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Trophy sound is on the developer.

I was playing SSHD and I when I was finished with the level I turned down the sound effects and music volume to 0. When the messege came up it had no sound. I then turned back on the sound effects(not the music) and continued playing. When I finished the level I just kept the sound effects on max volume. I was then rewarded with a trophy and a little sound effect. Could this mean that the developer is the one who has to put the sound in? If thats true, then that would mean 2 things.

1. You have to have game volume up to hear the sound of the trophy.
2. The developer can pick the sound they want to use for getting a trophy.
     If that is true that is a very very cool thing. Think of getting one in final fantasy and being rewarded with the dadadada daa daa da dada sound. That would be cool.

Could use guys test this out on your PS3s, maybe its just a bug in my console. Please go try getting one with game sound at 0, then one with game sound at max.

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SUP3R4823d ago

I would have preferred custom notifications. Where I could personally change the sound effect, using the theme builder program, to whatever I want.

mattkelly19914823d ago

I can see how that would take alot of the fun away out of the whole experience. How bout the sound has to do with your xmb theme, that would be neat.

Rob0g0rilla4801d ago

How awesome would that be.

player9114823d ago

In Game on the 360, the developer can do anything when you get an achievement. The game responds to the achievement and then a little pop-up saying how many gamer points that achievement was worth.

Just like in Lost Odyssey (a final-fantasy-like RPG), achievements are gained by finding rare items, getting multiple "100%" hits, or completing side-quests. There are even several for "finding all spells" and "collecting all items" which would be extremely hard.

In game finding achievements like rare items sometimes trigger random scenes and such. And the 360 notification is controlled by whatever theme your using.

Old Snake4823d ago

Um I'm not sure what you're talking about. He is saying devs can change the sound to whatever they want, on the 360 it is always going to be the same blop blop or however you'd spell that.

mattkelly19914823d ago

no,no,no... I'm talking about the sound effect it makes when you get a trophy. I'm not talking about how you get a trophy. I know how you get one.
I'm talking about the developer either:

a. Has control over the sound and you have to have game sound effect volume on to hear it.
b. Doesn't have control over the sound and you have to have to the games sound effect volume on to hear it.

JoelR4822d ago

answer is A

mattkelly19914821d ago

Thank you JoelR bubbles for you. Bubbles for everyone whos name starts with Sexybeast or JoelR.

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