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Saaking's Blog 2: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

The Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 are the current competing “HD” consoles. Both systems share a variety of games and features and both offer HD entertainment and next-gen graphics; however, which system is truly the best? Well, let’s find out.

Both systems have HD capabilities , and it’s a fact that both have games with very beautiful graphics; however which system has the best graphics? The current consensus is that Gears of War 2, which runs on UE 3, is the best looking game. Gears 1 was a masterpiece and gave us a glimpse of what this generation would be all about. There’s no doubt that Gears looks great; however does it match up to PS3 exclusives? The answer is no. Killzone 2 far exceeds Gears and takes the crown for console graphics. Uncharted 2 only looks like it’s ready to take the crown. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the 360 can’t do a game as good looking as Killzone 2; however, the PS3 has proved it can do it while the 360 has yet to put out a game as advanced as Killzone 2 and therefore until it does we have to assume that Killzone 2 is truly only possible on the PS3. Winner PS3

The Xbox was a solid machine and one of the most reliable systems I’ve ever owned. The PS2 was very reliable, but early in its life cycle it had some problems. It seems that roles have changed this gen as the PS3 is now the reliable system while the 360 is plagued with hardware problems. Disk scratching, E74, and the infamous “Red Ring of Death” are just a few of the problems and it’s been reported that up to 33% are vulnerable to failure. It’s pretty obvious the PS3 is the superior hardware; however why is the 360 so defective? My guess is that Microsoft wasn’t ready to release the 360, but decided to do so anyway to get a head start on the competition . After all, the 360 shipped without and HDMI port and stuck with DVD9. Winner: PS3

Exclusive Games
While both systems share a plethora of multiplat games, it is the exclusive games that helps the customer decide which console to buy. The 360 features titles such as Gears of War series, the Halo series, Fable II, Forza 2 and the upcoming Forza 3, along with many PC/360 “Microsoft Exclusives.” PS3 has MGS 4, Uncharted and it’s upcoming sequel, Killzone 2, LBP, and many others. While I’m personally dissatisfied with the 360’s 2009 exclusives , the games you like are down to personal preference so let’s call this a tie.

The Xbox 360 comes with a DVD drive and 256 mb, 60GB, or 120 GB of memory depending on what model you choose. The PS3 comes with both DVD and Bluray, built-in wifi, and an 80 or 160 GB HDD depending on the model you choose. The PS3’s inclusion of Bluray is certainly something HDTV owners can take advantage off and the built-in wifi is very good. The HDD can be easily upgraded with any laptop HDD(current the biggest is around 500 GB I believe). The 360, on the other hand, only has a DVD drive with no Bluray support and the wifi adaptor is sold separately for $99. The HDD on the 360 can only be upgraded to 120 GB, not to mention it’s very high price (the 120 GB HDD costs almost as much as the Xbox 360 Arcade). There’s no arguing that the PS3 has more features than the 360. If have an HDTV, but don’t have a Bluray player the PS3 is a good way to go as you can get high definition movies and gaming all in one package. Winner: PS3

Online Gaming
This generation has focused a lot on the online gaming portion of video games. Xbox 360 offers Xbox Live and Playstation 3 offers PSN. A Silver Xbox Live account can be created for free; however, the Gold membership costs $50 a year. Obviously if you’re an avid online gamer you’ll go ahead with the gold membership. PSN offers it’s services for no charge. While both services are excellent, Xbox live does offer a lot more content than PSN. Another pro of Xbox Live is it’s integration with the Xbox 360 System. It feels like part of the machine. For 50 bucks a year you get your money’s worth with XBL. Sure I wouldn’t mind it being free like PSN, but the hours of entertainment you’ll get is truly priceless. Winner: Xbox 360.

So, we have come to the conclusion of this blog. PS3: 3, Xbox 360: 1, Ties: 1. The PS3 has won 3-to-1 against the 360 in this comparison. While games are a matter of opinion there’s no denying that the PS3 certainly has more features, better hardware, and of course better graphics. Xbox 360, on the other hand, offers s better and, dare I say it, more solid online experience with it’s integration into the Xbox 360 system itself. Both systems are truly next gen and it all comes down to your liking; however, the PS3 is really the way to go if you can afford it.

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lh_swe4978d ago

And I can't disagree but I dont see how this is worth my approval since it's stating the same thing that almost every fanboy war of N4G ends up clarifying.
Good try but its all the same as before and it'll do a lot of people good if they can stay away from this article, sorry.

