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Project Abraham Analysis (9/07/08)

Well, a second video and picture have recently been posted on the Project Abraham website (, and I thought I might analyse these and hopefully spark some ideas within people so we can further understand these messages :3

To start, the first video. It follows the point of view of a man who is seemingly being converted into a Chimera, or perhaps something else? We know something's wrong, as evidenced by the fact that a syringe can't pierce his skin. I suspect Chimera as at the end of video, we see his vision split in two, possibly the development of Chimeran eyes. However, if he is turning into a Chimera, were did the government find such a person? Is he American? Does this mean that during the time the video was taken the Chimera had already progressed into America?

As we follow the video, we can see a blonde girl who is trying to calm the person down and tries to stop the apparent doctors from "killing him". Her and the doctor behing her when they're wheeling the hospital bed appear in the later video as well. The girl wears a gray shirt hosting the emblem that was seen in the original Resistance: Fall of Man game There are also propaganda posters hung on the walls of the hospital, similar to those at

The big hit from this video though, is the translation of the morse code at the end. The flat line sound changes to a series of dots and dashes translating to "blackout"

This lead people to the second section of the site (

Here there is a table with a picture of a group of soldiers standing in some kind of building. There is also a rather creepy looking figure outside the left window. A possible Chimera?

Now, these were the original media, two more have been posted.

The new video features a conversation between the blonde girl and the bald doctor whilst he washes blood off his hands. This implies that the conversation takes place just after the surgery.

It is revealed that she is some kind of counsellor and that by trying to save him she almost jeopardised their "experiments". The bald doctor also tells us that the military knows that the condition in Europe is worse than what is being said. The video is also seemingly cut when he states "What do you thinks is going to happen when-". Is it perhaps edited by somebody who is posting these videos?

A new image was also uploaded to the "blackout" section of the site. It's a letter to a "Doctor Cassie Aklin" from "Colonel Grant Thompson". The letter basically says that due to the violence caused to some of the subjects during experiments, that testing will be postponed for a while.

I'm guessing that Doctor Cassie Aklin is the blonde woman we've seen in the videos, as the letter states she is the new "psychiatric consult". We're also given the date of the letter, 3rd November 1950, and that their are six candidates for the experiments, meaning none of the previous were successful. This raises VERY interesting questions.

The original game took place in 1951, meaning these events are PRIOR to the original game. Which means that the American government knew of the Chimeran virus before they sent Nathan Hale in. Does this mean that Hale was one of the 6 remaining candidates? It would explain why he was immune to the virus if the tests were succesful.

The letter also drops one final hint about Chimeran presence, stating that the winter is colder than usual. This is evidence of the Chimerans as they alter weather conditions in order to keep maintain their already high body temperatures. A nice touch by Insomniac ;D

Anyway, this is all I've gathered so far. If you feel I've left anything out, or you have any comments/ideas about this, or I've said something completely wrong, feel free to comment or PM me. As for the campaign thus far, I'm very excited ^_____^

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Nitrowolf24525d ago

i can see another video being showed at E3 during R2 showing

Aeroglyphics4525d ago

That picture has 7 soilders on it. Could Hale be the 7th soldier?The one the experiment was succesful on. The letter states thats it's the REMAINING six soldiers.

TheColbertinator4525d ago

But if there is an eight too,that means...

Mc Fadge4525d ago

Very interesting indeed! It would make the picture fit! However, I would think Insomniac would make the presence of Hale more obvious, or have a better real life equivalent. However, you never know :3

I remember somebody (was it you, Nitrowolf2?) That said the subjects could be the angels, which would fit with these soldiers as well.

Guess we'll have to venture further down the rabbit hole ;D!

Exile__4525d ago

Good analysis

I wouldn't have ever looked at it that way

Mc Fadge4525d ago

Glad I could help ^_____^

SIX4525d ago

Very interesting indeed.