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Have you forgotten the core, Microsoft?

First of all, sorry for any grammar failes in this blog. I just used Google translate to translate it from Norwegian to English.

I've been a PlayStation guy in my entire life. I have a PlayStation 2 that I got for Christmas a few years ago, I have two PSPer, a PS Vita and PlayStation 3 I've always liked Sony for their focus on the game and especially the core players.

For about 3 years ago (though I do not remember the brutal error now) so I bought my Xbox 360 after playing a few hours and tried out a friend's Xbox 360 I liked the machine very well. I liked the sleek design, I enjoyed the different games and I loved the beautiful dashboard that was very different from the dark XMBen both PS3 and PSP users. I liked the whole machine out of his well. We played Halo 3, Crackdown, Perfect Dark, Fable 2, the first Gears of War, even the most beautiful games. So I decided to purchase the pro / premium model of the Xbo 360

The pleasure was incredible when I opened the package in the mail and when I turned it on, I was simply amazed at how much exciting there. Simply "cool shit". After a few days I bought 1 year of Xbox LIVE gold. I downloaded all the demos that were available on the PlayStation Store. I bought along a couple thousand points. So I downloaded exciting titles such as Shadow Complex, Braid, Castle Crashers, Perfect Dark and more. In tilelgg I started to buy into hardcore games I'm most looking forward to as Halo, Gears of War, Fable, in addition to that I began to buy most multiplatform titles to my Xbox. Fun it was.

Then came the Kinect that I was allowed by Microsoft to test a few months before release. It disappointed me incredibly much. Too imprecise it is. So I just let the dust down.

But now I go to my situation today.

I am deeply disappointed with the direction Microsoft has taken his Xbox. Both last year and this year's E3 has been major disappointments. Where are the games? Where is the hardcore games? due. Kinect the damn computer, Microsoft is a way I never would have imagined they would go the way of getting attracted casual market, the road to get his Xbox into a multimedia TV machine. Microsoft has forgotten the core players? Those who made the Xbox a success? Those who made the Xbox is where it is today? I understand that Microsoft earns many millions of casual market, but it feels like that they almost forget the core players.

Sony has billions in losses. Nevertheless, they spew out exclusive games. Yet they come with Beyond: Two Sould and The Last of Us. Yet they have the amazing PlayStation Plus service, which costs 55£ of the year where you get tons of free games, games that cost exactly 40£ kr, 55£ kr, 26£ kr, a lot of discount, exclusive demos, exclusive demos, online clouds, and lots more. Microsoft has billions / millions in profit, yet they do not come with anything other than a bunch of Kinect games and apps that does not work in Europe and which are not hardcore people do not care anything about. ESPN, Hulu, sports apps, movie rental channels, many stupid apps that you can get for free with a few keystrokes on your PC or by turning on the TV. Now recently announced Microsoft's Major Nelson a list of a sale coming to Xbox LIVE in June. In this list we see games like Dark Void, Facebreaker, Conan and a few others that cost around 50 $ on sale. 50 $! Although the sale is a bet on Xbox LIVE Marketplace overpriced. These games can be obtained in the residual waste to the supermarket for 2£ each or free with Gamer's Gate Void service.

What you get for the Xbox LIVE really? Demos launched which launched just after the PSN for free, you get no exclusive demos on Xbox Live either, online gaming is free on the PC and the PS3 and arcade games have rarely selling. The only reason I even pay for Xbox LIVE Arcade games are coming and some games I play online. You get so much more from PS Plus, which also costs less than the Xbox LIVE.

What's up, Microsoft? I like the Xbox Live service, but as a gamer is not just worth the money now as before. From what I understand the Xbox built up before playing, but it takes more and more steps away from playing the focus for each year that passes. I am a person who bought the Xbox because it was advertised to be the ultimate gaming platform, now it's far from the ultimate gaming platform. Gears, Halo, Fable, same old thing. And Fable is now the kinectifisert (Fable: The Journey). I want new IPs that Sony comes with, I want my gaming focus. I am concerned about the direction of the Xbox.

I will probably always be a PlayStation person, simply because Sony shows that they care about core gamers, they take care of the players. I was just after E3 free games from PS Plus was worth over 100£, and I only pay 50£ a year for membership. So, until Microsoft comes and meets us core gamers are the PC and PlayStation me.

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SignifiedSix3288d ago

Lol, of course its by a fanboy. Has it ever popped into your head that Microsoft is probably saving exclusives for next gen? Probably not.

Nes_Daze3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Really? Now why would they be "saving exclusives" for so long? It has been quite a while since Sony took the lead in software. Second, how do you know that's why their system lacks new exclusive ips? Do you work for them? Maybe they just know they can get a way with releasing a few exclusives, because they have been.

ABizzel13287d ago

No they still care about the core, they're just not their focus.

maniacmayhem3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Or maybe the system is on its last leg (six years)and MS is focusing on another system.

How do you know MS isn't doing this? Do you work for them?

rob60213288d ago

Saving timed exclusives and only for a the first part of next-gen, just like this one. I think we know their game well now.

