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Game reviewers are doing a disservice to gamers

As I'm sure you've heard by now their has been a massive kerfuffle over the PS3 version of Skyrim. This isn't just some little bug or glitch as you might expect on a game of Skyrim's scope, but is in fact game breaking and renders the game completely unplayable.

First let me say that this bug has been a problem with Bethesda from Fallout 3, it does effect other versions of the game but none of them are rendered unplayable like the PS3 version. Bethesda released this game knowing full well that this was a problem, there is no way such a huge problem could escape QA. Or maybe "game journalist" are doing the QA because it clearly escaped them. Releasing your product knowing full well that it was going to have this problem is unacceptable. But i don't see a lot of site's condemning them for this.

Part of a "game journalist's" job is to review games and test out product's. This may seem pretty simple but often time constraints restrict them and their ability to fairly review a game as is evident by the PS3 version of Skyrim. All the reviews I've seen give and equal score to the 360,PC and PS3 version. Now to me this is clearly wrong, and is a result of quick testing and not playing the game extensively. I understand they have a lot on their plate but for god's sake it is your job to inform your readers of a game being completely unplayable, and maybe it's more a reflection on the industry and the mentality to rush everything and be among the first reviewers. The least they could have done thought was retract their scores, something i would like to see happen in the industry since reviews tend to be rushed jobs. Reviewing Skyrim with 20 hours of play isn't giving the reviewers the experience that a gamer will have with the game, thus creating a false impression in comparison.

Undoubtedly Skyrim will win an abundance of awards, but if after all these problems I see the PS3 version win PS3 RPG of the year or Game of The Year. Then there is no excuse and "game journalist" are doing a huge disservice to their readers and gamer's by allowing such a blatant problem go unpunished.

lastdual4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

It sucks, but the problem is that all the review copies Bethesda sent out were for 360.

Reviewers could buy the PS3 copy on their own afterwards, but unfortunately most gamers don't pay attention to reviews that are "late", they only care about the reviews that hit right at (or before) the release date. Reviewers are forced to rush out reviews if they want their websites to get any traffic.

Rage_S904609d ago

I hear you but in that case shouldn't they hold off doing the PS3 review?

TheDareDevil4607d ago

They probably played the first 10 hours, found no problems and copied the 360 review.

Jeff Gerttsman himself said that there is 0% chance of Skyrim getting PS3 GOTY.

stevenhiggster4606d ago

OPM_UK actually did refuse to review the game until it was patched.

They have now reviewed it but marked it down because of the bugs. They gave it 7/10 and pretty much said it would've scored plenty higher if not for the bugs.

s45gr324609d ago

The media has jumped the shark

jessupj4609d ago (Edited 4609d ago )

I agree. I have very less respect for most reviewers out there because of this gen.

AND I have lost total respect for Bethesda after this shit they have pulled. There's no denying they make awesome games (minus the huge glitches) but the more I think about it, the more it becomes very obvious bethesda knew dam well about this game breaking bug, but still decided to release at full price.

Well fuck you bethesda. I'm absolutely sick of all your shit you've been given me this gen as a PS3 owner, and this is the last straw that broke the camels back. I'm going to be renting your games from here on out. I will never ever buy a game from you POSs ever.

/end rant and awaits the fanboys that think bethesda shits gold to debubble me.

thorstein4609d ago

Excellent. But what really got me steamed was when the stated that it "couldn't be fixed." Didn't they fix this in Fallout 3?

bunfighterii4609d ago

IGN have been saying that Bethesda didn't provide a PS3 copy for them to review. If it's true for them, it must be true for all. It means Bethesda were hiding it, and have released the game, said nothing about it, and waited for the community to notice and hence we have this shit storm.

It really is unforgivable that they would do this. Delay the PS3 version if they must but don't release a broken game and try ignore it.

It's really been a horrible effort.

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