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How to make the most of your PS3

Im writing this blog to give new Ps3 owners and some old ones the chance to realize how to make the most of your Ps3.

---If you have a HD-TV ---

1. Buy HDMI cables
     HDMI cables will allow your PS3 to display all resoutions needed for all games, It also offers sound and video all in one.

2. Turn on Super-White
    This function will cut down on some over saturation issues and make the image sharper.
    This is located in Settings > Display Settings > Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White

3. Turn on RGB Full Range
    This function will also add sharpness and make colors more vibrant. It will also make image not so over bright.
    This is located in Settings > Display Settings > RGB Full Range

4. Make sure Cross Color Reduction Filter is on
    This will help your TV seperate colors better.
    This is located in Settings > Display Settings > Cross Color Reduction Filter

---If you have a PsP---

1. You can use your PsP as a remote control for music during a party via remote play

2. You can play all PS1 games on your PSP Via Remote Play

3. You can play some blu-ray disc games such as lair on your PSP via remote play some downloaded game on your PSP via Remote play

4. You can play some downloaded games on your PSP Via Remote Play

---If you dont have a computer---

1. You can use your PS3 to download PSP Games
2. You can install Linux on your PS3
3. You can use your PS3 as a web browser
4. You can use Ps3 to charge anything the charges with a Usb Cable

I hope this list has helped you realized all the potential Ps3 has, I decided to make this to let you guys no all the features you can use. I have used all of these features and I know I am getting the most of my money.

Hit me up PSN: LuciferEx don't be afraid to ask me to F-list you guys. See you later.

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LJWooly4839d ago

Nice, helpful blog for those who haven't tried the things you listed yet. Nice one, mate.

mattkelly19914837d ago

Thanks, I appreciate your thanks. I will be posting alot more stuff when the time comes. Look out for me.

heyheyhey4838d ago


i challenge you to find someone with a PS3, but no PC...

if so, what are they doing buying a PS3- they should get their ass to PC world NOW!!

mattkelly19914837d ago

I only included this one becuase its not a matter of if they own a comuter, but, my HD got fried so I do all my school work on an E-mail, then print it using my PS3. OH I FORGOT TO ADD PRINTER!! OOOPS, oh well. Anyway, My comp got fried so All I use right now is my Ps3. I am trying to get my comp fixed so I can get spore, SC2, and D3. Thanks everyone. ADD ME! PSN: LUCIFEREX...

lando7864838d ago

In addition to turning on all the features you should also fine-tune your tv's color settings. This helps ALOT during your gaming experience and enjoyment. I think I have all except the cross color filter ill try that one now. Thanks for the great Blog. You should write one similar to the xbox maintenance blog posted not long ago.

mattkelly19914837d ago

Im glad, if Ive helped at least one person Ive made a positive difference. Gaming FTW!