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Contest: Wrong Answers Only - Resident Evil 4

Wrecking balls. Those are always found above molten pits in small rooms with nothing to break but the walls that were built around them in the first place, right? Well, I'm here to tell you, this design took months to pin down. It wasn't the only idea they had for this room. It took a committee to narrow it down to the wrecking ball.

For our latest contest, we're asking you to help us recall what other ideas were on the board before they went with the wrecking ball room.

If you're not familiar with this room, please watch


1. Post below your witty, not-at-all-serious, possibly even ridiculous, idea for what was intended in place of the wrecking ball in the aptly named room from Resident Evil 4. Whatever you do, it has to be the wrong answer and it still needs to abide by N4G Terms of Use.

2. One entry per person.

3. Entries must be made before April 8, 12:00 PM EDT.

4. A winner will be selected by the N4G staff and announced in a follow-up blog post.

..:: CONTEST REWARD: a physical copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake for your platform of choice.

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OtterX64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Originally they had planned to hang Miley Cyrus from her feet above the molten pit, but decided to go with this wrecking ball instead.

((It was decided that not even a molten pit could stop her wretched singing.))

(((They actually threw her into the lake instead with concrete boots in hopes of at least muffling the noise. She broke free, overcome w rage she became the lake beast. Miley Cyrus is indeed the slimy lake salamander.)))

OtterX63d ago

Apparently the concept art is still floating around on the internet! Found this online...

CoNn3rB64d ago

It was originally going to be the place where Leon found Rebellion, it was going to be a player empowerment moment where the player could not only pull off intricate combos with the new sword but Leon would also be able to dual wield a set of new pistols that juggled enemies in the air.

They later replaced it with a wrecking ball to represent how development constrictions wrecked their ambitions for a new style of Resident Evil game.

Zombeezus64d ago

The wrecking ball was supposed to be an obtainable weapon. Calling back to the glory of the more action packed Resident Evil 6, this was the turning point where you started wrecking all the Ganados up by destroying anything that stood in your path. An unlockable skin turns the wrecking ball into the boulder that Chris punched through in Resident Evil 5.

mastershredder64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The disco room could have been an amazing location... but instead of a disco ball and shag carpet, we got a wrecking ball and a pit of molten fun.

RaidenBlack64d ago

Supposed to be two wrecking balls distanced apart.
Big cojones.
Would have served as vulnerable points to take down a huge mechanical boss.
Alas, never materialized.

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