorance and arrogance are your best friends it appears. What I was saying is that A greater console experience comes from different genres of games. This shows how Playstation offers more on all fronts of gaming, be it Racing, Shooting, PCS, or RPG Playstation 3 offers overall more to the average consumer than the halo machine that you call an xbox 360. I wasn't trying to be selfish and just throw out what I like about games coming out it was basically to show waht OTher people (including myself) would like.

ABizzel14834d ago

I would still include Alan Wake, and Splinter Cell as exclusives. The PC argument is kind of weak, but that's not what this is about.

Both line up's are pretty much equal, but Sony has a bunch of exclusives from 3rd parties as well that are TBA, but more than likely coming out in 2010. MS I'm sure will have more games to announce after E3, but if half the games that have been in development for the PS3 come out then Sony has MS beat by sheer numbers. But quantity doesn't mean quality, but the titles you listed should all be quality titles.

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swiftshot934854d ago (Edited 4854d ago )

The Last Guardian
God of War 3
White Knight Chronicles
DJaffe’s Game (confirmed for 2010)
Modnation Racers
Heavy Rain
Quantum Theory
Resistance 3
The Agency
DC Universe Online

And possibly:
MM game (LBP 2)
Lightbox Interactive game (Starhawk)


Mass Effect 2
Splinter Cell
Alan Wake
Halo Reach
Fable 3
Crackdown 2
RARE game(s) (confirmed for 2010, probably Natal stuff)

And possibly:

Epic game
Valve game

chrisulloa4854d ago

Resistance 3 - 2011
The Agency - Yeah, never heard of it.
Modnation Racers - Seriously?
The Agency - What is this?

I came name a ton of "Expected for 2010 releases on Xbox"

Just stop trying to make the list longer.

INehalemEXI4854d ago (Edited 4854d ago )

The Agency is a Spy MMO for PS3 that has been in development at SOE for awhile now.

Yakuza 3 is likely to come in 2010 as well for US/Euro , Yakuza 4 could drop in Japan in 2010.

lh_swe4852d ago

ModNationRacers look extememly interesting, being an LBP racer is something I am very interested in.

The Agecy is and action adventure MMO that looks extrememly interesting and I would do your research a bit, just because a million people aren't talking about doesn't mean it won't kick ass i.e Brink, no-one has said anything about this game yet it seriously seems to be what the multiplayer shooter genre needs.

Please do your research before making stupid comments.

TheTeam064852d ago (Edited 4852d ago )

"Modnation Racers - Seriously?"

And you would praise Banjo Kazooie like it's the second coming, wouldn't you?

PS: Whoever mentioned The Agency, it's going for PC as well. PC and PS3 owners are going to get to play in the same game together! That's what I can't wait for. Unreal Tournament III was supposed to do that, but didn't =(

Maddens Raiders4852d ago

If you've never heard of these titles, then you need to leave and do a little more research before posting nonsense.

Isaac4850d ago

Chris Ulloa, take your stupidity elsewhere.

stb4849d ago

Ffxiii in both console, but we are know that the ps3 version will win...aside of

maybe killzone 3, something related to heavy raing, guess it was cancelled for a new ip, who knows, it is a sony franchise, so i would love to see it again,

for the such Chris Ulloa or whatever, your bias comments, doesnt seem to be near of what the ps3 will offer, so farewell for you and your crpbox.

randomwiz4848d ago

"Resistance 3 - 2011
The Agency - Yeah, never heard of it.
Modnation Racers - Seriously?
The Agency - What is this?"

Insomniac releases a game every year alternating the series. Resistance, the RC, then Resistance 2, thec RC: CiT, you can expect Resistance 3 in 2010.

If you haven't heard of the agency, you're just being an oblivious fanboy.

Jealous of ModNation Racers?

madpuppy4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

The Agency is a big title, And modnation racers looks as cool as all heck.


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Jerk1204854d ago (Edited 4854d ago )

Ofcourse he didn't mention them.

Saaking is the biggest bias in the history of bias.

EVERYONE knows that he has the PS sign tattooed on his ass.

So, it's not a surprise that he'd go out of his way to give them the edge, just like he always does.

You always do your best to try to make yourself sure that you've made the right choice in buying that.. foreman grill.

It's going to be absolutely great when reality finally hits you in the face and you realize that the money you wasted on that piece of crap could've been much better spent.

Me? I don't need to worry, because for the xbox360, this console war is in the bag and has been for a very long time.

There is NOTHING that Sony can do that'll get them to win.

But, hey, you can always hope right?

Wildarmsjecht4854d ago

Bias gamer calling another Bias gamer out for being Bias.

Sweet Jeebus, it's another day in N4G.

TheBand1t4853d ago

lol, this is probably the biggest hypocrisy I've seen yet, only topped by Why Dis and his multiaccounts.

Saaking4853d ago

You enjoy your sales, I'll be enjoy AAAA exclusive after AAAA exclusive. I play games not sales.

stb4849d ago

this is why i love this site, without it, i just would go away. lol, this make me read those stupidity bias fcktard and justlaugh a litle, but when i read this i just want to state.

Yes yes, hope you say, then i hope that you and your ´ssbox clearly a suicide time bomb last for you to play these, and you know wut. that you are saying sony wont pass microsoft, now that is to be a real tards, lolazo, the xbox has this war in the bag you say..lololol, so where could the ps3 has the whole universe right lol. just wait and see how the xbox will fall in a long downhill mountain like if it were a ball in flame calling for some water cus it RROD, lol. screw you.

randomwiz4848d ago

"So, it's not a surprise that he'd go out of his way to give them the edge, just like he always does."

Try making a list giving the 360 the edge, without missing every big exclusive announced like saaking did.

madpuppy4847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

what a surprise! /S


(directed at Sleipnir's comment.)

RockmanII74841d ago

You give a bad name to 360 fans. The 'winner' is in the eyes of the beholder. One person might think the 360 is better, but someone else might think the PS3 is better. No one console will win, specially through sales.

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Halo3 MLG Pro4853d ago

You are missing a lot of 360 games.

stb4849d ago

Cares!!!!those game arent comparable to the ps3 one that are coming. so¿¿??

darthv724853d ago

It would seem that simply ignoring games because they are on PC as well or possibly do not interest you would tend to stack the deck unfairly. There are a multitude of games coming for both platforms that have yet to be announced. I would reserve final judgment for when the cards have been properly dealt.

I know to most it is a matter of "exclusives" which there can be no denying that sony has the lock on those. Considering the sheer number of 1st and 2nd party studios, I expect no less. Yes the 360 is a 3rd party machine and in that there are far more 3rd party companies than there are 1st/2nd parties.

Should it matter if the 360 has more 3rd party support than sony? What about sony having more 1st party support? Honestly, it should just come down to the games and if they interest you. Simply buying into a game because it is exclusive means nothing to me. Exclusivity does have one advantage however. If the game is bad at least it is bad on one system.

Not ALL 1st party games are great just as not all 3rd party games are bad. That is the job of the devs to iron out.

Saaking4853d ago

There are many more PS3 gamers I didn't put in becuase I forgot (Quantum Theory, Modnation Racers, etc). The 360 list is complete. That's all it has. Games on PC/360 are NOT by definition exclusive therefore no on this list of exclusives.

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