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Confessional: I am a fanboy.

What is wrong with being a Fanboy?

Well I want to explore things here that people may find strange here. Namely the concept that fanboys aren't a bad thing.

Okay, so what is the bad thing about Internet terrorists?

  • They spam
  • They troll
  • They flamebait
  • They have ridiculous terminology

And what's wrong with fanboys?

  • They spam
  • They troll
  • They flamebait
  • They are blind to negativity about their chosen fanboyee
  • They have ridiculous terminology
  • Hypocrisy

Sherlock Holmes I am not, but I see some correlation between the two. So if we narrow down the points to spam, trolling and flamebaiting, then perhaps terminology, we can actually see that the difference is that, when we refer to fanboys, we are referring to Internet terrorists, that also share a fanboy element.

If you were to analyse me, a Sony droid, as I am sure I have been dubbed somewhere without me noticing, I only actually have the following elements:

  • They are blind to negativity about their chosen fanboyee
  • Hypocrisy

Yes, I am blind to all negativity about my choice! I can debate anything that is thrown at the PS3. And Hypocrisy, I try to keep this to a minimum, so you generally won't find me moaning about fanboys (or as we've established it's actually Internet terrorists), rather their hypocrisy, so I am not hypocritical. Obviously, I am only human, and hypocrisy is our nature, but it's nice to be able not to flaunt it like some people do so obviously, as if, they are celebrating a hypocrisy carnival.

So next time you jump to use the word fanboy, think about how hypocritical you might sound, and think whether or not, it's actually just an Internet terrorist, because fanboys are what keeps up to date with the newest additions or updates on our chosen fanboyee, whether it be software, hardware or nowhere, because it's not released yet, that's a quiet hint at the premature comparisons made between things that aren't available yet, and my first blog entry did that, so there's some hypocrisy.

By the way, please don't quote me for using the term fanboyee, I never wanted to coin it. it's equally as embarrassing as using fanboyism. Never mind, I have committed now....

LJWooly5652d ago

Good for you man, as long as you don't make others suffer, you have every right to be passionate about something you love.

Jinxstar5652d ago

I agree man. I am just not a fan of people saying stuff like "You choose X so you = Noob" That kind of hypocrisy I can't stand. Truly deep down I am a Nintendo fanboy. I don't care for the Wii much. I do however own the promotional collection of Zelda for the GC and have every Zelda game minus 1 or 2 for Gameboy. I love Mario as well. I feel galaxy was a little to childish at points but it still rocks. SSBB is hands down just plain fun and Kart looks to be an amazing new game to it's previous counterparts. Metroid has always been great. Nintendo uses innovation and not size or grafics to make some amazing stuff. That and you rarely see delays outside the zelda series. Along with a slew of other reasons. I am glad they aren't afraid to try new stuff like the other 2 big systems.

That being said of the 2 other next gen consoles I have the 360 and PS3 they are both great and I think thats more where the flame war starts. People can rattle off lists and make assumptions all they want. It just depends on what you like more. Ninja Gaiden/God of war. FF/Mass Effect. Gears/MGS. Halo/Resistance. It's all opinion so I see where you stem from.

I don't mind fans that are all about games. Saying you will never play a game on "X" or "Y" console is just ignorant of people and they shouldn't even be able to call themselves gamers. There is nothing wrong with prefering one thing over another it's just those who preach it. Like Obama's old Pastor... That give us a bad name (Same way pastor guy gave his church a bad name).

Either way I like it. Game on Bro.

NO_PUDding5651d ago

And you should like Nintendo.

And they are the market leaders now, and they are the oldest. That's quite soemthing. The only thing this generation, is the Wii seems to be almost selfishly aimed at the family mainstream element. But Nintendo heritage is great, I think the Eastern games aimed at the West are alwasy the best. Zelda is just one. They take elements from both, and create super games.

