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You bought the game, now buy the content

The PS3 is now over 1 year old, and we're all familiar with downloadable content by this time. New songs for Rock Band, additional vehicles and tracks in Motorstorm, new costumes and game modes in several games; it's all pretty standard. Whether you like the idea or not, it's obviously one that's here to stay.

However, on logging into the store today to download the Burnout demo, I noticed a fair amount of content for the newest Need For Speed title. Three vehicle bundles, one performance parts bundle, and three separate cars for a total of $33.50.

I'll let that price sink in. Over thirty dollars on a title that was released weeks ago for $60. Then I noticed the real shocker; you're paying to unlock content that isn't just already on the disc, it's content you can obtain by playing the game. 

That's right. You're paying to bypass playing the game to get some of the vehicles, and all the performance parts that are available. I'm not going to say I've never entered a cheat code to unlock something in a game, or otherwise found a way to get it without playing through the entire title. But the old-school gamer in me always hates to do so unless I simply get tired of whatever fetch-quest has you collecting the items, or in the (rare) event that I simply can't make it past a section. 

But paying half the price of the game for what amounts to a cheat code? I think that's absolutely absurd, how about the rest of you?

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gamesR4fun4788d ago

but hey if they an milk the guys who lack the skill or patience to get themselves more power to them...
Just wish they had waited a bit longer but hey makes sense form a marketing point I guess...
Really the way Bungie put out the halo map packs is what I want to see more of pay now or wait a few months to get it for free.. Pure genius imo first you know a lot of peeps are going to buy it wich will give the game a decent boost too but then in few months when the trill worn off they get an influx of newbs and the game gets another boost... Smart stuff now if Incognito would take some notes.