New road bike ETA 2012.


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Another Century's Episode:R; Hope for world wide release!

ACE: R needs to be released outside of Japan. I missed out on the previous games considering the PS2 required a modchip to be able to function, and I hate doing modifications to a console. Considering how unpopular these type of games are I guess it's near impossible. One can only hope though.

Well, importing this game took out 80 dollars. Anticipating this game's release in August. Looking forward to playing the Crossbone Gundam and Macross Frontier's VFs.

Godmars2904844d ago

Don't know about Europe, but there's too much of a licensing tangle for this to be localized in the US.

Would be nice if Bandai offered English subtitles...

Newtype4843d ago

Yeah, true. But one can only hope.

4842d ago

Fate/Samurai Remnant Review – Playing the Fate Series | The Outerhaven

Fate/Samurai Remnant is a Musou game published by Koei Tecmo Games. It is a new storyline in the world of Fate.

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The cozy dino ranch-builder “Paleo Pines” is now available for PC and consoles

"The Walnut Creek-based (CA, the US) indie games publisher Modus Games and Holywood-based (Northern Ireland) indie games developer Italic Pig, are today very happy and excited to announce that their adorable and touching dino ranch-builder “Paleo Pines”, is now digitally and physically available for PC (via Steam) and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.


Sega has cancelled Hyenas ‘and some unannounced games in development’

The move was made “in response to the lower profitability of the European region”

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isarai2h ago

Honestly smart move, there's enough pvp, operator/hero based pvp GAAS games with this same generic style out and upcoming.

Vits2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

That is really sad. Not only cancelling Hyenas, but the other unannounced game and cutting funds yet again for Creative Assembly. This would be the first time in a decade that Sega let those guys do something other than the Total War series and the last time this happened, Creative Assembly delivered one of the best horror experiences out there in the form of ALIEN: ISOLATION.

I get that profitability is low. But maybe it's because Creative Assembly has been stuck putting out yearly releases of the Total War series. Those games are great, don't get me wrong but the market is extremely saturated with them and they are limited in public as they are only available on PC and PC players are know for making their favourite titles last a long time. To the point that people are still playing Total War Shogun 2 from 2011 at reasonable numbers...

So I feel this is a very bad move. It basically boxes the studio in a situation where they are unlikely to improve their profitability. Now not only they will go back to the same yearly franchise, but they will have to do that with a lower budget and likely team as well.

purple1011h ago

Can't understand how it would save them money.

If the game was basically finished then surely release it and get a little cash. Surely the money has been spent already and now the easy bit is to release it. ?

Terry_B1h ago

It was supposed to be an online only game that gets updates for years. These would have cost em more than the development so far probably if the game bombs

Terry_B1h ago

They could have canceled it months ago already after seeing the reaction to the trailer(s). Nobody was caring or hyped about this.

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