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Crash Team Racing On PSN August 10th

In case you didn't know, Crash Team Racing, a PSOne classic of the awesome racing game, will be availabe on August 10th. I know there are alot of people who have wanted this (including me) and it's finally being re-released. If you have yet to play it, make sure to buy it, cause it's one of the best racing games on the PSOne.

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The Only Way To End The Indie Game Debate Is To Demystify Budgets

If we want the indie category to mean something, we need to nail down what an indie is.

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"The solution might be to look towards the film industry in this case...a budget restriction...The Independent Spirit Awards the budget can't exceed $22.5 million."

Um, no. Hollywood Accounting is real. It has hit the games industry. I recently read that GTA VI has a supposed budget of 1-2 billion. That's a complete fabrication and laughable. Horizon FW budget was leaked at 220 million.

And just like the film industry we are seeing articles with made up budgets attached to games. No one knows the budget of a game. They can use the budgets to bludgeon their "in the chair" developers to take less money in compensation, to not unionize, to make this industry exist on "gig work," to pay less in taxes.

I like the idea, but unless there are reciepts, no one will ever know the budget of a game.


RoboCop: Rogue City is the Surprise Hit I Didn’t Know I Needed

The Auto 9 is so good that it renders most of the game’s other guns largely pointless. And if there’s one criticism to levy on RoboCop: Rogue City, that’s probably it.

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The sci-fi crime mystery puzzler “Forest Grove” is now available for PC and consoles

"The Australia-based indie games publisher/developer Blowfish Studios and Seattle-based (the US) indie games developer Miga Games, are today very proud and happy to announce thattheir sci-fi crime mystery puzzler “Forest Grove”, is now available PC (via Steam and EGS) and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch) via digital stores." - Jonas Ek, TGG.