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Frobisher Says "Why does no one care about this?"

With all the hype of the Vita launch and games like Uncharted and WipEout and Star Dust everything else it's hard to forgot that for anyone who pre-ordered a Vita from certain places in Europe were given access to an odd title called "Frobisher Says!". A game with no information on the redemption card and with a single trailer and around about 2 gameplay videos on Youtube.

So, how did we actually miss this?

Well, for one thing, it's not yet available in America and a lot of the European media just doesn't even seem aware of it.

Secondly, the pre-order requirement, lack of advertising and general "question marks" around the title might have just sealed its fate.

What is it then?

Did you ever play Wario Ware? It's basically Wario Ware but with a posh English man who tells you what to do and calls you an idiot sometimes. It's surreal, but does one thing that makes it a perfect advertisment for the Vita's feature set... it uses every single feature of the Vita.

For example, one game requires you to follow around a flying squid thing and, using the camera, keep it in the middle of the screen until a bar fills and you can tap the touch screen to fire a dart at it to knock it out... however, not only does it use the camera, the squid thing can fly "behind" you, bring the gyroscopes into play as you try to spin around and pick it up again.

Another game requires you to use the Vita like a fan to cool someone down on a train.

Another requires you to, in a 2D platformer style game, "Find the Flan".

Even the friends list isn't safe as a few of them actively pull info from your friends list and other users to get you to lead your friends, and only your friends, to a hot tub.

Every feature of the Vita gets a work out and everything responds perfectly, even down to using the camera to show Frobisher a particular colour (followed by the frantic dash as you try to find ANYTHING that is Blue... which he then immediately tells you to make green...)

It really makes Welcome Park look even more redundant than it should be because it just performs better and looks more lively, even if you only have seconds to respond to each game, it never leaves you in much doubt about what to do.

So, again, why is there just no information about the game?

Why are Sony not pushing this as "must have" Vita introduction software?

Why does Frobisher cause nightmares?!

Who knows?

Maybe because it's still, technically, a "beta/demo" (even though a paid add on with more games is already available - work that out...) and once it's released fully and to the US audience, it will really start to pick up a following.

I will leave you with the trailer, it will explain nothing...


Chaostar4225d ago

I just got my code to download the game yesterday and, gotta say, I agree with you that it's a wonderfully fun way to showcase PSVita's features. However I don't really think Sony should be advertising it, considering everyone will eventually get to play for free in May, if I remember correctly.

It will eventually get the recognition it deserves all by itself, now if you'll excuse me I have to squash some toffs, row a lion to an island, lead my friends to the Jacuzzi and pilot a megacopter.

Hicken4225d ago

Any word on an American release? I really wanna try this, after just listening to the description.

PirateThom4225d ago

One of the devs replied back to me on Twitter saying "watch this space" for an American release.

r214225d ago

game looks fun and silly, ill probably but this if its cheap. support games so more games can come out.

coolbeans4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Shame I haven't seen EU media pick up on this (yet). I'm your biggest flan, Pirate!

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