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Who's Who in MAG Part 1: Soldier types

I've been hearing a lot of both praise and hate for MAG, a game which was showboated by it's technical feat of having 256 players in the game at the same time with no lag, but now is know by it's flexibility, tactics, and teamwork... on top of having 256 players. In this blog post, I'm going to use video to show some of the types of players who inhabit MAG and why MAG caters to almost every type of FPS player... and in my next blog, where MAG should go with it's DLC.

Teh n00b, a.k.a. Rambo

Greener than a Shamrock Shake, Teh n00b realizes really quick that MAG has no aim-assist, no player-seeking n00b tubes, or weapons that produce cheap kills. If someone killed you six-ways before you hit the ground, it was because he had the skills to do so. Teh n00b is often stating that they hate MAG, mainly because it doesn't make them feel like a gaming god by doing the most important part of a FPS, aiming, for them. Teh n00b doesn't use a mic, doesn't communicate when they have one, and certainly doesn't help with objectives.  We were all n00bs in one way or another, until we were baptized in a barrage of bullets and blood and became soldiers:

The grunt

The grunt is a default player. Not bad, not good, but certainly not just filler. The grunt is a player who got accustomed to the game but is not in full swing yet (notice in this clip, he doesn't know about the turbo glitch that you can do when you first move and calls it lag).  The grunt will follow orders and will communicate, even though he's mostly saying "Medic!" when he does speak. Grunts are newbies who accepted the fact that they don't run the show, that there's always someone better out there, and to never underestimate your enemy. Grunts will either stabilize the good skills they have, or improve their fledgling skills, but never quit.

The Clan-player

Once a person realizes that communication and teamwork are vital for success in MAG, the person will start to pool with other players, and usually form a clan. The clan player is usually a person who was either invited into a clan or has friends which he plays with. They often are the most potent components in MAG, as their strongest point is communication. Clan members can be very cohesive and can take a target down faster on average because of their unity. Clan members will have your back when the occasional team-killer is on the prowl, or will kick a racist scumbag our of your squad. Clan members are always willing to help out each other and will be there to assist their weakest link.

The Sniper

Once a person gets into teamwork, irregardless of their intent or desire to, there will always be people who will like to work outside of the box; the most common, and most deadly, are the snipers. A sniper rifle in the wrong hands is a butt waiting to be kicked; in the right hands, you have Death, long distance style, as he dials you in from sub-orbital space to deliver a bullet to your cerebellum:

The Solid Snake

The Solid Snake is a player who more often than not relies on gadgets and stealth over upgrading weapons to advance in gameplay. Often seen deep behind enemy lines setting off bombs, fixing bunkers in the middle of enemies all around them, or killing up a storm with his stealthy approach to gaming. The Solid Snake is often trying to find the sneakiest approach to carve a smile into your back, these soldiers use basic default weaponry while preferring to take weapons found on their victims, for either their talent for On-site procurement, or it just gives them a sick pleasure to do so en route to their next target:

The Monster:

The Monster just kills. If he's a squad leader, he's a squad leader that's killing first, and setting objectives second. He kills, and kills, and kills. Not killing is him not playing, as he's probably in therapy when he's not playing MAG. These types of players can hand you a gun in-game and, while using a pop-sickle stick, pummel you to death:

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe types are all-around average players that can get the job done with anyone around. Not always the best players, but are very helpful inside of the group; killing, healing, fixing, and can be very flexible depending on what the needs of the group are at the time.

These are just a few of the types of players that inhabit MAG, all of which can become an Alpha-male killing machine with time and the right team. Next blog (Lord willing), different types of leaders in MAG, and where MAG should go with their DLC. 

Which kind of player are you?

WildArmed4924d ago

Nice writeup.

I'd fall under either grunt or GI Joe xD

I'm not exactly 'the killa.' and i suck at sniping..
I try to sleath but usually get shot before hand.

I do alot of healing and repairing though

I use an assualt rifle.. but after watching the videos maybe i should turn into an SMG or get better at sniping.

Chubear4924d ago

Great fun blog. +20 / Frago Bonus +25

ThanatosDMC4923d ago

I like it! I'm more monster and sniper whore. Tier 2 rifles are the way to go! I usually do 50-65 killed enemies with rifles. 40+ as a sniper whore.

irfanmaitla4912d ago

You are right it definitely needs to have more weapons

Socomer 19794923d ago

Im Most definatly a Solid Snake.
M4, Silenced pistol, acoustic locator, smoke.

I get deep and will let many enemies pass me so i can line them up for 1 clip. distract with smoke and send silenced pistol shots to confuse em and then make sure they are looking the other way when my squad lights them up!

raztad4923d ago

Nice tactic, sounds very fun to get some kills that way. It may be very helpful for taking down enemy camp AA defenses, your obvious problem is to be caught. I've always come across with S-Sknakes trying to infiltrate and take objectives all by themselves. They stand no chances.

I'm more a clan player. Supporting my squad and getting objectives done. Always pushing forward. Dont care about K/D ratio in Dom maps. I'm a good killer (not a monster) but always manage to be at the top of the squad.

ThanatosDMC4922d ago

Dont forget Sensor Jammer and Improved Stealth so you cant get seen by motion detector or UAV. Only sprinting and visual contact will make you pop up in the radar.

Luthiens14922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

Nice read pixlesword. I find myself under snake or gi joe, cant snipe for toffee on this game as i cant sit still long enough. Also I find myself playing sabotage on my own a lot more than any other mode, it may sound sad but I like playing this game on my own and getting drunk. Think it could be everything got splintered when I went to valor..sver were an easier faction I thought. 5 ranks and im off to raven.
Hats off to you Thanatos and Raztad I know you guys were and are passionate about mag since day 1.
Heck bubbles all drunk now lol.

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