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KZ2's aiming is horrible... and a BIG PROBLEM

[Disclaimer: I am not a 360 fanboy. I recently hit level 5 on my PSN account, and most of my gaming time is spent on the PS3. The references I make to Halo are merely for comparison, and I want people to recognize that the Halo series does deserve genuine credit for the feature I refer to in this article (i.e. the aiming system)]



I'm in the KZ2 beta, and have been for the past month. But as of two weeks ago, I stopped playing it. The reason? I'm tired of the game already.

I've been trying to communicate what I am about to say here in the KZ2 Beta forums, but their forum signup script is so broken that I can't even post on the public forum. If anybody has access to their forum, please copy-paste, because if they somehow fix this critical issue before launch, KZ2 would indeed become the "Halo Killer" that we've all been waiting for.

The Praise

First of all, let me just state how impressed I am with the game. It is POLISHED to a level that even the best Japanese games cannot match. It's not just the graphics either. The menus, the options (linkable squads?? wow...), the gameplay features, the leveling options... the attention to detail... Yes, KZ2 has delivered everything it promised back in 2005 (i.e. crazy graphics), and a hefty deal more.

There is no doubt that this game will sell at least a couple of million units during its launch month, just for its graphics. And by that standard alone, some people may call it a "massive success", and I predict there will be many articles suggesting that this game is "the next Halo".

But, in its current state, that will never happen for KZ2.

The Flaw

KZ1(PS2) had a serious flaw. Its aiming system was very primitive, and one would struggle to aim at any object on the screen. Yes, the game did look beautiful for the hardware it used (PS2), but at the end of the day, the game was nearly unplayable because of the aiming system (IMO, that is).

Let's face it. One of the reasons why Halo became so successful was NOT because it had multi-player. Rather, it was because Halo made playing FPSs with the console controllers viable, and enjoyable. (remember the days when people only played FPSs with a mouse?)

Most people do not know this, but Halo (and some recent titles like Resistance 2) has a very subtle aim assist engine built into its controls. What it basically does is to very very subtly attract your reticle toward an enemy, to make the last few 2-3 degrees of aiming easier. You can test this by standing still and letting an enemy walk in front of you. You will notice that your character will automatically turn slightly to follow that person. (this doesn't happen with friendlies)

The difference is huge, and you can actually feel the difference when trying to duel your own teammate in Halo. You will instantly notice that it's suddenly impossible to aim.

Now, is this cheating? Most definitely not. It is simply a feature that is necessary to compensate for the limitation of the joystick-based console controllers, and does not make the game itself easier. If anything, it brings it to equal level with the mouse-based controls.

But alas, KZ2 does not have this.

And this shows even in Guerilla Game's own demonstration of the game. Just watch the recent TV interview of Guerilla as they unveil their new weapon. If you're keen enough, you might actually notice how much this person struggles to shoot at the enemy (and these are AI-controlled NPCs which don't really move much at all; online opponents would be even harder to hit)

G4TV's KZ2 Street Date Announcement Video

Seriously, one should not need to make THREE attempts just to hit a target.
Not if he's played any type of FPS before.

The Issue

I expect the immediate reaction to my criticism to be "L2P NOOB!", and to a limited extent, they would be right. But people who say that are missing the point. Yes, the hardest of hardcore players CAN get accustomed to this. I too got used to this after a couple of hours of playing (although it was still very frustrating). But I'm the exception here, because I've played every type of shooter that have come out since Wolfenstein 3D and Wing Commander.

However, in order for a game to become successful and have a 2-3 year long lifespan, it has to be easy to pick up, but difficult to master. If it's hard to pick up, and even harder to master, then you end up shutting out too many gamers from the game. And you end up playing only by yourself (and only few others online).

Of course, some may find this acceptable; to have your own game that only you can play. But I believe the best game is one that everybody can join (i.e. YOUR FRIENDS!), yet allow "the hardcore" to PWN every fool that joins the fray.

Again, KZ2, in its current form, will not be that game.

The Plea

I obviously have not seen the sourcecode, so I would be lying if I claimed to know how easy this fix is. But I do know that this does not require an overhaul of the game. I am not complaining about the variety of weapons, selection of gamemodes or your teammates' AI. Or even the art direction of the game.

All I am asking is that the BASIC controls of the game be tweaked to make it WORK for the average gamer.

Because, at the end of the day, I do want this to be what KZ1 aspired to be but failed four years ago; The True Halo Killer.

KZ2 has the fullest potential to be just that.
EVERYTHING else is already in place.
Just fix the aiming, and this will be an easy 10/10, and played by gamers everywhere for years.

Otherwise, it could become the next GTA4; played by gamers for only 3-4 months, but completely forgotten by the time people choose the "Game of the Year".

I don't want that to happen.

andron5404d ago (Edited 5404d ago )

Not to offend you, but most FPS players find the aim assist annoying.

It's a crutch that only prolongs the time it takes to learn to aim properly.

The KZ2 promotion videos are made to show of the graphics and the game. So they are not showing off their skills, but showing off the game.

I am too in the KZ2 open beta, and I find it controls beautifully. It has the same aiming system as most other FPSs on the market and performs very well.

So calling the controls "horrible" and flawed is just ridiculous. If you need help aiming, continue playing Halo...

orakga5402d ago (Edited 5402d ago )

It's worse than other FPSs out there. I've played almost every FPS out there, and it is by far THE WORST out there.

