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10 Things That LittleBigPlanet Needs

After recently becoming EXTREMELY excited about upcoming game LittleBigPlanet (scheduled to release October/Fall this year) I started to ponder about what would make this game great, or better than great really. Here is a list of 10 things I've come up with so far:

1. Custom music

Yes, going along with the full flow of creating the levels you want and the very easy to use system, being able to use your own music would fit right in. I think it'll help you enjoy the game more and just have more fun in general. That being said, I have found out, through careful analysis of a trailer, that there is going to be "Interactive Music". I will post an article on all my findings from the trailer soon, but I know there's a track that involves kung fu rag doll (old game by media Molecule) ;D

2. Continuous updates

If we really want LittleBigPlanet to thrive, we need constant updates (perhaps for a small fee, or a slightly bigger one for entire packs?) of downloadable content. This will greatly improve the lifetime of LBP and make it a fresh experience all the time. A flaw with this idea though, is if people put up paid for items in their levels as prizes, and you effectively get them for free >_>

3. Game oriented items

We've all seen the Helghast costume shown in recent footage, but we want more! I either want:

-To be able to buy small object packs for a specific game that will bring content from that game into the world of LBP

-To get content from a game I've purchased. Imagine buying Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and when you've done so, you receive 20 little bits of content for your LBP characters, including a small Clank toy that your SackBoy/Girl wears on his back! Now who doesn't like this idea! It may also encourage people to buy more games for more content. I really like this idea and hope somebody from Sony or Media Molecule sees this.... Please? <3

4. Zero glitches

Or, close to. With all the user-generated content going on inside LBP, there needs to be some THOROUGH beta testing to make sure there are no hiccups. They're dealing with booleans, rotations, flips, scaling all which need to be work properly and even combine with other objects that have already been effected then work together seamlessly. I just hope they're doing all they can to make this happen, but I'll gladly help if they need it ^___^

5. A creative audience

Let's face it, without a creative enthusiastic audience, LBP probably won't take off. They need to make sure the controls are simple enough to learn and master, but can be used to create complex situations and challenges. However, from what we've seen so far, I don't think this will be a problem

6. A great soundtrack

If aforementioned custom soundtracks aren't included, LBP needs a strong list of enjoyable soundtracks that everybody can enjoy. I think I speak for most that if they stick to The Go! Team and some other nice musical pieces we will all cope wonderfully :3

7. Home integration for awards/trophies

If they can manage to add a little trophy to your Home showing that one of you levels was in the Top 100 or that you currently hold the record for the fastest time in a certain level that would be great! This will inspire people to create levels and also add a piece of competitiveness to it!

8. Decent single player/campaign levels

Granted that this isn't the focus of a community built game like LBP, it will definitely help. There are people without internet out there and a good list of levels already stocked on that Blu Ray disc can't hurt!

9. Lots and lots and lots of gear!

The more items we have to use and slap onto our SackBoys/Girls, the better. They need to make sure that there's enough gear to keep us entertained and not see too much of the same thing, but not too much that there's and endless list of scrolling items to get through, though the latter is probably better.

10. A 3D model creator

Granted this is more of a dream than a plausible add-on to the game, an easy to use 3D modeller specifically for LBP would be, simply put, awesome. Imagine the Spore modeller for LBP, the creativity of people creating levels now gets extended by the fact that they can share items that they truly have made from the base up. Now, how this would work I'm not quite sure, but I'm not the developer so I'm not the one who needs to come up with the answer ;D!

Well, there you go. 10 things that I believe would make LBP more amazing than amazing! Hope you enjoy the list and feel free to add ideas of your own to the comments section :3

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S3NTRY4582d ago

1. They will have something similar, if you payattention to the details in the past videos you will see some options relating to selecing music.

2. They have already stated that they will always be updating and evolving the game based on whatever the fans and players want to see/have been creating. It is a community, therefore the communities needs will continue to be satisfied over and over as long as the game is out. MM is aware.

3. They will, but its not as easy as 1 2 3. Their are things inbetween, but I do believe they will bring many items and characters from a variety of games into the LBP world. Sackboy is the new Mii, in a sense. Whatever game contacts MM to put their character in LBP, I am sure MM will accept (if the character is worth putting in the game that is)

4. No game goes on with no glitches, but the game will be beta tested, and is already being tested within MM/Sony for a while now. They have said before that they will be looking for/encouraging cool and interesting exploits for them to fix or make happen, for example if there is really cool exploit, MM will take it out, but if the community liked it so much, they can add something similar in officially. Depending on the eploit of course..

5. Majority of people who buy this game will play with it in the creative sense for at least a while. And when doing so, your imagination only expands. First it starts off as testing a small little thing, then it grows into a bigger level, and it will continue to grow. Many think they aren't creative and cant make levels for crap, but they never really know until they try. A creative audience is a given.

6. Have you heard the music so far in trailers, videos, and levels? I think they have the tone down.

7. This will happen, 100% sure of it. Accomplishments = Trophies = Home. LBP + Home is a perfect match.

8. There are going to be tons and tons of levels in LBP, no worries here. And people without internet can still create levels, they just cant share and be part of the community without the PSN. But creat and play are there for everyone no matter what restrtictions.

9. The items they have to customize right now is amazing, and they are still so far off. They have also said they will continue to release more and more items and costumes as time goes on.

10. The whole point of LBP is to make creating things easy and fun. That would be against the whole point of the concept. So I dont see it happening, but maybe in the future.

Great list, but 9 out of those 10 are already something that LBP will have! Haha, LBP will be amazing no matter what. And it only will get better after release.

LJWooly4582d ago

Nice ideas mate. I'm confident (hopeful) that LBP will recieve all these features, apart from the 3d modeller; it's a good idea, but, like you, I'm not sure how that'd work.

Surfman4581d ago

Nice list. I wish they will NOT make DLCs. The new contents for the game should be free.

Mc Fadge4581d ago

Free would be WONDERFUL, and DLC doesn't have to cost, but I wouldn't mind 10c per item XD

S3NTRY4581d ago

It doesn't mean it will cost, and I am sure it will be free, majority of it anyways.