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LOVEFiLM: PS3 update - important news about your account

While news came about about Netflix not offering any refund or special offer for PS3 users, I had noted that they didn't really owe anything to users due to options... LOVEFiLM, however, have opted to take £5 off the next payment for PS3 users on the service. This, to me, is an amazing gesture as I was still enjoying the discs as well as the ability to stream via their website. Top quality customer satisfaction, from a company that didn't even have to compensate anyone.

The email in full:

"Hello Thomas,

You probably know that Sony have relaunched the PlayStation®Network and that, in turn, our streaming service has resumed on the PS3™. It's been a frustrating couple of weeks for all concerned, so thanks for hanging in there.

And because we always want to give you great value and a top quality service, you'll be getting £5 off your next payment – no quibbles, no hassle; it's our goodwill gesture to LOVEFiLM members who watched a film on the PS3™ in the month before the PSN went down.

This will happen automatically on your next billing date. Don't worry if you're still enjoying your free trial, we’ll knock it off your first payment.

We've still been adding new films every week, of course – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl has sailed onto the streaming service recently, along with The Recruit and Pearl Harbo(u)r. So it's high time to enjoy these titles and thousands more on a PC, internet-connected TV, and – once again – on your PS3™…

Happy viewing,
The LOVEFiLM team"

Turin4511d ago

Yes well done love film. It wasn't their fault PSN went down so great credit to them for this gesture. I just had a free film credit this week as it was a year to the day since I subscribed so they are definitely in my good books. :)

thorstein4511d ago

Is it possible that Netflix doesn't "owe" you anything because Netflix was working even though PSN was down? You could still access it.

Godmars2904511d ago

More like its not more connected to the PS3. Was publicized on the 360 first before going to the Wii.

coryok4511d ago

the ps3 is the single most used device for netflix, accounting for ~30% of netflix usage, xbox is second with ~25% of netflix usage pcs @ ~20%, wii @ ~10%


Godmars2904511d ago

You're missing the point of what I said.

If Netflix had been on the PS3 first and resulted in a notable general climb of Netflix users, taking over the standard and starting PC base, more than likely Netflix would have felt some sense of obligation during the outage. Instead the 360 got that bragging point despite having the larger install base versus the PS3 yet being 2nd.

I'm also guessing that much like the 360 getting Netflix first, the choice not to compensate and recognize PS3 subscribers has to do with a MS executive also being on Netflix's board.

thorstein4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Netflix WAS WORKING (on your PS3) while PSN was down. So technically, this argument makes no sense. It is soooo nonsensical it actually makes negative sense.


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