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Nintendo Land Should Have Been Free To Play

This past week, my friends and I had gotten together for another weekly day of game time. We opted to shoot for the remaining stars that we had not yet achieved in Nintendo Land's Co-Op/Competitive attractions. These remaining games were Metroid and Pikmin. After so much time, about three months of these weekly ventures (about twelve days altogether), we had finally succeeding in achieving start status on the attractions. Obviously it's a meager accomplishment in itself, but it was still pretty cool to have finally beaten the entirety of the game.

Note: Forget mastering this game. For a game supposedly marketed toward casuals, I've seen some pretty challenging stuff come from Zelda: Battle Quest.

Having finally ended the game, I've come to the conclusion that it was a mistake to only bundle Nintendo Land with the black Deluxe SKU. The game really should have been bundled with all of the consoles and I think a solution that could have fixed this is as follows.

Nintendo Land should have been F2P, Free To Play.

The game that was bundled could have come with demos with limited playthroughs of each attraction. Once these playthroughs were done, you would have to buy the attractions you liked best. Or perhaps you could only play each attraction a certain amount of times each day. Something to encourage the player to purchase the full attraction. I think a price around $2 - $5 would have been appropriate.

Beyond this, Nintendo could have expanded upon the game, increasing the amount of attractions to something beyond the original twelve. There could have been new attractions based upon other Nintendo IPs such as Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Ice Climbers and other such franchises ever deserving of more notoriety.

I think by doing this, Nintendo would have made the game far more accessible, given the eShop some much needed attention, and found a way to still provide quality content at a fair and economical price for the consumer. Perhaps they can do this with Nintendo Land 2, if that's ever made. Either way, I think Nintendo really ought to think about embracing the F2P model. If done well and handled carefully, I think it benefit them and their fans.

dedicatedtogamers3795d ago

This is a great idea. If Nintendo was so dang serious about showing off "teh potential!" of the WiiU, it should have been included with every single Wii.

The problem is that Nintendo is woefully behind the times when it comes to promoting their own games and features. Their big-name games sell because of the name, and everything else gets ignored.

PopRocks3593794d ago

It's a shame that there's no guarantee every Wii U owner will play the game. It actually does a pretty good job of using the Wii U gamepad in fun ways.

I'm not too fond of their approach on marketing certain games either. Hopefully come this summer they will rethink their strategy in that regard.

admiralvic3795d ago

The goal was to make the DX version the "only" one worth buying. While some people might disagree with me, if you ABSOLUTELY had to buy a Wii U, then ti would be illogical to not spend the extra money... it was just too much better by comparison.

Anyway, the problem with your idea is that it requires a lot of things you're not accounting for. First and foremost, Nintendo would need a create a way to unlock the extra modes. So this means they would need to press, package, R&D and market another version of the game, which I can assure you would cost them more than simply giving everyone the game straight up. The other reason, which shows poor research on your part... is storage. Despite the PS3 and Xbox having huge hard drives, the basic Wii U (the one you're talking about) has a mere 8 gb of data. According to sources, you lose about 10% to formatting, so now you're at 7.2 gb. The OS / preloaded things take up about 4.2 gb of data, so a basic Wii U has a mere 3 gb of useable data. Finally, the same sources claim Nintendo Land takes up a total of 3.2 gb of data, so you couldn't even fit the full game in the first place.

So as you can see, your idea doesn't make a ton of sense.

3795d ago
krazykombatant3794d ago

Technically it is free to play if you bought the bundle. IMO the superior game out of the bundles. So much fun when you get a group of people to play.


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