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The top 10 scariest moments in videogames.

Seeing as Christmas is right around the bend, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some super scary moments in videogames, be warned, if you are within fifteen feet of a child, put them to bed because things are about to get scary and children can sense your fear, even through walls.

10. Deadly Premonition, staying up past midnight.

If you are one of the ten people who has actually played Deadly Premonition, you will know that staying up after midnight in the game world is a very bad idea, sure, it might make you feel like a big boy, but you won't feel that way when A GIANT DOG IS EATING YOUR FACE OFF........Terrifying.

9. Silent Hill 2, Laura.

There is a scene right at the end of Silent Hill 2 where protagonist James is watching a videotape in a hotel room, I don't remember what was on the tape, I think it was an episode of Dr. Phil or something, anyway just as James is getting into it, Laura, the little girl he was searching for earlier walks into the room unannounced, I was like "Geez Laura, can't you knock?, you scared the crap outta me".........Bone-chilling .

8. The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, talking hats.

Everytime that damn duck/hat thing talks to link my blood runs cold. What the hell Nintendo?, hats can't talk to people! He's not even helpful.

7. Dead Space, seeing Issac's face.

Right at the beginning of the game you can catch a glimpse of Issac's face if you turn the camera before he puts his helmet on, I was like "This is the person who's gonna save the day?, he looks like ****", if he just left his helmet off the Necromorphs would leave him alone.

6. Ico, being attacked by those shadow monsters.

Ico is a game about a boy named Ico who wants to get laid, the object of the game is to lead a girl named Yorda to a number of couches in the hope of finding one comfortable enough to get busy on, but it's not that easy, there are shadowy beasts out to stop Ico from losing his virginity, they emerge from dark holes in the ground and try to steal Yorda away from Ico........Ghastly stuff.

4. Viva Pinata, losing your favourite pinata.

You know how it goes, you name your new Horstachio something fun like 'Mr. Dude', you give him a sexy hat and a monocle and give him a nice wagon to live in, then while planting chili seeds later in the day, you catch a glimpse of something red floating across your garden, your heart starts beating fast as you hurry to make sure that Mr. Dude is still ok, thats when you see it, that red ******* 'Professor Pester' is beating the **** out of Mr. Dude, you try to stop him but it's too late, Mr. Dude has already collapsed into a pile of sweets. As if that wasn't terrifying enough, all of your other pinatas then crowd around their fallen comrade and begin eating his sweets. Viva Pinata is a sick game.

3. Final Fantasy VII, every random enemy encounter.

Do not under any circumstance attempt to play FFVII in the dark with headphones on, I'd be amazed if you could last even ten minutes before throwing your controller to the floor and running outside into the streets screaming. You see there are few things scarier than walking along minding your own business when suddenly out of nowhere comes this loud 'whoooshing' sound to tell you you have to fight some weird creature, ILL TELL YOU WHEN I'M READY TO FIGHT FFVII!! ILL TELL YOU!!!

2. Dark Souls, fighting any of the bosses.

Why do you hate me so much Dark Souls? All I want is to get close to you but you keep pushing me away, just when I think we are starting to get along you throw a fire breathing spider lady at me, how am I supposed to prepare for these things? Fighting any boss in Dark Souls is terrifying simply because you KNOW your going to die, and that big wad of souls in your pocket is as good as gone.

So here it is for those of you who were brave enough to make it, the scariest moment ever in a videogame.

1. Quackshot, Count Duckula boss battle.

If you've ever played Quackshot then you know that Count Duckula is the hardest game boss of all time. It's a beautifully constructed boss battle that takes most people weeks if not months to beat, but not only that, it's also the scariest moment in a videogame ever, you just never know what attack he's gonna use next! Will it be the swooping attack or the bat attack? There were many reports of children being taken to hospital simply because the battle was too intense for them, thus giving them severe headaches, a number of children apparently died while in care although the death count was never officially released to the public.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed my list. You can come out from behind the couch now, and turn off all those lights, your wasting electricity.

Phil listening to Massive Attack.

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Pintheshadows3378d ago

Funny blog but are you sure you meant Christmas? If you did and it's an ironic joke I applaud it.

SeraphimBlade3376d ago

Nice read.

After Deadly Premonition, Limbo, Eternal Darkness, two and a half silent hills (one was Shattered Memories) and one and a half Resident Evils, (one was RE5) the closest I have actually come to pissing myself is right after the fight with the thing from Bald Mountain in Kingdom Hearts. You're going towards the door. You can see a save point. and bam! Behemoth drops from f*cking nowhere and it slowly dawns on you that you have to fight another hundred or so shadows before you can save... chilling...

Cat3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago ) true :(

(where is #5? Scary...)

Syko3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Seriously. It's a Kid's Game? Hard to tell as I am melting down in front of a Pinata murder scene while my Son shakes his head at me in disappointment...Figuring if I can't save my favorite Pinata clearly he is on his own. Dark game for sure.

BTW, Greatest. Blog. Evar. lol