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PSN Down

It seems that the PSN is down in some areas, with the icons in the Store not loading and friend's list avatars not appearing, instead being replaced by the default smiling icon. This seems to be happening in worldwide stores. Player profile cards also appear to be broken and users receive the errors (80719192) and (FFFFFFFF). Some players, at least in Australia, have also reportedly been logged out when trying to play games.

What's Sony doing with the PSN and the Stores? Your guess is as good as mine.

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alex874516d ago

It's all working fine for me here in the UK. The avatars of my friends show up, and the icons in the store load. Perhaps it's just the Australian servers.

CoVsTa4516d ago

mostly everythings been fine for me but i have been signed out about 5 times today, im from UK aswell, i hate it when it does this especially on a friday!

San anto4515d ago

thank god mgo maintenance over hurrgh

apoc6154515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

The UK doesnt have the video store,sony needs to do something with the servers for PSN because ever since the video store was added it is slower than normal.Im from the US and i think they shoulda let the UK have the video store aswell.