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Leveling Up

So last night I started downloading the update and I was done about 30mins later. I went to play SSHD and had to download update 4.0. I then got on and looked at all my friends trying to get trophies. I was alarmed at the number of people playing SSHD, so I decided to "get in there and shoot that". I started off by doing arcade mode and I got all the beat so and so level trophies. By doing that I also got the bomb hoarding ones, and I got the shield one. I did the survival one, and I did a few more until I saw that I was now level 2. The feeling of leveling up on the Ps3 is a bitter sweet feeling. You feel accomplished(no pun) that you got to the next level, but... It felt dry becuase there isn't any sound or messege telling you that you leveled up. I was expecting something telling you, "hey, good job". All and all though I know that I am much better then everyone else becuase I am level 2. Lol jk. See you on. Try and beat me. PSN ID: LuciferEx.

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JoelR4834d ago

They mean nothing other then bragging rights... and is playing a game worth bragging about?

I really am not sure myself. I tend to be against pointless reward systems so maybe I am overally negative.

mattkelly19914834d ago

the only thing that is keeping me on it is the fact that I heard you unlock stuff in home. That and "Playstation Edge" will give you discounts when you get certain levels. Or so I heard. I heard it from Sonarus I believe on the forums. Hmmm. Well, whatever the case. Happy Gaming. Add me.

meepmoopmeep4834d ago

the discounts is only a rumor and i believe it was debunked. but you're right it might unlock things in Home. "might" but it would be nice to showcase a nice 3D trophy in your home.

i'm not big on points or trophies. i will only try to get them for my favorite games but i won't go out of my way to get any and all trophies for all games. that is reserved for my favorite games only.

i'm not big on Home either but i'd like to showcase the trophies i've won for my favorite games to show people what games i value the most.

JoelR4834d ago

Playstation Edge is not what the fake poster put up but a set of development tools that was released to developers in 2006.
So no the trophy system has no discounts attached
but it does have in home trophies attached and games that utilize home may use entitlements which are items for home that you get because you purchased the game (only 1 per game - serial number - so rentals do not help)

redwingsrock4833d ago

yet again nice article, i'm trying to catch up to you lol you might know me as DRW_NHL on your PSN friends list

mattkelly19914833d ago (Edited 4833d ago )

Yah man. Haha. Wassup, you don't have to try and beat me though. lol. We can work together to beat everyone else. How does that sound?

rbrtchng4833d ago

I think you actually will get a sound when you get trophies now. Not sure tho. I think i read it on the playstation blog.

mattkelly19914833d ago

Maybe, I just been plugging away at them and I noticed no sounds. Maybe it came late though, who knows.

JoelR4832d ago

Never heard a sound on getting a trophy but a pop up like you get when someone comes online occurs