And which part of "eventually, I got used to it" did you not read?

My point was that regular gamers will find it too difficult to ENJOY the game. Do you REALLY want to be playing this game by yourself, along with other 1337 douchebags such as yourself, or do you want to have some noobs to pwn in every game?

I choose the latter. Hence my blog.


BTW, I am not asking for COD4-style "left-trigger AUTOKILL" aim assist (which they rightfully took out from MP). No, that *would* be noobing this up.

But KZ2's current aim has this acceleration portion, and THAT is the problem. Basically, when you push your stick, it starts moving slowly at first, then speeds up over time. What ends up happening, however, is that when you try to aim at someone and find that you're slightly "off" to one side, you will find it very difficult to adjust for that last bit, because your aim will keep swining past left-and-right of your targets due to the acceleration.

I think most of you here are jumping on me for mentioning the words "aim" and "assist" in the same article.

But I am certainly not asking for someone to help me aim. I am only asking that they don't make it harder than it would be in real life, or harder than other games out there. OR! I dunno... make it possible to play with a mouse/keyboard!!!

And calling me a NOOB for pointing this out doesn't make you 1337. I've never played a shooter and had problems staying near the top. I simply happen to be more observative to these things.

andron5402d ago (Edited 5402d ago )

But I think your whole post misses the point. Most games have an initial learning curve.

I really don't see what you claim to be the problem with the aiming system is really going to be a problem for most gamers.

Yipee Bog5402d ago

am annoyed by the aim assist in games. In resistance 2 the auto aim is so strong that while sprinting to a new objective in co-op, you find yourself being glued to everything having to completely aim in a different direction to break the auto aim. Auto aim should be a toggle only thing. I don't want to shoot at the guy directly in front of me, I want to shoot at the sniper across the map picking everyone off, get what I'm saying?

Graphics Whore5401d ago

Haha, Orakga you sure are a bad player slash drama queen.

kwicksandz5401d ago

I see some people pointing out that he is the only one to have these issues. To those people i say http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News...

An article about sloppy KZ2 controls

Additionally, the poor controls in the beta where discussed at length on a recent warzone podcast. Torrence davis must have talked about this one issue for at least 30 minutes. This is not an isolated problem despite what the rabid ps3 fanboy community of n4g would have you believe.

I also hope GG takes this criticism to heart because i want this game to turn out well, but i agree with you that the mass market wont adopt it in its current form.

andron5401d ago

This blog is just another example of ragging on a beta test of a game with vague claims of "horrible" controls.

Is it auto aim or turn acceleration you are complaining about? And you threw in some remarks about friendly fire that's related to neither.

Beta testing is for user feedback and improvements will be made.

The UGO article that someone posted a link to over is another fine example of shoddy "journalism". They complain about the control layout, but GG have already confirmed that the controls will be fully customizable in the final version.

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DrPirate5402d ago

Go play Call of Duty 4 with the Left Trigger "Autoaim".

I love the control system, and everyone on the KZ2 beta forums loves it.

Guerrilla won't fix this, and they have stated they don't even like that feature. So don't expect it.

heyheyhey5402d ago (Edited 5402d ago )

ok i doubt the lack of aim-assist will have quite the impact you described... as in, it won't kill the game

i agree the option for aim assist should be included... but very slightly... just to ease in casual players for the single player

but let's not get carried away here... more-difficult-than-COD-or-Hal o controls are not going to kill a beautifully looking and playing game like KZ2

oh yeah and your right... you are a massive noob

orakga5402d ago

I will probably pwn your ass if we ran into each other, like I did with almost everyone I met in the beta 1v1.

I think you are missing point; this game is too hard for your friends. And while it won't exactly kill the GAME, it most certainly will kill the COMMUNITY.

And the community is what I am concerned about.

heyheyhey5402d ago (Edited 5402d ago )

the community seem to love the online... buddy your looking at the markets wrong here

the casual players who can't get to grips with the controls were never going to become long-standing community players, that's just their nature, aim-assist or no aim-assist- they just don't get too infatuated with online games.... it's the hardcore players that form the community and those players have been hasty to praise KZ2... people were addicted to the MP quickly and effortlessly... so obviously the controls aren't as game-breaking as you make them out to be.... the auto-aim in Halo is excessive anyway

as for how much of a noob you are... i guess we'll have to see online, if it was that much of perilous process for you to acclimatize to the controls you must not be as 1337 as you make yourself out to be....

mastiffchild5402d ago

Less aim assist=more skill needed and therefore more satisfaction when you get it right. Playing the SP at one of the higher skill levels will prepare someone for this and anyway the little I played of the beta was great including all aspects of the shiiting/aiming. Maybe you just didn't like it and there's nothiung wrong with that whatever anyone else may uncharitably say about you.

orakga5402d ago

For your kind words (no sarcasm).

I don't think it's clear though, that I am not speaking for myself. I'll probably play this game a great deal either way. Afterall, it's the most beautiful game I'm going to have played for a really long time.

But I am concerned that this will make it hard to get other people to play it, and without friends to play this with me (and pwn), I'm going to find it difficult to keep playing this game.

And anyone who chooses to insist that I am a noob for pointing this out is frankly missing the entire point of my blog.


what the fk is the point of playing a shooter if you need aim assist . people always wants the easy way out in getting kills .( no skills just shoot and it will find the target ) want aim assist yeah go play halo and COD . You won't be miss in killzone with your noob azz.