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Will Sony or Microsoft Have The Last Straw?

Disclaimer: I am not an analyst and I do not get paid by any company to make dumb theories or idiotic predictions.

Everyone who hasn't lived under a rock for the past year knows that both Sony and Microsoft have announced new consoles that are being manufactured and (maybe) distributed as we speak. On Sony's side we have the PS4 Pro capable of checkerboard up-scaling to 4K, is HDR compatible, has over twice the power of the original PS4 (4.2 teraflops rather than 1.8), and is launching November 10, 2016 at the PS4s original price of $399. On Microsoft's side we find the Scorpio which we know pretty much nothing about besides the release window, Holiday 2017, and the fact it has just over 4.5 times the power of the Xbox one (6 teraflops rather than 1.3). In other words, when the Scorpio does launch it will have a significant power advantage over the PS4 Pro and will probably have other features such as the 4K Blu-ray drive which the PS4 Pro surprisingly doesn't have .

There is an obvious difference between power when it comes to the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio when you simply look at the numbers. However, we have been told many times by Sony that the PS4 Pro is simply an upgraded version of the PS4. Is that the same for Xbox Scorpio? Personally, I think that the Xbox Scorpio is more of just a next gen console in the Xbox ecosystem. It's hard for me to think differently when the power difference between the 2 consoles, Xbox One and Scorpio, is so large. Also, the Xbox One has basically no chance to catch up to the PS4 at this point in the generation so maybe Microsoft hopes to restart with an ultra powerful Xbox to have the upper hand in the coming years. But that's where I think Sony could have 'the last straw'. Sony has already stated they don't think they will be releasing another console in a significant amount of time. But how much is significant, 3 maybe 4 years? At that point Sony could release a next gen console capable of 10 teraflops and native 4K at 60fps with VR compatibility and so on. If that were to occur, how would Microsoft respond? Releasing the Scorpio 3 years ago and then needing a console to compete with that sort of PlayStation? Would they have to upgrade their system like the PS4 Pro did? Or would they just let it happen since the Scorpio (theoretically) runs games at native 4K? For all we know Scorpio could be the last Xbox ever. I simply believe that Microsoft has put themselves in a great spot for now, but a weird spot in long term, especially if they plan to release a console after the Scorpio. I guess that factors would be if the Scorpio could actually achieve native 4K at 60fps. If that is actually possible on the system Microsoft wouldn't have to worry too much about Sony releasing another console years down the road. But if it isn't possible what would Microsoft do? Release an upgraded version of the console? Only time will tell I suppose, a lot of time.

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I don't know what all the craziness is about PS4 Pro vs XBox Scorpio as far as I'm concerned they're both going to be awesome I have PS4 Pro pre ordered as we speak I'll be picking that up date one and a year from now I guarantee you I'll be picking up an Xbox One Scorpio I'll be sitting them both beside my gaming PC I'm in for the games man

ninsigma860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

I'm sure there's enough straws to go around.


DigitalRaptor860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

There is a lot that Microsoft ISN'T telling us.

Actually all we know is one number - 6 teraflops, and that doesn't put together a complete picture.

Even PCs with 6TF graphics cards struggle to output native 4K running at 60fps, so I'm not sure what kind of secret sauce they think they are preparing, to make a static piece of hardware output a native 4K resolution whilst pushing modern current-gen gaming experiences.

And this all kind of falls around the question: "why should we trust Microsoft?" - especially at such an early stage, where they're being willingly vague to simply build hype. They tried to sell the Xbox One pre-launch by making claims about how their cloud processing tech would make the console 3-4 times more powerful, and now nothing has happened 3 years on from that, and an entire dedicated piece of hardware is required to make those claims possible. I mean why would anyone in their right might believe Microsoft's claims especially after that?

So what does Sony have to worry about? Absolutely nothing, since their checkerboard rendering upscales already impressive native resolutions to 4K in ways that make it barely distinguishable from native resolution, whilst actually being able to do native 4K on certain kinds of games. They also having nothing to worry about in regards to sales or perception as they are releasing this year at a great price point, will get 5-10 million units sold through before Scorpio hits the market, they have plenty of impactful exclusive games that release during the whole year (not just the last 3 months), and they have a fresh outlet for brand new gaming experiences via PSVR which means PS4 is offering a more numerous and wider variety of games, as standard. Their strategy is tight, and PS5 planning already in process.