4977d ago
RockmanII74977d ago

"Wow, 360 beaten again by the PS2. Why doesn't MS just take the 360 out of the market. Seriously it's pretty sad now."

"Only the bots are stupid enough to believe Paid is better than free. You seriously gotta feel sorry for those guys."

"And the bots think Flopza looks good"

"Look at these bots. HAHA, jealous bots"

"Flopza isn't even competition."

"Most games on delaybox got delayed to 2010. The bots were waiting all year only to have their precious games taken away, while we PS3 owners have been enjoying games all year."

Yea, big shocker there.

iChaos Amongus4977d ago

As owner of both I'm gonna have to disagree Saaking.

JoySticksFTW4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

I own both consoles also, and actually agree with Saakings's assessment.

I don't think this blog was written in a flame-bait type of way...

If I were to change anything, it may be like this...

Price advantage: Winner 360

While PS3 winner with the features included. It has a high entry price. And if you're just looking for next gen gaming without all of the bells and whistles, the 360 might be the way to go with consles starting at $199 and lower depending on the deals you may find.

Multiplatform games: Winner 360

While the quality of multiplat games on both systems draw closer to each other now, that wasn't always the case. 360 multiplat games used to have the upper-hand as developers were still trying to wrap their heads around the PS3's architecture.

These days, that is much less of a concern... While there is still the occasional Ghostbusters scenario, games such as Rage reveal (as indicated by the game's developer) that the 360's hardware could actually have an adverse effect on games. And while it's true that PS3 may get a superior version of the game with added content, it's usually well after the 360 version has been released.

Going forth, multiplaform game differences is a non-issue, but for those looking at each systems back catalog of multiplat games, may want to go with the 360.

DLC: Winner 360

Me personally, I don't buy a lot of add-ons for games. But if you do, 360 is the console to turn to for DLC that is often exclusive - timed or otherwise. Sure, PS3 has it's exclusive content, but the sheer amount pales in comparison to the 360's.

But I don't think anything that Saaking wrote was incorrect...

Saaking4977d ago

I took off my fanboy goggle for this. I actually didn't think about splitting games into exclusives and multiplats. The 360 definitely would've won multiplats and it definitely has a price advantage. You just can't say the 360 has better hardware or better features than the PS3; however, it's quite obvious XBL is ahead of PSN and Games are down to preference so I made that a tie.

NineteenSeventyNine4977d ago

If your fanboy goggles are off then you wouldn't have completely ignored those you know the 360 wins in.

Here's how your blog should've went:

Hardware: PS3
Graphics: PS3
Exclusives: 360
Features: PS3 (Splitting hairs, this goes under hardware)
Online: 360
Games (Quantity): 360
Games (Quality): 360
Multiplats: 360
Price: 360

See what I did there? I split hairs just so I could claim the 360 has more categories won. And that's what you DON'T do when you write attempt to write an objective blog (maybe you should write that down). A crafty tactic, indeed.

Saaking4977d ago

How am I "splitting hairs"
I rated, Graphics (important), Hardware (very important), features out of the box (important, games (very important), and Online. Games are down to personal choice so I made that a tie. Ps3 has better hardware, more features out the box and the best looking console exclusives. Xbox 360 has superior online.

NineteenSeventyNine4977d ago

You're splitting hairs by creating two categories for the same thing just so you can try and give the appearance that SOny is a better system.

Blu-Ray, USB Drives, HDD. These are hardware and should fall under said category.

So let's clean up that messy blog of yours and really rate the systems:

Graphics: PS3
Hardware: PS3
Games: 360 (trumps everything else)
Online: 360
PRICE: 360

360 wins. End of discussion. Or am I just another "bot" as you like to call those whose opinions differ?

I hope you just learned something. You're almost completely biased towards Sony and are so blinded by your lust for Kaz Hirai that you now fall into the same category as Jinxstar, raztad, coolrah, Darkride66 and ActionBastard: completely useless.

lh_swe4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

"Games(Quality): 360" First of all thats a matter of opinion, I prefer my PS3 exclusive library more than my 360 one, but thats still a matter of opinion.

Now if its polish concerning the exclusives you were talking about I'd definetly have to give it to the PS3 since none of the PS3 have had any problems even remotely close to that which I have experienced both in Fable 2, Gears 2 and even Mass Effect (still love those games, not a critique towards the games as a whole).

