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Sony is dominating

It has only been a couple of weeks since Sony announced the Playstation 4 at the Playstation Meeting back in february, and now it seems that Sony is in full force back to (reclaim?) the throne for all hardcore gamers. That thanks to Sony president Kazuo Hirai and the lead architect Mark Cerny.

In was today revealed by the technology architect Mark Cerny at Sony (now he is a lead architect and that he deserves) that back in 2007 he saw that there were lots of wrong stuff with the archtecture on the PS3. An example is that the PS3 was very difficulty to develop for because of the Cell processor and the arcitecture it self.

Now, thanks to Mark Cerny, developers are thanking and praising Sony for their PC-like architecture. Developers are saying from everywhere that the PS4 is incredibly easy to develop for, the last till now was the oddworld developer.

This is great news which will make developers devlop games for the PS4 much more easy which will conclude with better games since one of the reasons many PS3 games had a bit worse graphics than the Xbxo 360 (Red Dead Redemption) was because it was not easy to develop for.

Another great thing is that Sony has killed the certification process for indie developers. Sony is almost like opening their arms and saying "Come to us. We love you indie devs!". This is very great. Just think how many more indie games which is gonna be released on PS4. And since the PS4 architecture is more like a PC it will be a lot simplier to port PC indie games to the PS4.

Sony is back in full force now building up the Vita library, the PS4 library and the already big PS3 library of games.

In Kaz and Cern we trust!

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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NeverEnding19893000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I'm glad to see that SONY has followed Microsoft's lead by making the PS4 more PC-like. This was a great success on the 360 and as the writer mentions above, I look forward to not seeing games next gen that are glitchy and broken on one system and not the other.

It's a shame to hear PS3-only owners swearing that they will never buy a Bethesda game again, when IMO they are one of the greatest devs/pubs of this generation. I'm glad these scenarios (hopefully) won't be happening again.

And last thing it's kinda sad to see SONY abandon the Cell like they have. I remember how that was suppose to revolutionize gaming and such, but now they're simply casting it off as a mistake.

Looking forward to PS4 and next gen.

Baka-akaB2999d ago

Hardly just ps3 fans . i'm never buying a bethesda game again . Even on PC they have proven to be unreliable , pathologic liars and full of it .

Tired of having to install tons of mods to appreciate their games as well , so i'm moving on , or at worst only borrowing it

SJPFTW2999d ago

have fun with the corridor simulators

Kingdom Come2998d ago

Enjoy missing out on Fallout 4...

Baka-akaB2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Or i'll just stick to games i prefer like the Witcher 3 , while you enjoy your sour grapes

Garbanjo0012998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

haha "moving on or at worst, borrowing it." That is rich. Bethesda is a great game creator. I love the games, my only problem is the lack of personal decision and individuality with some of the aspects, but other than that they are a great RPG creator and I hope they make games forever.

That being said, you can't make a full statement by saying you are "done" with a game, and then say... "well, it's not ALL that bad, I might borrow it sometime... you know, just for OLD TIMES SAKE." Get real, admit they are great developers, just put your two cents in like everyone else and play the ****ing thing. Admit it, you like blowing off ghouls heads. Say it buddy, come on... :)

Baka-akaB2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Fine if you prefer i'll just clearly say that i'm done then .

I dunno why it's so hard to fathom , i dont feel like supporting them anymore and giving them more money for various reasons i've stated enough in the past . Why not borrow games from friends if you are iffy about them but still wanna try ?

" Get real, admit they are great developers, just put your two cents in like everyone else and play the ****ing thing."

And when did i say they were bad ? I dont like their attitude and i'm feed up with them that's all get over it . I'm not the one acting like a fangirl and getting frustated on their behalf that someone dare criticize them . Or going console war crazy over a serie that is awful to play on any console imo

As for the games , I feel that each no elder scrolls is losing it as it gets more and more streamlined for all consoles. I'm sorry but Skyrim got nothing for a guy like me over Morrowind or even daggerfall

360ICE2998d ago

That was just what I needed to start this day. A gamer making empty threats about how they will "only borrow" something AT WORST! :O

I'm sure Bethesda will be devastated when Fallout 4 sells 10 million. They could have sold 10.000.001! But you only borrowed the game! Or bought it pre-played or whatever.

No, but Bethesda makes great, ambitious games. Even if not always functioning optimally.

Baka-akaB2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Glad i could make your day . And why would it bother me that it sells awesomely well without me ? It doesnt matter , just like it doesnt matter that i purchase it or not .

Good for them ... i'm just mentionning my choice . God forbid i used comments to actually comment on stuff .

So to be done with it , i should have pretended i was never going to try any of their game again ? Noted for next time

360ICE2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

There's some indication that it's not just about your immediate preference when you still want to play their games, but not pay, or at least pay less for them. And all power to you for that. It's just that every major and several minor publishers publish games with plenty of flaws, so if you're gonna by principle boycott or give up on developers because they screw up a couple of times, the list of games you'd be willing to play would be pretty small. Literally, every recent release has had problems. Tomb Raider didn1t work on PC. Do you give up Squarenix all together? Sim City had flawed servers in the beginning. Give up EA?

No, if you should note something it is that even the best make mistakes and that ambition often comes at the cost of quality assurance. So if Bethesda does make (another) great game, don't avoid them just because you feel tricked.

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Software_Lover3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Why can't fanboys make a blog about their system of choice, what they like about their system of choice, what they dislike about their system of choice, without bringing childish like remarks about the system they do not like? Oh yeah, because they are fanboys and that comes with the territory of the name.

I agree with the positive remarks of your blog on the future of the ps4, although you just basicly summarized the articles of the day. You then lost me at the end with the childish rhetoric.

PS. I like the pic!!

DasTier3000d ago

I actually thought this article would make some legit points at the beginning, but how very wrong I was, just some love-drunk fanboy.

chrismichaels042999d ago

I agree this is an exciting time to be a playstation fan with all of the big news surrounding the PS3, PS4 and Vita lately. And I also agree the PS4 has a lot of hype and momentum right now going into the next generation of consoles. But to say Sony is "dominating" is way too strong a word. Tone it down a bit. Without a doubt Sony is in a great position right now, but lets not get too excited and oversell their success. Either way I'm very excited about the PS4 coming out later this year and I'm also very curious to know more about the NextBox720.

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