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Back AssWards compatibility

So I just went to my friends house for his B-day with my 60 Gb Ps3. He still has a Ps2 and tons of games. We decided to play some Gauntlet: Dark Legacy becuase it was 4 player, and I had 4 Ps3 controllers. Before entering the game I made a Ps2 Memory card called "Gauntlet". That way all my Gauntlet saved data would go on its own card. We then all connected our controllers and then went into the game.

The PS2 logo pops up, yay. After the main menu pops up I quickly pressed the start key to play. Nothing happens... "Hmmmm...?" I thought to myself. All of our controllers were no longer connected. So we all connect them with ease. I then press start again and get to the new/load character screen. We all make our characters and start playing. Since there were 9 of us we decided to switch every time we beat a level. Me and 3 others play though the first level. We then save our characters and pass it to the other four players.

They make there characters and begin playing though the next level. After they are done they pass one to the odd man out, and 3 to the other team. I am left out. They all make there characters. They play though the level and then try and save, everyone saves good except the odd man out just got the shaft. The game only allows 8 slots per card. So I want to just make a new card like I should be able to but that would make things easy, so w/e. I exit out of the game to make a new card, no big deal.

OMG, I have to reconnect my controller again. I make the new card "Gauntlet2". I then go back into the game. Having learned my lesson we all connect our controllers. My controller says "1" so I asume I am first player. I press start and It goes to the load screen. I press "load" and try and load my guy. My controller isn't changing anything. I Press the PS button and it says on the PS3 I am first player. "wtf?". Ok then. They all try to load there guy.

Second player is first, first is not there. Fourth is second, and Third is fourth. OMG WTF HAPPENED. I try and figure it out. Not only is the controllers messed, but it says I dont have a memory in card slot 1 even though there is one in one and there isnt one in 2 yet. So Everything is messed up. I dont know what the hell happened.

Upon thinking about it later I think I realized what happened. The memory card was player 2. Controller 1 was memory card 1. Memory card 2 was player 3. So this made Controller 1 not be a player, Player 2 be player 1, Player three be player 4, and player 4 be player three.

I am baffled at how this big of a glitch happened.

Oh and just so you know. This happened again with Baldurs Gate too later that night. Everyone there was laughing at my poor Ps3. =( That was a sad day.

Please Feel free to add me to your F-lists on the PSN. My ID is LuciferEx.

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meepmoopmeep4835d ago

hahaha. that's quite the glitch. i guess you really confused the hell out of your PS3. you could submit the glitch to Sony to see if they will add a fix to one of their Firmware updates.

mattkelly19914835d ago

Would you like to direct me to the "glitch/bug submission form". I will submit a watered down, more general version of this bug.

GutZ314835d ago

Sounds more like you don't even know how to use your own hardware.

coolfool4835d ago

Care to offer any corrective steps?

mattkelly19914835d ago

All I did was press the PS button to connect my controller. How do you do it? I didnt know you had to enter a cheat code on the console to make Controller 1 be player 1. Lol. Really though. I LOVE MY PS3 and I even wrote a "Getting the most out of your Ps3" Blog. Its not me thats the problem really. I really take time and care getting used to everything. For instance, I can type faster using a controller then a keyboard on my ps3. If you know what the problem is please post a comment and Ill read it intentivly. Thank you all.

Clinton5144835d ago

It's known that it's not "100%" B/C, so what's the surprise?

mattkelly19914835d ago

Plus that list is for the 80GB(Software). My 60GB uses the same engine the PS2 uses. Plus, this happened again with:

-Gauntlet: Dark Legacy(PS2)
-Baulders Gate(PS2)
-Crash Bash(PS1)

So I don't know whats wrong.

Plus if it wasn't back compat it wouldn't work at all.

K1LLZ1LLA4834d ago

Its just something emulators do dude. you shoulda kept your PS2 and just bought multiplayer adapters. no company is ever going to take the time to debug a Emulator perfect. they have more important features to worry about.

funkysolo4834d ago

I think you're are expecting to much

mattkelly19914834d ago

no, didnt really expect a yes.

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