But the profits from this gen, may put them back into a position to compromise with gamers and families next generation.

ben hates you5652d ago (Edited 5652d ago )

one thing i noticed, if you're the guy in the picture maybe you should take a break and go on a walk. (i live on a farm, sometimes I'd go out side rather that play a videogame)

"No mention of thigns touchy 360 fnaboys could cuss me for.

I am just goign to say. In the end, it's downlaodable content, which is nothing to the average Joe. And if it is, they will do the math, the cheapest evrsion possible is with the PS3 bundle, becuase by the time you have bought:

360 GTAIV Arcade Bundle
LIVE Subscription
Online Adapter (which is a complete rip off)
Hard Drive

It will actually cost more than your free internet, ready for wireless, with HArdrive 40gb PS3 GTAIV bundle.

Am i right or am i right? View"

that comment says fanboy to me, you really shouldn't say something about things you don't know about, and if you want my respect don't give a sh!t about the other side(xbox). worrying about is pointless and will get you no where in life

¿whats wrong with a fanboy? well i really don't understand why they care so much about consoles sales and that crap, the fact that they do shows me they're spoiled sh!ts that don't care about any problem in the world other then their console sales and other.

"I can't believe any Xbox lasted long enough to be vintage....

All in good taste. Don't hate, but feel free to disagree. View"

like i said why do you would care, and you haven't had an xbox to have a true opinion about that, your just guessing

"I hate it when people talk about their friends, because you can completely make stuff up about friends. And maybe this pre-hypothesis introduction will make me seem even less credible but:

I actually have many real friends, ones who game that is. And if I were to use them as a basis for my hypothesis, I can tell you very positively including me that 3/6 of them have 360's. 1/3 of these is aware of GTA IV coming out on his console of choice and 0/3 are going to get GTA IV on the 360. 1/6 (this is me) have a PS3 and I am going to get GTA IV first day. Another 1/6 is aware it's on both consoles, but wants a PS3 for his version. The final 6th belongs to someone who doesn't give a crap about GTA he mainly wants a Wii and will buy a PS3 when FF13 arrives.

3 360 owners = 0/3 GTA IV Purchases

2 [prospective] PS3 owners = 2/3 GTA IV Purchases

1 [prospective] Wii owner = Not really involved technically.

Now those are pretty bad odds for GTA IV on the 360 if you ask me"

and this here REALLY why do you give a rats ass about sales

NO_PUDding5651d ago

Ben hates me indeed.

But regardless, I just admitted to being a fanboy and you are (in very broken English) flaming me for it.

I care about sales, do you know why? Becuase ultimately sales effect the developer attention, and that ultimately effects the amount of games you get on a console. And I was to ahve the same size library as the PS2 for my PS3. That's not a fanboy, that's called having your best interests at heart.

By the way, I am not the guy in the picture by the way, that is Gabe Newell, legendary creator of the Half Life series. I am going to try to use pictures of prominent game inudstry memebers as my pictures always.

Happy Ben Hates You?

ben hates you5651d ago (Edited 5651d ago )

i don't hate you, really i may have seemed like it, but you aren't 1/10th as bad as some fanboys, but just some of the things you comment annoy me but you are okay, for instance, i've had someone over who was a true jack ass fanboy, and i tried playing xbox since i didn't have my ps3 at the time, and the whole damn time he was just going on do you have RROD yet, oh these graphics suck, well he is no longer an acquaintance anymore. but you at least seem to be someone who would not continually comment on crap like that

You are correct in that you may chose one side and root for it but all to a point, well rest assured ben doesn't hate you, just ???¿¿¿


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shadowT41m ago(Edited 38m ago)

Can't wait! Spider-man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Baldur’s Gate 3, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and many more great games. 'Game of the Year' will be this year a difficult choice!


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CrashMania1h ago

Shame, I'm a big fan of the Worms series, albeit not the latest entry.

Number1TailzFan37m ago

Worms 2 was a blessing when I was on 56k dialup in 1999 for multiplayer gaming, it was almost the only game I could play smoothly online due to it being turn based. Not only that but it was a fun game to play with all the customisation options, online rope races etc..


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