Single-Player Games Are NOT Dead (and will never die)

At this point it has become a running meme that single-players games are dying with executives of big game companies spewing this falsity. As a competitive gamer with 16 years behind the controller/keyboard I can say without a doubt that single-player games are still my favorite games. While there is certainly a place for multiplayer games (I still play Fortnite, Rocket League, Battlefield) there is no denying that story and single-player games have a embedded territory within the industry.

So the whole economic conundrum of single-player games has never been proven true nor has the phrase, "Multiplayer games are more financially safe" been proven true. There is simply no proof/research that has solidified those opinions as facts. Not to my knowledge at least. Sure, multiplayer can have more replay value, they can provide more overall experience than a story driven game. But that simply does not mean that single-player games are dying. With the releases of God of War, Breath of the Wild, Horizon, and SM Odyssey there is only proof that single-player games are just as alive as they have ever been! Notice that none of those games have any multiplayer attached. At the same time each of these games provide dozens of hours of content and replay ability. Sure, maybe not 100s of hours like multiplayer games but I can tell you right now that all those games provided more content and replay ability than games like Sea of Thieves (which the development time was quite similar).

My other main issue with people saying these obnoxious things is that there is this one thing that everyone seems to forget: SPEED-RUNNING.

Contrary to popular belief single-player games can be competitive. You can find millions of videos of speed-runners trying to beat their personal best or going for an absurd world record. On twitch there is a charity stream dedicated to speed-runners where I often see 100,000+ people watching and donating money to give the middle finger to cancer. I have seen many games dedicate trophies/achievements to beating games in a certain amount of time. I simply cannot see speed-running dying and thus single-player games will live on.

Anyways, Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, and various other smaller companies have been releasing single-player games for years. GTA5 didn't have multiplayer long after it was released and still made a huge profit and is continuing to be in the top 10 best selling games of the month. We have Detroit, Spider-man, Days Gone, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Last of Us P2, Bayonetta 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro Exodus, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, etc.

If this is not enough to prove that single-player games are not going anywhere then go have fun playing CoD26, Gears 7, Battlefield 6 (do you get the point?)

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Community163d ago
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chrisx164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

single player games are the soul of console gaming. it's art at one of its finest. without it video gaming would make no sense.

ONESHOTV2164d ago

my god do we need an article on the same topic every few hrs we already know single players games aren't going any were now plz find something else to complain about

OB1Biker164d ago

The thing is big publishers were trying to push the idea that SP games are not as important as they used to be, difficult, risky, short lived, whatever dowplaying attribute you name it.
I think its a good idea, so to speak, to keep rubbing it in their faces how wrong they are and that gamers disagree with that notion of sp game losing grounds.

ONESHOTV2163d ago

OB1Biker---what dude??? the gaming industry shift every now and then sometime the shift is permanent and sometimes they are not and I can say single player games aren't going any were now can you people get off the topic I'm not into this petty console sh--t show but I do know were the info is coming from but my god you guys are beating a dead horse and it's time to stop

UCForce163d ago

“Beating dead horse” Are you seriously ? Single Players and Multiplayer games can coexist. But publishers like EA saying Single Players Games are dying and no longer have huge impact. That’s where people don’t buy that BS from them. Publishers like EA tried to brainwash people which isn’t working.

ONESHOTV2163d ago

UCForce---dude EA has no control over you, you as the consumer has the last say when it comes to games if they released games with only MP games then don't buy them because they cant make any money so what do you think is going to happen they will learn their lessons and try something else. some of you guys give publishers and devs too much power if you speak with your money nothing will change anyway my point still stands it's now a dead horse so we don't need to see another article about it.

OB1Biker163d ago

Exactly. Unfortunately a lot of people do not question whatever (dis)information they find on gaming sites.

rainslacker163d ago


EA is free to chase after whatever money it wants. If they don't make a product people want, they can avoid it. That's the power of consumerism.

But at the same time, when these same companies are downplaying and making excuses to say that a sizable portion of the market just isn't worth catering to, then that portion of the market is going to speak up.

EA is an influential company. Their place in the market gives them power, because they have access to make statements and have them relayed by the press as an authoritative voice. We can avoid giving EA money, but there are those that still will, because EA makes money off a different market. EA likes to use that as evidence that their past statements were correct, and it marginalizes the voice of the consumer who says they want these games.

So, EA has no control over us, but they certainly do have influence on the industry, and as such, as a consumer, we should speak out against the things they say that we don't agree with, or speak our voice to let them know what we want from them. If they don't listen, that's on them.

Mr_Wilson163d ago

I don't disagree with the whole article, but this screams of naivety: "There is simply no proof/research that has solidified those opinions as facts".

You can bet your arse that there has been plenty of research. Publishers don't make strategic decisions on a whim.

Cobra951163d ago

The only thing they've proved is that they can exploit MP a lot more than SP. It's all about money, not about the popularity of one form of gaming over another. It's not about what we want (but about what they want).

Rimeskeem163d ago

Their is no definitive proof.

That was probably a better way to say it. Thanks for the input!

aConIsDemocracy163d ago

Sony and millions more agree.

AnkitDanger163d ago

MP>SP But still its a different feeling for playing SP so SP WILL NEVER DIE

UCForce163d ago

Can you say about Lawbreakers ? A MP game that failed miserably.

meka2611163d ago

Christ can these articles just stop. Single player isn't going anywhere. We don't need 20 articles to know that.

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