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What Gran Turismo 7 needs to become top racing dog

Before you continue reading, this blog is based on my opinions and thoughts you can agree or disagree as much as you want but everyone has there own thoughts at end of the day.

Note: I did write a smiler article about Gran Turismo 6 a while ago but I think its time to do one about Gran Turismo 7.

If Gran Turismo 7 is going to be made for Playstation 4 then there are going to be serious changes and improvements to the game in order for it to became a great racing sim again.

The cars for Gran Turismo 7 all need to be re-done to "premium" standards, what I mean by this is full interior views, great detail both interior and exterior of the cars. There is no excuse for "standard" model cars anymore, considering the power of the PS4.

The sounds of the cars also need to be re-done, the sounds of some of the cars in the last few Gran Turismo's were disappointing to say the least, a lot of times lot of the cars sounded very smiler and the other times the engine sounds sounded weak. If I racing in a high performance car , lets say the Dodge Viper, I want it to sound like the Dodge Viper with its beefy engine sounds.

The damage of the cars also needs to be re-done, it's suppose to be a racing simulator, so why the lack of damage? It's time to have full damage models from the start. This bit may sound harsh but if you wreck your car trying to go to fast around a corner well frankly that's your own fault, like I said it's suppose to be a racing sim so treat the game like one.

The graphics could also be improved on, from everything like cars (like I mentioned earlier)to background scenery, the spectators and crowds of the races. The potential to really make the game graphics look amazing should be easier now thanks to the PS4.

Also why just have cars anymore, why not include more vehicles like motorbikes, midget cars, truck racing etc. Just think how many more types of races etc could be included with the addition of extra vehicles.

Improved AI, the AI should act more realistically, from things like trying to cut you off from overtaking during racing to things like the AI tuning up and modifying there cars so it matches your cars performance for that feeling of a challenge.

Improvements of certain races, the rally events and other certain events of Gran Turismo 5&6 were disappointing, if there going to support races like Rally and Nascar at least make them full races, instead of one lap things where you have to go though a stupid tutorial.

Weather and time improvements, lets have dynamic weather, that can change during mid race and full night/day cycle on all races, this would really work well on endurance races. This would also make it more realistic since you would have to pit mid race to change the tyres to the correct type for the weather.

More range of cars, yes I know that Gran Turismo has a wide range of cars but a lot of them are different types of skylines etc. It's time to add more variety of cars everything from the Ford-T, to the latest super cars like Ferrari M458-T and of course everything in between.

I used to love Gran Turismo but the last two have been disappointing to say the least. If Sony & Polyphony Digital want me to splash money out on a new Gran Turismo then the needs serious improvements.

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memots2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )


You basically listed what every other game has in part in their game.
I think we need to take a step back on expectation. People are quick to call game X or Y a failure because they don't have feature A or B nailed down or as good as another title.

While everything you listed are what would make the game better i would rather set my expectation a little lower and enjoy the game, not just Gt7 but for any game.

If you have a PC right now i suggest you try R3e or Assetto they are keeping me very busy. that i am in no hurry for gt7 :P

Also you missed some feature that fanboy decided were important this gen. Auto vista, Open world , 1080p/60fps .. apparently these things are must now.

Matt6662484d ago

Thank you for your comment, while I understand what your saying, GT is starting to lag behind other racing sims. It's a tough gaming market out there and I believe if you want to be the best you should pull out all the tricks of the trade and incorporate them into there own game in a fun and exciting way. I was just pointing out in my own opinion what I think GT needs to improve on. Also I don't care about 1080p/60FPS, there are more important things for a game for example game play and re-playability.

amiga-man2484d ago

Morpheus would take this game to a whole different level, I would be surprised if thats not incorporated for Gran Turismo 7, in fact I'm sure I read somewhere that it was happening.

Matt6662484d ago

I understand why people are excited for Morpheus but myself I not that interested in it, but I hope it incorporates well with GT7 and that people have fun with it.

amiga-man2484d ago

I think if you get to try it you might change your mind on that Matt666, having said that I haven't tried it either but I can't imagine a bigger step for gaming.

kingPoS2484d ago

A revamped photo mode, it's absolutely got to have have that! More original tracks, reverse on all tracks.... Motorcycles!

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Tetsdah2483d ago

i could definitely see certain features making it into the game for the season, especially features like dynamic weather, since it already has weather in Gt 6 and 5. The weather is actually becoming more of a thing with other racers as of recent, but Gt been there and done it. The premium and standard car issue is mainly because Polyphony wants to nonsensically stuff the game with cars whether people wants to drive them or not. If they trim down the car count, and focus on fleshing the game out, then I know they'll make GT 7 a beast

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