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What are YOUR 5 most anticipated games for E3 2008?

Regardless of which faceless large corporation you choose to define your line-ups for you, I would like to hear everyone else's. I am a PS3 owner, so mine are as follows:

1. ICO3

I just cannot wait for it, it was the sole reason I bought a PS3, and if it goes wrong, then I will still have backwards compatibility for Shadow of the Colossus, and ICO, and of course MGS4.

2. L.A Noire

Want to know if it's still about, or if it's canned. What to know if it's not canned, if it's still exclusive. I want to know more once those other questions are out the way. I want to see some in-game.

3. Untitled Rockstar PS3 exclusive

We know it's not Red Dead 2, but that is coming, so what the bloody heck is it? And will it be as big a letdown as GTA4, or can they reinvent themselves for the next generation and do the PS3 proud once again.

4. Heavy Rain

Every bone in my body disagrees with this game. It will have dialogue trees (pet-peeve) and the Creative Director behind it (David Cage) has the wrong ideas about games, in my eyes. But above all that, it's going to be fresh and experimental, so I will buy it and it will be undeniably pretty.

5. Driver 5

Ubisoft behind it? Woooo! PS3 exclusive? Woooo! Reflections back? Woooo! Will they screw it up? Woooooo! .....Eh.. uh.... Maybe. But hopefully E3 will bring some PR chat about it!

Runners up:
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Little Big Planet
Resistance 2 

So, everyone please tell me your top 5 most anticipated games of E3 2008, and why. Then give me a list of 5 runners up without reasons and then I will have 10 in total.

This blog I would like some participation from everyone, because it's useful to refresh everyone's mind as to what they might be missing! And it's console unspecific, I will be commenting below, and I will still be intrigued about your 360 and Wii exclusives too! I just want to know what we have to look forward to.


Superfragilistic5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )


1) Banjo Kazooie
I don't know what to think of this game yet, but given the positive previews and interesting concept of reinventing the platformer as a genre (using user generated powers) I very interested to see more.

2) Halo Chronicles
I want to know what Peter Jackson's been up to and whether it's going to do what the MS ads said Halo 3 would!

3) Too Human
I suspect it's going to be good... But I want to hear people raving about it at E3! :)

4) Molyneux secret AI project called Dmitri.
I just want to know why it'll make the covers of Wired and be so scientifically important!

5) Mistwalker's lineup.
Blue Dragon was okay, but Lost ODyssey is the best next gen JRPG I've played this year so I'd love to hear a LO2 and more about Cry On.


1) God of War 3.
The best of it's genre, I just want to see more and where the story's leading.

2) Little Big Planet.
I have reservations about this title as it's from an untested developer and has been unnecessarily hyped by Sony much like Killzone 2. I love the idea I just want it to work as well as promised.

3) Uncharted 2.
It's gotta be in development surely. And as much as I enjoyed MGS4, this is still my favourite PS3 title.

4) Final Fantasy XIII.
The RPG and JRPG genres have seen significant changes in combat, storytelling and dialogue systems recently and I want to see how Square is going to respond. If they don't push the genre and stick to tried and tested, I won't be interested.

5) Beyond Good and Evil 2
I know it's multi, but I loved the first one and I had to put it somewhere on my list! lol


1) A new Zelda
2) The Conduit
3) Wario title
4) Deadly Creatures
5) Kid Icarus

NO_PUDding5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

Banjo Kazooie got quite negative previews, as far as i remember. But I think they showed it pretty early, so I can't wait to see what has been streamlined at E3 too.

This Dmitri sounds amazing to me, because as with everything I let my mind run away with it. I will be interested in that too. I remember Molyneux doing something with portals, but that obviously wasn't it. Lionhead is like 30 minutes drive from me. :D

Mistwalker eh? I can't claim to know anything about them, or Lost Odyssey. I was never into JRPG's that much, and not even FFXIII will change that.

God of War III, doubt it will be there, and I hope it isn't, heh. It will be the talk for months if it is, and it's not wort it in my eyes.

LBP I think sounds great too. I am surprised you have quite reversed opinions to most people about this and Banjo. Ragdoll Kung Fu was great, and generally, we don't know the possibilities yet, so I should have had this on my list.

