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A PSP/PSN/DS/WIIWARE/PHONE/FLASH/XBLA/XBLIG Game Engine: Someone needs to make it happen!

I'll admit that I am a little jealous with the games on the Iphone/Ipod, specially the old-school RPGs that abound in it like Zenonia. I always felt that the Iphone or the Ipod is too much of an extravagance for me. Since I already have a WAlKMAN cellphone and a PSP, that does what they can do to an extent, hence I just couldn't justify owning them.

That's why I was happy, when the PSP Minis were announced. Unfortunately, those old-school RPGs, still haven't made the jump :(

And now, one of my favorite PS dev, Media Vision is also making a game for the Iphone. Frustrating, yes but certainly understandable considering the low-risk involved and high profit margin for this kind of games. Therefore, I can't blame them for their decision, besides most devs these days wants a piece of the Apple pie (pun intended). Specially, right now when it is in fashion, and with the growing public anticipation for the IPAD launch, I expect more devs/publishers to follow through, if they aren't on board already. Thereby making Apple the unofficial "7th platform", after the PS3, PSP, DS, WII, 360 and the PC.

That's when it hits me. With game development being a finite resource, this will certainly have an effect on the other 6 platforms, if it hasn't already. You only have to look at Facebook, the success of the Wii, the Ipod/Iphone and the booming casual market to know that something's got to give. With more and more studios closing and employees of game companies being laid off, most game company would take the easy way out.

The solution to this problem is a Game Engine capable of making a game concurrently on the PSP/PSN/DS/WIIWARE/PHONE/FLASH/XBLA/XBLIG.

If you've had a chance to see the demo for Cry Engine 3, you'd see that it can develop 1 game for 3 platforms all at the same time, namely the PC, PS3 and the 360. It also allows you to make on-the-fly changes that affect all 3 versions all at once, in real time too, which impresses me very much.

Now, if someone out there could develop an engine like Cry Engine 3 but for the PSP/PSN/DS/WIIWARE/PHONE/FLASH/XBLA/XBLIG, this would certainly alleviate the problems most game companies would face when choosing which platform to focus their attention to. Not only that, they would certainly make a killing off the royalties when it is licensed.

So, is anyone up for the challenge?

RockmanII74991d ago

The only engine that XBLIGs can use is the one provided by MS (XNA), and since it's made by MS, you'll never see it on non-MS products unless the xbox brand goes out of business.

ChickeyCantor4989d ago

Unity is one of those Engines that try to do something like this.

Cajun Chicken4988d ago

Ready at Dawn have a new engine that runs on PSP, PCs, 360s and Wii, iPhone and PS3s.

Can't wait to see what comes out of that.



Starfield Originally Had More "Complex" And "Punitive" Punishing System In Place

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shinoff21831d 12h ago

Ala dumbed it down for the masses. Hate when devs do that. You could tell in fallout 4. I got over 1k hours into it and enjoyed it but playing the older ones and comparing it definitely felt dumbed down

XiNatsuDragnel1d 7h ago

Cmon that's dumb my friend I like my challenge tbh.

gold_drake22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

but then thought

"meh all this depth to our game is too dumb and too difficult and too deep, lets dumb it down*

northpaws2h ago

Weaker AI, dumbed down system, 30fps, all design choices.

Brazz2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

And that's why Bethesda Will never again make a top tier RPG. Whenever they como UP with some " little more complex" and interesting mechanic, they will think about casuals and do something easy and "with no salt".

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phoenixwing2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Can't decide whether or not to buy it...

Is it more rpg or is it more mosou