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PixelJunk 4AM - Initial Impressions

PixelJunk, as a series, is pretty much synonymous with quality, for the most part and, usually, offers a twist on an existing genre.

PixelJunk Eden, for example, is a very stylish platform game and PixelJunk Sidescroller is a retro styled 2D space shooter... that side scrolls.

4AM is the 7th game in the PixelJunk series on PS3 and is, by far, the odd one out in the group... for a few reasons.

While the other titles in the series were definitely games, 4AM isn't a game as much as a tool and the goal here isn't a high score or beating the time... it's impressing your peers at the art of remixing loops by Baiyon - who you may remember from the soundtrack to PixelJunk Eden - into unique and viable electronic songs.

This may be the only game where I feel Move doesn't hinder it, but actually immerses you into it, especially when you use two Move controllers. Each of the face buttons gives you a series of new sound loops you can use and manipulation with the Move button and arm movements will DRASTICALLY modify the sound as well as "one shots" when you "hit" the sides of your "canvas".

Within a few moments, Move was a glow stick/workstation combination and I was mixing and moving away to a non-existant audience... except, I did have an audience. 2 people had tuned in for my first ever performance and I recieved 2 kudos, 1 from each. This alone was a really good feeling. Q-Games have made the Live Viewer free of charge to anyone with a PS3 and this gives you access to all available performances.

For the first time ever, I feel like Move is being used to it's full potential, just not as a game controller. It puts the power, very literally, in the hands of people who may have never actually made any sort of music before. Accessible, but it will take even hardened performers time to learn all the intricacies.

More importantly though, I got completely lost in the beat. I was dancing along and seeing "Kudos" pop up on screen left me with such a high that I could have been on the stage of any music festival in the world at the brief moment.

I feel anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music could really find some really enjoyment out of the programme. If you still have a Move or two lying about, this game will probably be a good excuse to dust them off. If you don't have a Move... might be a good reason to buy one.

beerkeg4154d ago

Sounds interesting, I do make my own music and this is something I could really enjoy. A few herbal cigarettes and this would make for a fun night.

Cheers for the heads-up.

coolbeans4153d ago

I wonder what inspired the name 'PixelJunk 4am.' Inside story about one of the sound designers?

Godmars2904153d ago

By the look of it, raves played an important part.

coolbeans4153d ago

Ahhh....that makes sense.

PirateThom4153d ago

Pretty much, they were trying to capture that 4am club feeling where the music takes on a new life.

Godmars2904153d ago

People know that that they can get the demo and watch/listen to someone play right? Even vote if they like it apparently. Don't even need Move.

Though there is an update...

PirateThom4152d ago

Big thanks to Dylan and Rowan of Q-Games for retweeting this.

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"The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through."

LMAO. Clickbait bullshit. Gaming isn't going anywhere.

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"Indefinitely" just means we don't know how long the strike would last. Considering the studios they're targeting, this would severely impact both Sony and Microsoft's first- and third-party releases and push back a lot of games.

They're not wrong, they're just being inflammatory.

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