Is the combat system in Breath of the Wild is boring?

As ridiculous as that may sound to the hardened BOTW experts, it's become the normal topic of discussion whenever people list reasons as to why they didn't enjoy their experience with the title. Link's limited skillset of attacks can be combined with an arsenal of lethal weaponry that adds to the game's fundamentals. Sometimes simple can be a good thing. It helps novice players learn the game well, and can lead to a more engaging understanding. Not all titles benefit from this control scheme, though BOTW definitely excelled at it. Take Smash Bros. for instance; basic gameplay with a huge amount of depth to it. "A" and "B" are your attack buttons (based on normal control settings), with the directional up, forward, and down being each character's "smash" special. There's also forward tilts, back airs, dodge inputs, and the list goes on.

BOTW isn't for everyone, and I understand that opinions are to be respected, though how can I agree with the topic on hand when the video I posted below says different?

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Community299d ago
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SCW1982304d ago

Its true, which is why after dumping 190 hours into the game and finding 117 shrines I haven't beat Calamity Ganon and have no desire to. I noped out of the Master Sword DLC so fast when I realized what it was.

NecrumOddBoy304d ago

I actually think the combat is one of the better aspects of the game. I think Breath of the Wild lacks a story and purpose. The entire game has one main goal and that is to defeat Ganon, which is an incredibly underwhelming fight. The four Divine beasts a really mediocre puzzle shrines and each one has the exact same boss but uses a different element. Everything else in the game leads to breakable weapons or upgrades for either your stanima or heart. There is nothing else in the game worth finding. The whole point of this game is to play mundane puzzles until you can take 10 minutes to beat the one somewhat actual boss. The fact that it lacked the Triforce, unique weapons and items, and uses a crafting system that is 100% useless with the exception of a few potions you may need at certain points of the game. This was my most anticipated game of last year and it was the biggest letdown. I'm glad millions of people love it but I just don't know how this game got the recognition it did outside of nostalgia and the name Zelda

Bleucrunch299d ago

@NecrumOddBoy Those are my sentiments on the game. I do not see why it got all the praise it got because it was pretty mediocre and of all the Zelda's easily the EASIEST of the Zelda games. In hindsight I would have started the game with the Master's difficulty.

I will do so when I forget a majority of the game so I can get a fresh perspective again. Well said.....Well said.

pandehz303d ago

190 hrs of play and it was boring?

Lately there are many fames that bore me in 30 min.

InTheZoneAC299d ago

190 hours and still you question his opinion on the game...smh. Obviously he spent enough time to question a lot, not just blindly thumbs up everything like most people seemingly did

DivineAssault 303d ago

Well i guess people didnt enjoy the parries or taking out enemies with different hazards in the world.. I sure did.. Boring must be for the people who play it in a boring repetitive manner..