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How to Spot a Liar: the Green-Eyed Monster Strikes Again

“Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive. ”
― Havelock Ellis

I give both Sony and Microsoft grief and praise when I feel they need them, so it's no secret that I was very upset about Sony charging for their online, talked about the PS3 being my last console, eventually being won over only to the degree of Picking up the PS4 in the future and not on the first day like before. I also wanted to shake the "day-one blues" which is basically getting a early console and being screwed because of the low standards of quality attributed to early consoles (which is happening now), and even today criticizing Sony wanting PS4 buyers to have "patience" while they iron out the kinks on a paid service.

On the other hand about it I said was going to buy an XboX One first; making my money voice my opinion to Sony's treachery, then being increasingly critical of Microsoft's Orwellian monitoring system and oppressive DRM setup. I was relieved when they retracted a lot of what they had, but I eventually changed my mind on the console because of their overall contrast of the two consoles, plus Microsoft could never stop talking about DRM, which means they aren't done with it yet. Compounded with rumblings of the XboX line being discontinued by Microsoft's own mouth, I thought it best to wait it out for at least a year for "The One". In that time, I gave praise to Microsoft giving away Xbones, and still am in awe of Titanfall's gameplay as well as Microsoft's tidy and smart launch lineup.

So overall, I've been trying my best in keeping an equal hand in both worlds; that being said, I'm not unfamiliar with some of the things fanboys get away with in terms of purposefully sinking a game or, in this case, a console. This is basically what you'll see this gen, which carried over from last gen: a bunch of people pretending to love a console/game, just to kill it's reputation or status.

For those of you who haven't seen the first shot across Sony's bows this gen, one need not look any further than the current assault being waged by fanboys on's customer reviews.


Like an emerald-hued eye of Sauron, 360 and WiiU fanboys search endlessly to commit another hit and run assault from the shadows; the like the story from which the eye is referenced from, little did they know that little "So-do" was going to park their "ring" right below the ever-watchful gaze of their collective eye.

Upon hearing of people complaining about their launch PS4s DOA statue I nodded to my inner conservative about waiting a little while until earlier models cycle out of stock and production quality is optimal. I looked at the reviews on the site to get my bearings about the console's errors and there's a lot of people not happy, and rightly so; but most of them aren't verified buyers, and a number of them only have one review. The latter point alone is indicative of a person posting for the sake of posting a bad review and not someone who has an honest review based upon experience. The other thing you'll likely see posts that are fanboy-inspired is a phrase akin to or ending in

"I'm getting an xbox."

A couple of examples prove my point:

You see, there's no point in tearing a person down if you don't give a person who might have succumbed to your lies a direction to go to, making the deception complete: Just like in the garden of Eden, the serpent's lie would have had little lasting effect if he did not direct eve towards the forbidden fruit.

Now, this guy I trust because he has a verified purchase, plus multiple reviews:

or an angry review like this guy:

that's what you'll generally see with an earnest review.

Even though their PS4s were DOA and they were disappointed, they were returning it to get other PS4s, which is a rational conclusion in light of people's preferences; for example: not very many, if any, people who loved a 360 returned it after a Day-one DOA to get a PS3 (as verified by people myself or others who got more than a few 360s), so therefore I have to take all of the non-verified buyers with a grain of salt.

That's how you know the difference.

No doubt if problems happen on the Xbone's launch, there will be those out there who will attempt the same in other camps. Unlike these silent assaults, people can prepare to arm themselves with such techniques now so in the future either side will not fall for deceptive doom and gloom reports or believe people who love a lie: in turn, this will enhance your well-being going into the future about game and console purchases...irregardless of what console you desire to purchase.

Play games, not each other, and remember:

"A sound heart is the life of the flesh, but envy is the rottenness of the bones."

-Proverbs 14:30

"A sound heart is the life of the flesh, but envy is the rottenness of the bones." -Proverbs 14:30

TwistingWords3598d ago

Great investigation Poirot...

Trolls on the internet? Who would have thought it.

pixelsword3598d ago

Your cookie-cutter comment undermines your pretentious reference.

Bimkoblerutso3598d ago

Well in all fairness, PS4 and WiiU fans are going to do the EXACT same thing to the Xbox One when the customer reviews start rolling in. You mentioned it yourself, in fact.

Not that this is a bad blog, but it's not really all that enlightening or insightful either. We've all known for some time that this is one of the inherent flaws of giving anyone with an internet connection a voice.

pixelsword3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well, no, I never claimed it was "deep"; what I did provide was a simple tool or two to help people muddle through a post or an article to see whether or not the facts check out irregardless of console preference: it's to empower consumers who all too easily fall under the influence of unfounded claims.

