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Cross Gen Might Be An Issue... But What About Xbox Series S

By now most gamers have discovered the new consoles and the power within said consoles along with the new controllers and features coming with each facet of the console war. The major sides each have their strengths and weaknesses with the PS5 mounting a faster GPU speed with less cores and a lightning speed SSD. Xbox Series X focuses on raw power with more teraflops in general but a much slower SSD speed. There is certainly going to be a generation leap with what has been shown so far with the ability to basically bypass loading screen times and playing previous games at 4K 60fps. With generation leaps people often expect generation leaping games which is why recent news of both Xbox and PS making games for both new gen and old gen is making people think that the leap will be damaged by the older consoles holding it back.

This point of view is logical as making a game that will work on both consoles usually means that the lowest denominator is what the game is made for. PC gamers have been complaining about this for years due to consoles often getting priority especially for large franchises such as Call of Duty. It makes sense as optimization per PC and console ends up being different when one system is focused over the other. This is why people are afraid of what are supposed to be new gen games also launching on old gen hardware. I understand that fear but I think the bigger problem is Microsoft's decision to make a new console, but far weaker than any other new gen console. If you haven't already seen it or heard of it, the Xbox Series S is supposed to be a new gen console with the capable SSD speeds and CPU. The issue is the console lacks the same GPU power the Series X and PS5 have. With 4 teraflops of GPU power the Series S is 1/3rd weaker than the Xbox One X GPU. Microsoft has touted it's compactness and it having new gen performance, but I personally see it has a setback for this gen as a whole. I assume that PlayStation will release games for the PS4 and PS5 but not for the whole generation. I do not personally know the plans that Xbox has with Series S or if they plan to have all major titles release on it as well. If that happens then would that not be bottlenecking the entire generation of games? It's a worry I have about the Series S and maybe it will just play all the new games at specific lower resolution and framerates but that is putting the work on the developer. I was personally hoping that all new hardware would be specifically made to play at very similar levels, but if the Series S sells then would it be a focus on new gen rather than the PS5 and Series X?

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Sonyslave336d ago

Xboxseries s is a next generation console lol ps4 isn't.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

You sure? There are PS4 games that look more next gen than Microsoft's next gen.

Series S can't do 4K native. By fan definition, it should based on what was said this gen. It can't even enhance Xbox One X games in BC. Doesn't sound next gen. More like "half gen."After all the talk about teraflops and 4K and Ultra HD Blu-ray. Now, underpowered is okay. Value huh?

The way I see it, Series S will over promise next gen gaming and under deliver it. Know what's even more funny? Here's a legitimate observation:

How many fans that plan to buy Series S are willing to buy $70 games for it? Games held back by low power, lower video quality and memory.

Or, wouldn't you guys rather spend $70 dollars on Xbox Series X games? Where you know nothing is held back. Unless you guys plan to go the whole of next gen playing on a subscription service. Better wait for them game sales. Or you're going to feel cheated paying $70 for lower powered games.

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DarthZoolu34d ago

There is an easy answer that I'm sure you're already aware of. 4k takes around 3-4 time the graphical power to process than 1080p. Meaning that the console targeting 1080p has less work to do. Series S is ultra capable of 1080p gaming. Go look at what it takes to run PC games with max settings at 1080p. Series S is gonna run 1080p better that Series X runs 4k

coolbeans34d ago

This is such a disingenuous take that I'm surprised you're going with it.

-"There are PS4 games that look more next gen than Microsoft's next gen."

Is this the part where we make a comparison to the Craig meme or some indie timed exclusive like Call of the Sea and compare it to TLOU II's kill gifs? Going by this same logic: Halo 4 was technically superior to the PS4 launch title Knack. Even the first game flexed on Series X was an in-engine trailer for Hellblade II. And if you want to argue about that being a trailer, well it's on you for making your language so expansive as to include the all-encompassing "Microsoft's next-gen" in your comment.

-"Series S can't do 4K native. By fan definition, it should based on what was said this gen. It can't even enhance Xbox One X games in BC."

Whatever elusive ghost you're propping up as a "fan" here doesn't work. You're just relying on a tiny minority to support the "4K native or it's not this gen" narrative. Quit being dishonest. And by contrast, Xbox One X BC games can't enhance them the way Series S can. Ability to double framerates & cutting down loading screens ALSO sound very next-gen, would you say?

-"How many fans that plan to buy Series S are willing to buy $70 games for it? Games held back by low power, lower video quality and memory."

Okay? How many PS4 owners were willing to settle on new $60 games when Pro owners got more out of those games at the same price? Obviously Series S won't be for everyone, but if someone's rocking a TV where certain benefits like 4K don't apply to them I don't see why they'd complain about matching game prices when they've knowingly adopted a cheaper console. This observation is so nonsensical. Expand this out to PC players and this argument you're pushing is even worse. I'm not disgusted in getting a game on Steam for the same price as someone rocking a $2000 tower. No, I didn't want to sink more $$$ into my PC budget so I cut costs by sticking with a modest laptop. Pretty straightforward.