Beyond Good and Evil 2, it really deserved to go on my main list. Never mind. I can't wait to hear stuff about it either.

The conduit, I am skeptical, but I can't wait to see what the Wii can be forced to do.

Superfragilistic5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

I can understand where you're coming from in regards to Mistwalker and God of War 3, because they are very much acquire tastes. And damn Molyneux makes my head spin everytime he hints at what Dimitri actually is. But I'll have to pull you up on the following bit

"Banjo Kazooie got quite negative previews, as far as i remember"

The previews were exemplary, but it was the old nostalgic fans and N4G trolls that sought to change that perception. I'll give you a bunch of quotes and examples below but first...

I believe negative perceptions are based on a fundamental misunderstanding outside of people who've played it. Banjo is a platformer, but instead of the game designer giving you predetermined platforming powers (eg. fireballs, feathers, mushrooms, jumping in Mario) the onus is on the player to design the powers (eg. the vehicles) to progress through levels. It is also why Banjo and LBP are actually quite different, with LBP focused on user generated level design, whilst Banjo is focused on user generated gameplay design.

Also having seen an early version I can assure you it's one of the most stunning games I've ever seen, and that videos and screenshots misrepresent the art design and blocky character design that is actually a tribute to the N64 days.

I'd particularly recommend reading this explanation which fits my own hands on thoughts rather well:

That out of the way... Here are the bulk of previews all of which range from positive to "I can't wait till November" impressions. IF you only read one, read IGN's, it's the longest, most detailed and they clearly got a longer hands on than I or anyone else!

A couple of choice quotes:

IGN's opening paragraph:

"The Banjo franchise is beloved and the platformer genre is on Mario life support. Rare would need to do something special to win over a skeptic public. At the end of the day, it was easy to read the smiling faces of the other visitors: This is the game that we've been waiting for Rare to deliver since being bought by Microsoft."

Hooked Gamers conclusion:

"While many may see the change in focus as a worrying step away from Banjo’s core principles, we’d be willing to bet that come November, Rare’s gamble will pay off big time."

1UP on graphics and presentation:

"And whether the whole formula ultimately works or not, the game at least looks astounding. Absolutely popping with bright colors, interesting textures, and fanciful character and art design, it already stands as a jaw-dropping showpiece for HDTVs."

CVG closing line:

"We've seen and played new Banjo and haven't lost a single night's sleep worrying about the direction the bear and bird are going in. You shouldn't either."

IGN conclusion:

"Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is looking like Microsoft's first real success in expanding its first party offerings beyond the action and shooter genres. This is a game that all gamers can get behind. It looks wonderful, handles great, and has a hook that everyone from the most casual to most hardcore can lose themselves in. It's been kept a secret for a long time, but the wait was worth it and it's almost over. Banjo returns this November as the perfect way to keep your blood pressure down in between bouts with Gears of War 2."

NO_PUDding5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

I mean, you are clearly a fan of it, so you'll enjoy it no matter what.

Still all of those previews had undertones of a risk being taken, but can I just point out, that risks being taken is an AWESOME thing. I think it's why Sony's first party is such a PS3 selling point for me. If Microsoft push some originality then I am so excited for it, or atleast if they are risking stuff.

I have to admit though, Little Big Planet, just looks more interesting to me. Horses for courses.

mepsipax5576d ago

1.I want to see how much Rare has strayed off from the original banjo.
2.Hmm, I want to see some Fallout 3 footage before I begin to scorn it and say it doesn't deserve to be called a true sequel.
3. Madworld
4. Stalker clear sky
5. DEUS EX 3!!!

NO_PUDding5576d ago

Yer, like I was saying to Superfragilistic, Rare seems to have been told to play catch-up with LBP in my eyes, by Microsoft and got quite negative previews. But they may have had a chance to improve and streamline, so let's see.

Fallout 3 will be a disappointment if you like the series. Bethesda are equally as evil as EA in my eyes. They ruined The Elder Scrolls, Morrowind was epic and beautiful, Oblivion was mainstream, levelled and had awful design, both concept and layout.

Madworld? Clue me in!!!

