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Filters I would like on N4G

This probably is best to be a forum post or even a PM, but it's a blog because really it's just my personal opinion and will likely never be intergrated and also I would like to hear if anyone encounters similar (or different) issues.

Firstly, get rid of all translated web sources. This is an English site, all articles are in English, EXCEPT for Google translated ones. Most likely it's not new information, or just a really small snippet (remember Gran Turismo 5? Every little video being posted by a translated site with no link to Youtube -- even though they were being stolen from there).

Secondly, an option for news soruces to be classified a bit more accurately, "article" for me means it's an article about a game. Like a preview, rumour or even a quick "top 10" list. There is something I don't really classify at ALL as GAMING news and that's these "40 year old woman has sex with 14 year old boy via Xbox Live", I come to N4G for really light-hearted and POSITIVE news about games. This is the kind of stuff I'd much rather be oblivious to. I never actually read the comments or even click these articles so I AM doing my best to ignore this type of "news" but I do tend to read every headline.

Another, an entire section devoted to "deals", these often end up on the front page and I encourage that but it'd be even better to filter these by clicking one of the tabs at the top ("All, PS3, XB360, WII etc") a new one named "deals" or "offers".

The last one is to block an entire site, similar to an ignore feature. I migrated to N4G from Kotaku, and I REALLY don't want to see their articles anymore.

Now I'm totally aware that I'm being a bit of a cry baby here, but it's a blog for a reason! I honestly do enjoy being here (unlike others who say stuff like "typical N4G" or "this site sucks").

Do you agree with any of these? Which ones would you like yourself?

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Tachyon_Nova3511d ago

I certainly don't disagree with you on any of those points. I'd also like to be able block mobile gaming from the pending channel cos it always gets filled with 20 app reviews in a row.

ZombieNinjaPanda3511d ago

Agreed on these, also would like to see added to the list are most "Top 10!" 'articles'.

It's annoying and frustrating having to give a site 10 hits just to get through a crap read.

Raendom3510d ago

Totally agree there, there are SOME credible top 10 lists on sites, but it really is annoying to click through to read all of them.

fucadastates3510d ago

well im here to get the news. so if it means that, to get the latest news, i need to read a google translatet site.. then pace to that. theres alot of news coming from japan, and germany that the english sites dont pick up. alot of important news (that may come a month later in english). i would not go without this news.

the rest,i agree

Raendom3510d ago

Yeah you're right about Japan but Andriasang is a professional translater of Japanese news and is genuinely always up-to-date.

The German sites usually don't "pick up" new news, but recycle old information, no matter how trivial. Usually stolen from another website. Although I'm talking specifically about and Remember the articles with titles like "Stunning new <game here> screenshots emerged"? When a) they're not new screenshots, b) they're screencaps from a trailer/video, c) they're not stunning.

Captain Tuttle3510d ago

The "deals" section is a really great idea.

MaximusPrime3510d ago

First three years of my n4g membership, i found that most sources are from English sites.
Now I'm in my 5th or 6th year, I saw a bombardment of sources that are not in English or google translated.

This must be because N4G is such a popular gaming site worldwide. I welcome people who's first language isn't English to join this N4G community. If they want to submit news, I'd rather see a sources in clear English not google translated or written in other languages.
These google translated sources are more likely similar stories that are already on n4g or stolen from well-known sources. ( remember GT5? some German source stolen videos from GTplanet few hours later or a day later)

IMO, I think it's time for N4G to open a new N4G for non-english seaking community.

LightofDarkness3510d ago

N4G has only been around since May '06? That's about 4 years and 9 months...

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The story is too old to be commented.