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Do developers hate Sony or are they just really lazy.

I was thinking about the release of 2.4 and the real reason why people are bitching, its not because Sony didn't do something right, since all the problems are in the hands of the developers. Look at SSHD it has EVERYTHING sony's 2.4 offers. Maybe not in-game music(because it already supports custom soundtracks), but still you can pretty much experience all 2.4 has to offer.

I think that this is a very disappointing thing. What the hell happened to "70% of games supporting trophies at the get go". ummmmmm... False. I would say less then .5% support them because only 1 game does. I mean really, you mean to tell me that SSHD is the only game who got the news early. Where the hell are the patches. I'm not talking about devseloper that are working on there next big titles, but all the others still haven't delivered. PJMonsters, PJRacers, PJEden, Warhawk, PAIN, Ect... Where the heck are you guys at?

Thank you all for reading this little blog post. If you want to play online or talk add me on your PS3, My PSN IS LuciferEx.

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Hagaf224829d ago

the problem with our society is we have become so accustomed to having everything we want when we want it we forgot the meaning of the word patience, so i will help you...

pa·tience-- Pronunciation[pey-shuhns]
1. the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
2. an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.
3. quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence: to work with patience.

via- http://dictionary.reference...

so in end... give it time.

NO_PUDding4828d ago

Well I would be so temtped to call BS at that man, were it not for you being totally right.

Only due to the fact that you are getting this service for free.

Isaac4828d ago


The thing is, developers are not just "lazy", game development costs come simply from one thing: Time. If developers actually took the time to learn everything about PS3, they could make every multiplatform version of PS3 eclipse its 360 version. Most multiplatform games do not even use the SPEs, with the exception of COD4 which is barely starting, same with GTA4, DMC4 and Burnout Revenge.

I am sure that there is some stupidity involved too, since on the other hand, the orange box uses NOT A SINGLE SPE, and that is because Valve did not want to take the time even though they are supposedly skilled, so they handed development to the most money hungry of them all, EA.

EA delivered the sh1ttiest 360 to PS3 ports when the PS3 first came out, because they realized the extra effort was not worth the money yet. They rather launched at the same time instead of delaying the game, and I kind of understand their sh1tty politics.

Now that PS3 has an install base and that EA has moved their asses to keep working with PS3, especially since it is their best next-gen platform in matter of sales, EA will make better games on PS3, like Madden, FIFA and Dead Space apparently.

I do put blame on developers, but not because they hate Sony or because they are lazy, but because they do not have the time, and some are also mediocre so they would take even more time. All of that is why it is taking time for the PS3 to shine in comparison to its main competitor.

juuken4828d ago

You have a good point there.

thisguywithhair4828d ago

It is not about being patient. It is about not getting what we were promised. Being patient would help if Sony suddenly decided to release 2.4 three weeks early then being patient would be the answer. instead they released it late so that developers would have more time to make the patches necessary, only now it seems that no one want to do the work.

We have COD4 promising to update their game as long people keep playing the game. Not only do they refuse to make rumble available, they don't want to lift a finger to implement trophies. We also have PAIN developers taking FOREVER to add new content (besides new characters of course) but refusing to add trophies. Why is that?

I am no programmer but is it really that hard to add trophies to a game? SSHD did it on time and (as far as I know anyways) they are independent programmers. Where is the professional support? Does anyone care that we have waiting for this since launch?

ChrisGTR14828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

well you cant blame developers, its not their fault sony took over 1 year and a half to deliver this feature. if this woulda been there at launch all the ps3 games would have trophies. if you ask me, sony is full of lazy developers that procrastinated till now to deliver.

mattkelly19914828d ago

Wait a minute... Hold on just a second... Master Chief?!?! What are you doing over on this side of the hood? It seems like your console is so boring not only are you wasting your time on N4G, but your on the PS3 BLOG section. so let me get this strait.

Your on N4g instead of playing. -10 points
>Your on the ps3 section instead of 360 section -20 points
>Your reading a little blog post on the forums -30 points
>The blog post is a PS3 ONLY blog post -40 points

If this were xbox360 you would have a gamerscore of -100. That sucks, why don't you go play some viva pinata or something?

Isaac4828d ago

Look at his point and make a rebuttal. I saw him posting on Nintendo threads and he likes the DS. I have a Ken Levine avatar, the maker of Bioshock, but I like my PS3 more than my 360. Your avatar does not say much about your personal preferences, maybe just about a game. Evidently he likes halo (not me though), but he can still have a valuable opinion unless he is a fanboy like mart or POG, which he is not.

ChrisGTR14828d ago

sexy beast, i have a ps3 so stfu.

mattkelly19914827d ago

let me ask you this you two. First off

1." is full of lazy developers that procrastinated till now to deliver." -ChrisGTR1

First off, I AGREE 100% that Sony really should have had this by update...Im gonna say 2.0... But I don't think that Sony was being "Lazy". I mean, All three consoles don't have some things the other consoles have. I love to see people on the other side of the fence nag about things on the other side of the fence.

2."I have a Ken Levine avatar, the maker of Bioshock, but I like my PS3 more than my 360."

Okay... WOW, thats really nice. Too bad Bioshock is coming to Ps3 and is already on PC... I mean he has MASTER CHIEF. PLUS!

If you would just read my post, carefully, I wasn't talking to ChrisGTR1, I was talking to the chief. So I dont know where you even came from.

Please guys, im not trying to start a fight. Im just saying that if a small little dev could do it BEFORE release, why couldn't the others who aren't working on there next big titles.

ChrisGTR14827d ago (Edited 4827d ago )

well i was looking at the bigger picture. i mean you calling devs lazy cause there busy working on new games and wont go back to add trophies to a game they finished over 3-12 months ago. the game is long done, now of course if they were to patch it right now theyd defenetly get a sales spike just for the trophies, but once the new games that support trophies are out nobody will care about the old games and therefore all their work useless. i was just saying that sony should of done this ALOT earlier therefore ALL of these games would of had trohpies along time ago.
so what about my master cheif picture?im not a fanboy but you have a snake picture. so i should assume your a ps3 fanboy therefore of course your gonna defend sony, just like you did.
but really come on,forget the trophies for a second. people that bought a ps3 on launch date were complaining about having to exit the game to send messages.. that was november 2006 when it came out... it took them this long to get it done? 1 year and 8 come out with a way to send mesages whithought quiting the game... i dont know how you can call that not lazy. w/e at leased they did something, some im greatfull. they coulda just left us in the last gen era like nintendo has with its friend codes.

mattkelly19914826d ago

I agree with you. Oh and, don't worry about my pic, Ima change it to something really cool soon. Just wait. Lol, dont know what it is yet, but it will be Crazy.

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iGrenade4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

@Hagaf22, I definitely agree. It's all about time. Most developers out there can't pump out some things immediatedly. I mean, it IS true however that sadly some of the PS3 titles already out don't want to upgrade. But this is understandable, albeit lazy. In my opinion, I really think that developers are unsure as to whether or not to make the trophies. I think they're scared of how it will be recieved, "Will it be worth the time and effort?" I just think they need reassurance of how we are all actually starved beasts waiting to pounce on our prey: trophies.