But if you dont like Killzone 2, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance 2, MGS4, GT5 prologue, Infamous among many more then I would buy the PS3 but if even 2 or 3 of these titles interest you then I wouldn't wait (maybe for the price cut, considering the recent rumours). And considering the future line-up only a fool wouldn't consider owning both systems.

Gue14977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

when you get all crazy for a blog or a piece of opinion of somebody then you're a fanboy and depending on your console of choice then you can be called a bot, droid or whatever.

In this case you seem very upset by the fact that this blog gives the edge to the PS3 so you can be called a bot @NineteenSeventyNine. But at least you're making an argument with sense unlike the Mart that tries to make arguments with lies. =D

----------------------------- ------
A gamer does not gets upset by anything because he has every console so he always win. When you have all the console and somebody says that one of them sucks and you get so upset that start arguing like a mad man trying to impose your opinion then you my friend are a fanboy.

Being a fanboy is not that bad, as long as you're not a two face like "Colbot" or "Natsu X FairyFail" then everything is fine. Fanboyism is the nature of N4G anyway...

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NineteenSeventyNine4977d ago

While I agree the PS3 has better hardware, you don't say why the PS3 has better hardware. You just list the problems the 360 has experienced and didn't say a single thing about the PS3 in the Hardware category. So the PS3 wins by default? Or maybe you hear all this fancy talk about the PS3 Cell, don't understand it, and proclaim it the winner. Do some homework.

Now for that flawed exclusives debate. A tie? Are you serious? Allow me to break it down.

PS3 has 381 games
Xbox 360 has 682 (301 more if you needed the help right there =D)

What's that? Quality over quantity? OKay, let's look deeper!

PS3 has 113 games rated over 80% on Metacritic
XBox 360 has 156 (43 more)

So the Xbox has more games AND better games. And just for the heck of it. . .

PS3 has 12 games rated 90% and higher
XBox 360 has 20 (EIGHT MAWR!)

Yup, the 360 has much better games than the PS3. But wait, that was objective thinking so I don't expect you to understand. I mean, do you guys even play games anymore? Sure, the PS3 is a better multimedia device but when it comes to being a games console, it's number two.

The Xbox and PS3's primary function are as video game consoles, yet most PS3 fans seems to turn a blind eye to this. Better online and better games, 360 is the way to go if you want a game console. FACT.

Saaking4977d ago

I talked about the xbox 360 problems because they're more widespread and the PS3 won because of it's reliability.Yes, the 360 has more games thanks to the year head star; however if you read what I said you'd know it's tie becuase games are down to personal preference. If you really love Halo and Gears go with the 360. I you really love MGS4 or Uncharted go with the PS3. I think PS3 has better games, but a lot of people think 360 has the better games. It's up to personal preference so I made it a tie.

NineteenSeventyNine4977d ago

Sorry, but that "year head start" argument doesn't make sense. Do you REALLY think the 360 released 301 games in it's first year?

Also, it's irrelevant! Do the games that came out on 360 before the PS3 was released suddenly not count? Don't think so.

Sure, preference plays a part in rating games. But quality is objective and cannot be argued. Did you not read where I wrote the 360 has more quality games than the PS3? 150+ > 113, makes sense, no?

"I think PS3 has better games"

See, you're just plain wrong. It's one thing if you like more games on the PS3, but saying the PS3 has better games is incorrect and makes your opinions not worth listening to. I like Guns N Roses but that doesn't mean they're a good band. Is any of this sinking in yet?

Saaking4977d ago

"better games" is a matter of opinion.I can't let the 360 win or PS3 win because it's down to the reader's opinion. You think 360 has better games, I think PS3 has better games etc. it's not difficult to understand.

JoySticksFTW4977d ago

Metacritic ratings and reviews on-the-other-hand CAN be debated.

Where was everyone in 2007 for all of that baseless PS3 bashing?

Obviously, one of my systems is a 360. And I can admit that it happened.

paul03884977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

You do a lot of telling, but not a lot of explaining. Which games are "better" and why?

You're adamant about how the 360's games are "better" and have repeated it over numerous posts.

So if you have such an adamant belief, please, enlighten us all and elaborate.

You sound like just another disillusioned 14 year old fanboy that can't afford a PS3 to you constantly hate on it. Get a life. They each have their pros and cons.

And if you brought up the whole "no games" argument in 2007, it would have been a valid one, but now, in 2009, it's the PS3 fans that can say that about Xbox 360 exclusives. In that department the Xbox is beat in both QUALITY and QUANTITY. Yes, I said it.

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