ApocalypseShadow34d ago

Cool beans. You said a lot and nothing at all.

No one is impressed by the games Microsoft has shown. TLofU2, GOW, Ghost, Horizon, Spider-Man etc, impress more **TODAY** than Halo and all the CGI with no gameplay.

Keep up the fight. Should have just wrote "I like Xbox."

coolbeans34d ago (Edited 34d ago )


You said very little and thought even less in making that response.

No one should be impressed by your pivoting here. Rebuttals, consistent argumentation, etc. impress more *FOREVER* than whatever feeble argument you're making here.

Don't keep up the dishonest tactics. Should have just said "really good counterpoints."

Bobertt33d ago

@DarthZoolu Not necessarily, the next gen consoles are definitely going to use upscaling a lot and depending on the the title it may be upscaling from 1080p to 4k and if you were to then cut the specs in half to go to a series S it would probably perform similar to series x at upscaled 4K. It depends on how much ray tracing and next gen features are in the game. Raytracing still has a big performance hit on games.

rdgneoz332d ago


So Halo Infinite looks so great as a next gen game compared to say TLOU 2 or GoT, that they had to delay it from being a launch title to coming out next year? The game has been in development for over 5 years and isn't a new IP (like GoT which took about 5 years from conception of a new IP to going gold), and that looked horrible for a next gen title compared to some current gen games. In engine trailers are nice, but show the game play. Anthem looked nice with in engine trailers...

Also, Series S is 4 teraflops compared to 4.2 of PS4 pro, 6 of xbone x, 10.3 of PS5, 12 of series x . You're gonna have graphics cut back to make sure it's stable for next gen games. Why not get an actual next gen system like series x or ps5?

patriz42032d ago

I definitely prefer Sony to Ms and don't game on Pc, but I secured a series S today and 100% plan on using gamepass, the Bethesda buyout sold me on that..wether these titles release on Ps5 is yet to be seen, I want to be prepared and my Ps5 was secured day 1 lol

coolbeans31d ago


-"So Halo Infinite looks so great as a next gen game compared to say TLOU 2 or GoT, that they had to delay it from being a launch title to coming out next year?"

I didn't know all of MS' next-gen comprised of Halo: Infinite. I literally referenced that before so I'm not sure what you're getting across. Infinite's history also had the difficulty of making an entirely new engine for it, whereas I don't believe that's the same story with GoT. But these singular examples don't really do much for the argument. I'm just in the right to point out the false declaration Apocalypse made before about "MS' next-gen." The in-engine capabilities with Hellblade II on Series X simply trounce what's being done this gen. I want gameplay shown too, but that's irrelevant to the point.

-"Also, Series S is 4 teraflops compared to 4.2 of PS4 pro, 6 of xbone x, 10.3 of PS5, 12 of series x."

Speaking as someone who isn't a fan of the Series S/X approach, comparing TFlops as this... exclusive metric to measure what is/isn't next-gen is so inane. You're literally talking about more efficient architecture under the hood for Series S compared to those mid-gen upgrades. Hell, the CPU packed in there is a teensy bit more powerful (non SMT) than PS5's CPU when overclocked. So what does that do to your 'not next-gen' narrative? Whatever obvious limitations there will be with the S, it's not that hard to see their focus on it as a 1440p, lowered settings device which will allay those worries. The logic some seem to have here is equivalent to arguing PC gaming is always "held back" for even having graphics options. It's patently absurd and this "Series S isn't next-gen" denialism only makes you look foolish compared to people who know what they're talking about. And that's coming from someone who doesn't know much about this tech-related stuff!!!

patriz42029d ago

Dude, I missed out on ps5 pre order but secured a series s, at least I have a back up. My plan is gamepass..I get to at least try everything xbox has to offer and if I'm sold I'll upgrade to the X when its available.. My main platform will always be Sony, but that's not an option for me until I can secure a console.

CptDville23d ago

Game pass will be available and 4k TVs are far from standard in most countries.

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SullysCigar35d ago

If PS5 and Series X are gen 9, series S feels like gen 8.3

It can't even run Xbox One X enhanced games from the XBOX 360 era - that's just not cool!

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Z50134d ago

"We don't believe in generations"

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Godmars29029d ago

Yes, and that's the exact problem.

If you're comparing a next gen system, the Series S, to a current gen system, the PS4, and can note potential performance issues with other next gen systems, then Huston - WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

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waverider33d ago

The series s wont Change nothing. The problem with Microsoft Was never price. You could get the xbox one for 199 and it didnt change nothing ever. They dont have the blockbuster games that gamers want....

Godmars29029d ago

"They dont have the blockbuster games that gamers want."

That's only half true.

While MS certain has issues making titles outside of Halo, Gears and Forza - and even then - its that they've been able to attract and secure - otherwise known as "buy" - the "Games Gamers want" to their systems. The 360 made the Xbox's name on GTA and COD as well as it "own", one of which was 3rd party while the other they lucked on and was in long development when they bought Bunge, games.

waverider29d ago

The 360 was a year without competition from the PS3....