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CoD: 4 vs WaW

(Today's blog is going to be a short one.)

Okay, I was going to pass on CoD:World at War, but at the urging of my friends , I decided to give it a try myself.

In short, World at War was a decent title, and I would go as far as to say that it was THE BEST WORLD WAR 2 TITLE I've played to date.  But when compared to Modern Warfare, it was very weak.

The addition of online co-op was very appreciated and the overall "grand" atmosphere that I think WaW was going for (i.e. waves after waves of people spawning on both sides) certainly made it stand apart from Modern Warfare's navy-seal, elite-squad feeling.  And the historic film footages shown between stages did a decent job at setting the mood, and teaching me some trivia about WW2.

But unlike Modern Warfare, there were no memorable moments.  There was no five-mile sniping scene.  There was no nuclear explosion.  No nighttime bombing sequence.  No pop-the-boss-with-a-handgun dramatic ending.  Yes, I realize that NONE of those scenes would have made sense in a WW2 game (except the nuclear bomb), but my point is that Modern Warfare was able to turn a shooter into a memorable gaming experience filled with scenes that you'd talk about with your friends (e.g. "Did you get to the part where so and so happens?  Wasn't that crazy??")  On the other hand, WaW turned out to be just another shooter.

Ironically, all this really did was make me want to play Modern Warfare 2.


DISCLAIMER: I haven't spent much time exploring the competitive multi-player on this game, so my opinion so far is strictly based on the story mode.

outlawlife5347d ago

i am in full agreeance with you

i think if WAW had done something newer and more impressive than mostly being the same game we all played for a year before its arrival it would have been much better

the pure panic that ensued during the last few mission of world at war were great, that is what real war is, its pure pandemonium and panic

however i walked away very unimpressed, even so with the online portion

it seems as though the maps are very ill conceived, many of which are simply just oversize, spawn point are terrible, the overall color scheme of logos and perks in multiplayer is very unappealing

just a bunch of small things that really detract from this game
it really does feel like nothing more than a mod of call of duty 4

socomnick5347d ago

I think there was 1 single flaw that made waw inferior to modern warfare. Tanks, had tanks been removed and the gameplay remained consistent waw would be superior to mw. WAW has great weapon variety, points system is more fair, and far less senseless nade spamming, shortening the grenade distance and limiting it to two max do make the game better.

outlawlife5347d ago

the tanks really kill the gameplay

especially once you blow one up there is another one instantly spawning

Boom5306d ago

I really like WaW much more than Modern Warfare. For 3 reasons:
1. I've never really liked modern warfare games.

2. I realllllly love War mode, especially when you gain momentum :D

3. Gore


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TheEnigma3131h ago

Because everyone has a phone and they do have some half decent games and a lot of them are free, with MTs of course.

VincentVanBro1h ago

Was this article written by ChatGPT?

RaiderNation37m ago

Barrier of entry. Everyone has a phone and most games are either very cheap or F2P.


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