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What's wrong with Modnation Racers

About a month ago I decided to finally spend my money and buy Modnation Racers. I loved making tracks in the demo and thought the racing was better than other kart racers, and most of all I had fun with what little the demo offered. The first week I played Modnation, I loved it. I didn't really care about the horrendous load times, as long as I got to do what I wanted to do. And after a week of having fun with it, I took a break with it to play through Red Dead Redemption. A couple weeks later I came back to Modnation, and I found out had flawed it really is. I tried playing through the rest of the career, which I didn't finish, so I could unlock everything, and then make my tracks with everything unlocked. But I can't, because the difficulty and cheating AI make this game totally unfun, which is the opposite of what a kart racer should be. And once you start getting frustrated you realize how long it takes to get from one thing to the next. And I can't have fun just making tracks, when half of all the cool objects are locked unless I beat those infuriating challenges in the career mode. I've been reading on the PS Blog that United Front Games (the devs) are working on a patch to fix the unacceptable load times and a new casual mode that makes the career slightly easier, and if they ever get it out, I will definitely go back to Modnation Racers, but until this game gets patched, it's staying right on my shelf while I play something more exciting.

MrMacabre4885d ago

Does the fact that you aren't good enough to play this game justify a reason to write a blog about it?

I suggest you buy Demon's Souls if you want an easy game (Shhhhh)

Playerz84884d ago

I don't want a kart racer to be frustrating. If I want to play a hard game I'll play a FPS. I should enjoy a fun game like this not hate it.

Plus, if you actually read the blog you would know that that's not the only thing that's flawed about the game.


Super Pocket review - a well executed blast from the past

Amaar writes: "Here's our review of the Super Pocket, a handheld game console that incorporates the Evercade cartridge system."

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darthv7214h ago

I got both of the pockets. Pretty neat little handhelds. I much prefer the EXP, but given their size and the fact one of them has built in Taito games (the Capcom one has the same games as the EXP) I will say they are worth having. Relatively cheap and plays the majority of evercade carts... what's not to like?

Barlos13m ago

Have you also scored the new Duke carts? The I'm loving the remasters of Duke 1 and 2. Having never played them before I'm having a blast. Easily one of the best Evercade carts to date. Not a fan of the second Duke cart though. Those games have aged badly.


5 Cookie Cutter Games in 2023 That Needed More Innovation

The Nerd Stash: "Here are are five games in 2023 that are cookie cutter, meaning they lacked innovation in both their series and genre."

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Flawlessmic39m ago

Haven't played engage or wild hearts wo won't comment on them but if engage is like 3 houses then no change was needed.

Sonic superstars isn't the best game ever, but to call sonic out for not innovating with superstars and then not adding super mario wonder is a bit incredulous.

I love wonder, it's another amazing 2.5d mario game but as far as innovations go, it's hardly innovating. Again wonder is awesome I'm just talking about innovation.

Wo long, was awesome but just another spuls like which was fine with me, enjoyed it all the same.

The biggest culprit on that list is starfield for me, it not only did not innovate or push the genre to new heights but it felt outdated as hell in soo many ways.

phoenixwing14m ago(Edited 13m ago)

From what I've read of player reviews wild hearts is a good game with some of the most glaring performance issues that ppl say not to buy it at all. What's even worse is after all this time they still haven't fixed it. I'd buy it the moment it could run stable but it never has

Zeke685m ago

@ Flawlessmic In Wo Long's defense I must point out it was mostly made by their "B" team as the "A" team supervised them while making Rise Of The Ronin that will release next year.
They learning up a "new" team to make great games and still release a great game as Wo Long isn't that bad in my book to be honest.
All things considered Wo Long is a game well worth the Day 1 buy I gave it. And with the 2 DLC's the game is at least twice as fun for me now. 3rd one is coming now in December and the game will be "complete" together with a new wizardry spell and final fine-tuning patch. What's not to like ? :)


“Gangs of Sherwood” is now available for PC and consoles

"The Lesquin-based (France) video games company NACON and Charleroi -based (Belgium) indie games developer Appeal Studios, are today very delighted and proud to announce that their co-op action-adventure game "Gangs of Sherwood", is now available for PC (via Steam and EGS) and consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) via digital stores." - Jonas Ek, TGG.