As of today, there's an article where a person is claiming to have sabotaged the PS4:

and as a result of this article, people are worried and wondering if this claim is true or not.

It's blindingly obvious, and what I wrote above is what I used to come to my conclusion, but since it's so simplistic, I guess everyone came to the identical conclusion... but at the same time, I'm wondering why so many people are still wondering if the guy is telling the truth or not.

tokugawa3597d ago

so this is what the console war has come to.. people searching the reviews on amazon to prove that the enemy are trying to sabotage the ps4???


did you also check all the 5 star reviews to make sure that they were all verified purchases?? or does it not matter if they friendly agents helping to uphold the pure image of the second coming??

where was your blog when the toys r us vid had to be taken down from youtube folling the sony fanboy invasion???

in all honesty, i dont give a sh't. and just that my ps4 does not doa on the 29th.

but all in all, the blog writing about this on a known sony fanboy haven is just pathetic.

although neogaf is not the be all and end all, it is so refreshing posting on there compared to here.

keep up the good work. you never know, someone from sony just might read this, and hire you for their SDF

AilonTrusk3598d ago

I even saw one guy write a review, to which he states in the 2nd sentence he didn't buy it from Amazon, and yet there he was writing a review for a product from a retailer he didn't buy from.

MidnytRain3597d ago

It's not like it matters where he got it from. It's the same product.

AilonTrusk3597d ago

Then why is he writing a review on amazon. I get what you're trying to say. People read these reviews on Amazon and see that 50% of the ps4 reviews are defects, which judging by the fake reviews add to that. Even worse, someone wrote a review three times, copy and paste.

MidnytRain3597d ago

Is it possible there's no review section from his retailer? Why can't he post a review on a different website than his retailer? We can post reviews here even though N4G doesn't sell games. Wanting him to post his review elsewhere is kind of pointless.

ThatCanadianGuy5143598d ago


One thing i've learned over the years is that there is NO group of fans of anything, be it sports, movies, cults or any other video game company, more incredibly hypocritical and pathetic than xbox fanboys.I just laugh it off at this point.

Anywho, back to KZ3!

pacostacos3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

you sir have not learned very much... religious zealots by far take the cake throughout history also politics make people do some weird crazy shiz, racists are pretty bad too. Fanboys are way of the list because in the scope of things gaming is just a hobby. Fanboys will be Fanboys and all sides are pretty bad.

Fireseed3597d ago

I've never once seen Xbox fans boycott a franchise and company for going multi platform (DmC, Insomniac Games, etc). Any figure head in the Sony camp is fit for becoming a sacrificial lamb the moment they make a change (Phil Harrison, Hideo Kojima, etc). All blind fanboys are scum, but somehow in the tech world Sony fanboys take the cake.

I need not further explain it as Sterling has done it all too well already.

Majin-vegeta3597d ago

Lol i guess you didnt read the part where he says he was being sarcastic right?you done goofed son xD.

Fireseed3597d ago

Wow. Just wow. I'd tell you that it's someone who just made a fake account name as Jim Sterling to try and damage control. But seriously what's the point? You've probably already convinced yourself that it's true.

Novistador3597d ago

Majin is a special kind of stupid.

Convas3597d ago

Incredibly ironic comment given the commenter.

Nivalis3598d ago

To be entirely hypothetical here, currently there stands over 200 verified (people who have at least purchased the console) negative reviews.

If we assumed Microsoft, or a company it hired, such as a reputation management company, were handed a lump of cash to tarnish the competitions reputation, it could cost them just 79,998 usd in order to buy and then review (badly) 200 units, vastly effecting the overall review score - in the grand scheme of things, 80,000 usd is a raindrop in the puddle of advertising expenses.

On top of that, Not everyone buys consoles for themselves, or indeed, buys consoles to keep, We have the presence of scalpers who buy consoles purely to sell on, such people could very well have no intention of keeping a ps4 or xbox one, and chip in their bad review on purpose, after all, if someone posts up an ebay add saying "tested and verified working" then they might even get some additional money.

Then theres instances where family members or friends will pick up consoles for other people, even if they dont actually like the brand of console they pick up, again these people, while buying the console, would have no real reason to leave positive feedback.

Just because a person is verified, does not instantly mean they are a genuine source of information.

I can see this occurring on the Xbox One reviews when it launches too.

Christopher3597d ago

It's easy to make a verified review since you only have to pre-order, write the review, and then cancel the order.

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