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MGS4 Install's and the real reason for Konami's rules

So, I was looking though n4g, and I come across a MGS4 article that has to do with install times. I was curious as to why Konami was blocking them. I open up the article and begin reading. To my dismay it was filled with a damn spoiler. I was so mad when I read it, I quickly turned away. I finally figured out the real reason for the wierd way Konami was being with the Install times, It wasnt becuase they cared about the time it takes to load, there worried about the DAMN SPOILER involved with it. I mean, why the hell does everyone make such a big deal about the install times if they KNOW that its a Spoiler. I mean, WTF. Does anyone have any ideas why the hell people are so quick to nag about something if they know why they are doing it that way. I mean, thats ridiculous.

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Chubear4850d ago

I whole heartedly agree with your blog comment.

LJWooly4850d ago

I agree, I was pissed off at the spoiler, too. If the bloody reviewers could have stated this after reviewing the game, a lot of people wouldn't have had the game spoiled for them.

I also remember EGM refusing to review the game, because Konami asked them not to comment on the install time (for the reasons you already stated). They were just feigning integrity, and now they look really stupid because of it.

And the idiot who posted the spoiler in the first place deserves to be burnt, too.