Blastoise3287d ago

Saving them since like, what? 2008?

HarryMasonHerpderp3286d ago

so true.
What good is it having an 360 if they are "saving exclusives" for next gen?

Godmars2903284d ago

Wasn't the same said around the 360's launch?

dedicatedtogamers3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

As for me, I'm just tired of the excuses. I used to own a 360. Got rid of it (due to RRoD) about the time Mass Effect 2 came out, and ever since then, I've not once seen a compelling reason to pick one back up. Of course, my situation is my own. The 360 is a great console to buy if it's your first, if for no other reason than to explore it's huge back-catalog of great games.

But as of right now, I'm sick of the excuses. "Microsoft is saving them for the next system" one guy says. "Why don't you get Kinect?" another says. "Multiplats are bettar anyway!" a third guy says. Why all the excuses? The elephant in the room is that - for the past three years - 360 hasn't had very many (if any) games outside of Forza, Halo, Gears, and Fable. And since those games haven't compelled me to get a 360 three years ago, why would they now?

Say what you will about Sony (and to a lesser degree, Nintendo), but at least their consoles still have new, interesting games coming out for them. Microsoft has quite obviously given up on the fanbase that made the 360 popular in favor of a quick cash-grab for the soccer moms who've grown tired of Wii Fit.

That said, if you like indie games and you don't want to get a PC (for whatever insane reason), a 360 makes a great indie-game machine, because they've never stopped making good indie games for it. Is that enough for me to buy the system? Nope. 95% of the indie games on XBL that are worth a look are on Steam already, but again, if you don't like the idea of playing on PC, well, 360 is an ok alternative.

tee_bag2423284d ago

I bought my 360 soley for Forza and Left for Dead 2. I have built up a big collection of games over the years anyway but none were really console exclusives

I still play Forza but this new one from e3 is simply milking the NFS crowd. Im tired of the MS milking.
L4D2 I now play on PC because I grew bored of waiting for the new maps..which still havent come (so I play them on PC now).
Its partly Valves fault, but more so MS since they dont allow Valve to pass DLC for free to their users.
MS are a nasty company for alot of the Devs to deal with in these areas.
The problem as I see it is, instead of buying off random 3rd party companies for timed exclusives they should have invested that money in creating new IPs.
They have nothing now. These XBlive games are rubish junk. 90% of the those are games started their life being designed for Phones. Nothing for me to look forward to because i dont get off on Halo 4 reach around. I played Halo 1 & 2 and that was enough.
But I'll still play Forza.

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Nes_Daze3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I see what you mean, I bought an Xbox360 4 months ago, made the mistake of buying it with madden 12 and Live. I wish there was a way of switching that Live account for a Plus account. Those minor features in live are great, but not worth $50 when I can get free games with Plus and much more. I will surely buy an MS product again next gen to try it out, but right now, I just can't keep up with two consoles, so PS3 is the best option for me.

Kratoscar20083288d ago

Thanks a Lot, you have made up my mind to never own an X-BOX (Its not sarcasm).

People could say you are a fanboy but you clearly arent, the X-BOX brand has been a failure as of late, apart from Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable there is little reason to own an X-Box in the future or now.

Where the Hell is killer Instinct? MS owns probably one of the most imaginative developers out there and why i havent seen a new KI or Conquer game? Big Epic failure.

Ravenor3287d ago

MS owns the name and zombiefied shell of what was one of the most imaginative developers out there.

RARE ISN'T THE SAME PLACE, COULD WE ALL STOP SAYING "Ohhh but where is Rare?" They aren't going to do any more then what they are currently doing.

Kratoscar20083287d ago

i have wished NINTENDO had buyed RARE, is a shame really, for some reason NINTENDO didnt get rare after Goldeneye success.

tehpees33288d ago

Kratoscar is right. Microsoft have IPs. They just don't use them. This article saved me the trouble of addressing this. Just 3 years ago Microsoft made their position known. Now look at them. From my view it doesn't even seem like they know where they are going any more.

Some think that Microsoft will just drop Kinect like a rock but they won't. Its playing a big part in their way forward (almost to the point where people have argued they shoe horn features in). They put out a few exclusives a year and then rely on multiplats. All the time they are putting into this kinect shovelware could be better used to making other sequels they seem to have forgotten about or bringing new IPs. And the best you can come up with is a Nike game? Really?

I am almost certain the next xbox will be next generations Wii.

MacDonagh3288d ago

I've been disappointed by Microsoft for a long time due to their preoccupation with the Kinect and the lack of interesting IPs. The only thing that has kept me going for the last few years at all was the indie marketplace with their plethora of unique interesting games, but they've gotten to the stage where instead of encouraging would-be indie developers by giving them a stage to show off their creativity; they have decided instead to give Sky, various video/music apps and advertisements for MW3 top priority instead. I'm not saying that everything the Indie marketplace has created has been amazing, but Apple Jack, Aban Hawkens and so many titles deserve far more recognition than anything else they currently got in the marketplace.

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