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I hate modern games. I hate the modern era.

Peow|4896d ago |Blog Post|2|

Games aren't what they used to be. I don't see many(if any) epic hits like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy IX, Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct 2, Banjo Kazooie, Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart, Super Mario 3... Just... classic hits like that.

Nowadays all games are about who has the biggest score, and who is the best at it. Not about how much fun it is. Fighters are about boobs, FPS's are about online competitions, TPS's are turning the same way. Platformers aren't hardly even platformers anymore, it's just get from Point A to Point B, nothing like Mario 64 which I think should be the game all platformers need to be more similar to. Racing games are about how realistic it is or how many different options there are to customize a car. RPG's & JRPG's are all about girly men having feelings for some girl, and on the other side is [insert lame storyline here]. or just about leveling up and being online, and making people pay a monthly fee. It's just complete crap! Sports games are all about adding new features in one year at a time, and still being the same game.

Games suck. This era sucks. Gas prices are high, all the fun things are being outlawed(big, cool fireworks, skateboarding, loud music, being shoeless((I hate wearing shoes and socks)), it's just... nothings fun anymore. When I hear stories from my mom and dad talking about all the things they did in high school and all that, they had cool stuff. I used to play with those little green soldiers when I was a kid, and my dad told me about 10" to 12" tall green soldiers that actually shot stuff, big rockets he could have... all sorts of cool things.

I hate safety, I hate this era, I hate life but dammit I've got nothing better to do. Sorry for getting completely off topic, I'm in a bad mood.

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NO_PUDding4896d ago

Agreed Agreed Agreed Agreed...

A few words though:

ICO = awesome

Shadow of the Colossus = awesome

Team ICO's next project = unknown, but it will be great.

Halo does nothign for me, Resistance does nothign for me, Gears does nothign for me. Where are the epics, i agree.

mryuckstickers4895d ago

i get ticked with all this saftey stuff the senate comes up with one thing though why even buy a nascar game? they all suck anyway the sport is just plain bull they take left turns for a living and are filthy rich