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RandomXTX works for Turn 10: 99% Certainty and Proof

Of course in the end this is speculation, but the evidence is strong if you can rely on your ability to recognize a face. In a way I did this not to expose the guy per se because I really can't hate the guy for being a fan for the place he works for; in a twisted way, that's just loyalty (I won't give out all information, you can go where I left off and find him just as easily as I have if you're that eager). In reality I wanted to apologize for what I said about executives and by extension Microsoft's Executives by stating that they were schmucks. That wasn't fair to Microsoft and it wasn't fair to the thousands of honest, hardworking executives working in America and around the world trying to produce jobs and earn a living for their families.

With that out of the way, on with the show. Please follow the points with a rational and sober mind and you may well yet be entertained.

- The poster on Neogaf was named RandomXTX, he works at Microsoft, and he really likes Bill Gates.

- RandomXTX is also a name on Youtube with a video of a person who won a horse's head.

- If you play it through,

a. @ :15 you see the distinguished gentleman who won the head raise his hand with the horse in hand.

b. You see the guy nodding in the video while the devs/ guys on stage talk to the winner as the person who won the horse, and if you watch around :22 the person onstage says "if you put it on e-bay, we'll know" to which the person nods his head in response to the statement.

Okay, so what does that prove so far?

1. RandomXTX was in the video according to himself stating that he won the horse's head in the blog.

2. He has a good barber because his 'dew is the one of the best on camera.

So from there, if you pause it at :23, you can see his face fairly well.

Okay, keeping his face in mind, I'll have to go "lights out" on the absolute url and some other sensitive information from here on out out of respect for a fellow artist; that, and like I said before I respect that he loves the company he works for (or the game he's about to put out, whatever). If you want to put him out there like that, you're welcome to do so at your own peril; I'm just not willing to do so. Not that I can't, but I'm not willing. I have no desire to hurt the guy, just to prove that it wasn't who I blamed before.

What I will do though is pass this information along to Tor Davis of and leave it there; if he reads it in the next few days and decides to make a story out of it, then he'll know what is sensitive and what is not. I'm a writer, not a reporter. if he doesn't do anything with it, I'll release the general page because its common knowledge, but probably not the turn 10 page.

Okay; going from there, if you do a little snooping you can find his page on (here's a pic of his page)

To which he states he works at Microsoft. But where exactly in the organization? Hmmm... to find that out, you'll have to either have access to his account as a friend, or "white hat" a way in (legally and easily).

Well, let's be honest: if you're above thirteen years old and have touched a PC before, you already know that like most things in life, there's no such thing as a locked door if you have k.e.y.  ;), so after unlocking a door, I get this:

his personal page that shows that he works at Turn 10.

Now what does that mean? Okay, for those who don't know:

- Turn 10 is the company that developed the Forza Motorsport series, a series that is exclusive for the XboX 360

- Forza is the direct rival to The Gran Turismo series, which is a series that is Playstation exclusive.

So the fact that a person who appears to be (no pun intended) randomly posting negative information about Gran Turismo turns out to be working on the direct competitor of the GT brand either makes this an interesting post and can be considered not only a snapshot into the mind-state of Microsoft at any work level, but the industry as a whole, and brings up some serious questions.

Are posts like these secretly fueling the Flamewars around the net?

When a flaming patten is established, can it be ultimately tied to the release of a game or drop in price by a rival company or product? (remember the Watchdog report on Sony just days after the price drop, for example)

And are we, the consumers of these products are in such a state of either blind loyalty or abject poverty that we willingly cling to these forms of propaganda?

In the end, one must look into ones-self to discover why we are so willing to go along with a lie that benefits us, even if we don't believe it ourselves.

SuperStrokey11235109d ago

Thats pretty crazy man, makes you wonder abotu Turn 10... cant be very proud of their game if they are really concerned with another racing game coming out on a different system. They just shouldnt have claimed they would have the definitive racer of this Gen when its really really not looking that way.

pixelsword5109d ago

A superior entity needs not to undermine an inferior one; doing so only shows that the supposed "superior" entity is in fact the inferior one.

itisa5023d ago

The user already deleted his video on youtube.It makes you think how real all of this.Funny huh,it makes you think who else didn't get caught in this site and many other mainstream sites.


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