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My 5 most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS

Watching as the 3DS is getting more and more games announced for it everyday, I cannot help but to get hyped up for the system. But then I look at all the announced games and I feel that something is missing, than it hit me. 5 great franchises are completely missing from the list of games. I decided what better to do than to make a list of games that I feel need to be on the 3DS (Honestly, the October Contest did motivate me but I was planning on doing this anyway). So, without further delay, Lets'a Go (Spoiler).

5 - Tetris 3DS
Tetris was one of the greatest games on the original Gameboy, and since its release it has become one of the biggest video game franchises of all time. It's a game that should be on every console, especially portable ones and having the 3D graphics would just add to the game.

4 - F-Zero 3DS
When you think of Nintendo Racing games, the first things that should come to your mind are Mario Kart, Excitebike, and F-Zero. Mario Kart has been on most Nintendo Platforms since its SNES release and Excitebike has had three games on the Wii (Though replacing the 'bikes' with things like 'trucks' and 'bots'). F-Zero, not so lucky. This stellar series hasn't had a game since the 2003 F-Zero GX, made for the Nintendo Gamecube. F-Zero's fast paced action would be perfect for an exciting 3D race, and now with the ability to add online leaderboards for time trials and have online play, which would be a first for the series, there is no reason not to make this game.

3 - 3DS Sports
3DS Sports should be made and bundled with the 3DS, it makes perfect sense. Back in 2006 when the Wii launched, the main reason they bought a Wii was for the motion control. To help push that, Nintendo released Wii Sports, a collection of 5 different sports games. It is the exact same scenario with the 3DS, and since the Sports game worked great with the Wii why not do it on the 3DS. It doesn't need to be a Sports game either, just a 5 game bundle that shows off the potential of the 3DS. Plus Adding 5 games with the system would make it easier to swallow that rumored $250 price tag (If this does happen, can we please get some online play?).

2 - New Super Mario Bros. 3DS
Definitely one of the best games on the DS, this game needs a sequel. Won't be to hard to pass since the original is the second highest selling game on the Wii, only behind Nintendogs, at a staggering 22.5 Million sales. With those sales, this game is the most likely game to be made for the 3DS that hasn't been announced yet. They could add the 4-player co-op from the Wii version with wi-fi play. Another feature that they could add that would be huge would be a Level Editor mode. Popularized in games like LBP and Halo, it is being seen more and more in games and this would be the perfect Mario game to add the feature since it is a 2D game. Level sharing would just be icing on the cake.

1 - Super Smash Bros. 3DS
This is my list remember, and Smash Bros has always been my favorite Nintendo franchise. I often ask why MS and Sony doesn't copy this great idea, but that's off topic. It is universally agreed that SSB is, if nothing more, a good game. Now, with all the shovelware being made nowadays, why is this great franchise not going handheld? It won't need much to be a success, about 20 characters and 15 levels is all I ask. Online play, level editors (it was in Brawl, why not put it in the 3DS version), and in game statues would add to the replayability and consumer want. I would be a little disappointed if they port the N64 version like they are doing with Star Fox and Legend of Zelda, but even if they did a LOT of people would buy it. The average SSB game sells over 7 million copies, so there is no way that this could fail unless Nintendo messes it up severely.

That is my Top 5, but remember that this is just my opinion. Don't forget to put your Top 5 in the comments. Later.

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lex-10203910d ago

I have to disagree with your list because of my opinions, However i will vote to approve your blog/list/thing because it's well written and your provide good supporting paragraphs to state your reasons why you chose what you did.