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This War of Mine Nintendo Switch Keys (NA Only)

Update: This giveaway will run through to Sunday morning. It's not over and it's not first-come-first-served.

11 bit studios, known for Frostpunk, Moonlighter, and one of my go-to mobile tower defense series, Anomaly, is celebrating six years since its release of This War of Mine as well as the completion of the final Stories episodes of This War of Mine: Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo eShop:

Not only is the Complete Edition, comprised of the base game, all DLC, and Anniversary Edition updates, on a deep sale on the Nintendo eShop, they've also kindly provided us with 20 Nintendo Switch keys for the game (North America only).


How to Enter to Win a Nintendo Switch Key

It's that time of year where not only are we dealing with the scarcity of new consoles, but also many are looking for the best deals they can find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Make a comment below, detailing your most harrowing video game purchase experience and you will be entered to win one of twenty (20) Nintendo Switch keys. One key will be awarded approximately every two hours starting Friday, November 27, 2020 at 10 AM EST.

For additional contest rules, see

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Blank51d ago

My most harrowing game purchase was for Persona 4 Golden, the long wait and anticipation to also get the limited solid gold collectors edition.

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RavenWolfx51d ago

My most harrowing game purchase was when I waited in line for a couple of hours at GameStop for GTA4 to come out. While waiting, a high speed chase resulted in a wreck in the parking lot about 200 yards away. Getting GTA while the flashing lights were all over the place was amusing, though.

Charlie268851d ago

My most harrowing game purchase was with the original Doom 3 back in 2004. I had saved up the money for months and when I finally got it would barely run on my PC, I never bother to checked the PC requirements and it ran like in the single digits with all the setting turned to a minimum. Now not only did I had to save up to buy a new graphics card for about a year but the game was there in my room, the whole time, looking back at me every morning, every night, taunting me…

lubbylon51d ago

Purchasing from Hearthstone expansion from Amazon appstore was the most harrowing game purchase. They never fulfilled their promise for giving me their Amazon coin.

mkis00751d ago

Drove from UC Santa Cruz to SF Metreon for the launch of Resistance 2. Rented a zipcar and drove the ~2 hours in the rain with bad tires. Way cool experience when I got there though. 2nd in line and got to meet Ted Price who knew my name due to another Director level contact within the studio. Crazy cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.