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Pushing Start

I have decided to start keeping a journal, for real this time. Sometimes it will be boring, sometimes it will be badly written, sometimes it will be overly dramatic for the stupidest things and hopefully, sometimes it will be funny.

I suck at introductions but here is the low down, like you never read something like this before. I am a 31 year old male who loves video games as a whole. I run a video games store in Montreal and believe it or not I think it is my vocation, what can I say, ever since I was a kid I always wanted to run my own gaming store. I am married to a wonderful wife who endures my crazy love for gaming. We live in a nice little apartment we call home for the time being and we recently purchased our home, a nice duplex in an old industrial neighborhood which was also a dream of mine as a kid, only problem is, we have to wait till grandma dies before we actually move in. Yeah, that sounds a little harsh, but its the truth, we promised her she could stay there as long as she feels she can since the last thing we want to do is shove her in an old age home, especially if she can still live in her home she bought 55 years ago. We are about to leave in a few months for Switzerland to live there for a year and travel around Europe before coming back and settling down and really start a family. I even plan to use this blog to write about my experiences over there and our differences gaming culture. I will try to hunt down stories about gaming life in different countries in Europe and hopefully get some interesting ones. I am not a writer, but I read a lot, I never took any writing classes or even went to college for that matter, but I have easily over 25 years of experience and knowledge on gaming, the internet. I have followed gaming journalism since its early beginnings, and I take pride in the fact that I learn every day and I question everything.

Now, even though I may slip up on phrase structures, grammar and many other writing issues, know this, I know what the f*** I am talking about. I have followed this industry since I was very young and I have watched it grow into the monster it is now. I have been through every stage gamers go through in life from shut in loser, to school yard fanboy to young adult in denial pretending he does not like games to impress the ladies and then back to acceptance on my love for video games. I made bad calls, I bought a TG 16 instead of a Genesis. I would even argue in class with my fellow geek friends on how it was the way of the future, I even traded in my NES with 3 games at a local Microplay to buy a brand new copy of Super Volley ball, I would tell you the names of those three games however I would be hunted down and shot. I even convinced my best friend to buy a 3D0 with the insurance money he got after getting cleaned out in his home since it was the way of the future of course, and I believed in that future until Sony came along and rocked our world, now Sony was the future. I guess what I am trying to say here is that after a few early disappointments in my console choices, I realized that it was about the games, not the consoles and the more console we have, the more competition we have and that will be my main focus in these journals about my views on video games, to stop the hate and make people remember that we are all here, in various gaming communities across the internet sharing one common love for video games as a whole.

I will try to voice my opinion on news in the gaming world and offer something I will call 5 minute reviews, I will basically size up a game in 5 minutes of play time and tell you if I think it's good or not. Cause lets face it, that's what its all about, is the game good or not, the rest is all subjective. The nit picking is mostly personal taste anyways. Hopefully you will follow me and enjoy my badly written blog, and I promise you all one thing, I will get better in time.

If you actually read this, thank you, any feedback whether it be good or bad will be appreciated. I will try to keep this journal up to date on a regular basis and it will be posted on my Blogger page called push select and on my three favorite gaming community sites, N4G, Giant bomb and Gamespot.

LebaNoob4954d ago (Edited 4954d ago )

5 minutes of play time might not really be sufficient enough to convincingly "size up" a game.
Regardless, I look forward to your next blog entry. Have fun in Europe :)

Montrealien4954d ago

yeah I know, we will see how that turns out. It will be more of a quick look type of thing, we will see.

thanks for reading :)

malky boy4953d ago

will check back for your next update


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