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Trends and Statistics are for Wedbush and Morgan.

  I am pretty much a born writer, so I am sure this will be endlessly entertaining, and if not, then I think it was worth the gamble.
 As I often find myself doing, I was browsing the headline news today. Somehow this got in it:

 I was reading, and I thought very fair points. Makes sense, for this generation anyway, but what will Sony do in future next gen races? I started summing up things, that have added to the disparity of the humble beginnings of each PlayStation. To be honest though, I am not the type of person to trawl through research and look at numbers. I just did some lazy summing up. And remembered best what I could about PS2 launch and the first PlayStation launch. So what did I come up with, that no where else has come up with? Not very much, but with some rambling, it should turn out to be pretty substantial:

-One thing that no one ever seems to mention is Sony's in house development. It's actually the prospective game from Team ICO that convinced me to buy a PS3. And that will never change, even in the next generation. This is in addition to committed third party developers. Very committed. Sony has a great relationship with many developers, and if not, it has superbly talented developers of it's own, creating genuine must-have-titles. Not the faux-must-have-titles of this generation so far. I am looking at you Uncharted and Gears of War.

-The other thing I found no one mentioning is the PS3's difficult hardware. Now, you are no doubt asking:


To which I would genuinely answer, why did you go to all the trouble of capitally locking for me? Secondly, I would inquire about the word "NUB" which is seemingly becoming quietly popular with slurry interweb terrorists types and their kin, and it's no secret that I despise the fads of web language. Thirdly I would ask if you'd like me to continue, to which I would expect a justifiably capitally locked response of "yes please".

Basically the PS3's challenging hardware is a superb thing. Sure it gets shoddy ports in the beginning, a time in which the shiny white knight that is Microsoft's genuinely great Xbox 360 is looking all too appealing for people ready to upgrade from PS2's, other Xbox's and questionably GameCubes. But what has the 360 done wrong? It's given the developers everything it needs to be fully realised, right from the word go. I could parody another quote, asking how that is bad, in capitals and with slang, but if you can't see where I am heading, then it's why you aren't working at Wedbush and Morgan Securities.... haha, that was a joke, they are wrong all the time.

Basically the PS3's difficulties equal a far more competitive market for developers. And what does competition equal? Quality.

-So how about PS4 and the 720 and the whole point of this blog entry?
Let's see... every time Microsoft makes a profit, they are encouraged to try again. And every time they try again, they are increasing their user base. So every time they increase their user base, they make it harder and harder for Sony. And every time, Microsoft is gaining more knowledge. But very unfortunately for both of them, the knowledge is mutual, and both are getting to know their competitors. It will be interesting, that's for sure but we will have to wait a while. Lucky we have all those quality games on the PS3.... Ahhh, never mind, be here in a few more months.

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