Stalker Clear Sky, a PC gamer. You lucky sod. I ahve a 7800GTX, which I don't know if it will put me in good stead, when I have only an AMD 3700+ and 1gb memory. It looks pretty, but Stalker has never pressed any buttons for me, even the multiple endings, I think is the wrogn path for gaming. But I think MGS4 is the wrong path for gaming, doesn't mean I can enjoy a great experiment.

Deus Ex 3!? Well if it's Like Deus Ex and not invisible wall or whatever thatc rap was, count me in. That was an epic game. Didn't even know Deus Ex 3 was annoucned. Hope it's PC exclusive.

Superfragilistic5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

Good picks! I can't believe I missed MadWorld - that looks bloodier than NG2 and Gears2 combined! And Deus Ex 3 would be awesome if it ignores 2. :)

As for Banjo I can assure you it's very much still Banjo, there's a change in the way you platform, but it's still a platformer with wacky humour, a crazy story, art design and lots and lots of collectibles. I'm an old school fan, and I love what I've seen so far. And as explained above, LBP and Banjo are actually very different beasts. They're both titles to keep a very close eye on. :)

mepsipax5575d ago

Madworld is being developed by the newly formed platinum games who has people who've worked on games like okami, resident 4, viewtiful joe, it's black and white (except the blood) and extremely violent with lots of blood and organs being ripped out, plus it's an exclusive to wii. BTW I have a 8800, 4 gb ram, quad core 3.2 ghz? can't remember now, anyway I can run anything on the market, (except for f#cking System Shock 2 which is always crashing) but STALKER was a really good game just not unfinished I dlled this mod that tweaked the gameplay elements and added darker nights and more enemies and I still play it almost everyday, it's so damn good. Oh and I would add a System Shock 3 to that list but EA owns the rights to it still not looking glass so it will suck, plus Bioshock wasn't so hot and that was made by the original dev.

TeaRunner5576d ago

I currently have a 360 but maybe, just maybe, I will get my self a ps3 if there only where more than 3-4-5 good games coming out for it. I'm very excited about Little Big Planet though. I also included some unannounced games that I hope will be reveiled at E3.

1. Fallout 3
2. Bioshock 2
3. Gears of War 2
4. Far Cry 2
5. Fable 2

Runners up:
Little Big Planet
Mass Effect 2
Banjo Kazooie
Prince of Persia
The Lord of the Rings Conquest

Pretty sweet list if I may say so myself:P

Superfragilistic5576d ago

Yeah gamers are really being spoilt this year! There's too many good ones to choose from! :)

NO_PUDding5575d ago

Yer, I'd certainly wait to make a decision after E3. You never know the kind of platform switching stuff will do.

Most of the games you love that are coming on PS3 might suddenly go multiplatform. So, that's why E3 is great, glad it's all back to normal E3!

Columbo5576d ago (Edited 5576d ago )

In order of importance to me:
1. Spore
2. Resistance 2
3. Banjo 3
4. Too Human
5. Gears of War 2

Diablo 3 would have made that list, but it hasn't officially been announced yet...
Halo Chronicles would also make the list, but well, we don't know anything about it.

Superfragilistic5576d ago

Yeah Spore looks fantastic. Another strong GoTY contender that really for all the talk of user generated content, will put LBP and Banjo to shame.


Last Of Us Studio Naughty Dog Is Cutting Developers

The PlayStation first-party studio behind Uncharted and The Last of Us Part II is laying off dozens of contractors

Battlestar231h agoShowReplies(3)
RaidensRising53m ago(Edited 53m ago)

Game development has accrued such astronomical costs these days I am not surprised studios are closing.
Please go back to simpler times developers where you're not spending millions on the soundtrack or voice-actors alone.


Christopher13m ago

They're trimming contractor staff.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Be Greater. Together. Trailer I PS5 Games

Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, return for an exciting new adventure in the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise for the PS5 console.

shadowT1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Can't wait! Spider-man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and many more great games. 'Game of the Year' will be this year a difficult choice!


Significant job losses likely at Worms publisher Team17 - sources

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CrashMania1h ago

Shame, I'm a big fan of the Worms series, albeit not the latest entry.

Number1TailzFan1h ago

Worms 2 was a blessing when I was on 56k dialup in 1999 for multiplayer gaming, it was almost the only game I could play smoothly online due to it being turn based. Not only that but it was a fun game to play with all the customisation options, online rope races etc..