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Call Of Duty:Advanced Warfare: My thoughts

Disclaimer: this blog is on my thoughts and opinions. Just as everyone else I am entitled to my opinion.

I currently watched the Call Of Duty:Advanced Warfare multiplayer game play and my first thought is that, it just looks like an add-on for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

I will explain the problems what I see with the multiplayer.

The knife is still overpowered, managing to kill in one hit. Seriously they say they want to make it realistic yet if they wanted to do that, they should of reduce the power of the knife, maybe to two hits on the front but if you get some one from behind (actually sneaking up on them) it should be a one hit kill in the neck.

Graphics don't look amazing to me, if anything just looked very polished graphics. I was hoping for a lot of smaller detail like being able to see your legs and body when looking down and destructible environment and for things like changing weather systems so it could help or hinder the progression of the teams.

The lack of destructible environments, I thought the game being developed for next gen, I thought they would of really played with the tech and maps, so it could bring a whole new game play element to the game. It is nice that they tried adding a tidal wave to one of the maps but without the destructible environment it just seems like a waste of time since it won't change the map that much. If they did have destructible environments this may also discourage players from camping, since they would no longer be permanently safe within a building or room.

There are a lot of weapons from previous COD's, (the AK-12 and the ARX-160 are just two examples). I already getting bored of seeing copy and paste effort once again. Think of more new and more variety of weapons. Yes there are some new weapons but how many are actually new and how much variety are we going to see, is it going to be a big or small choice, hopefully in my opinion a big choice because after a while I get bored of only seeing four pistols, six SMG's etc.

Points system for load out, that was a terrible idea for Ghosts, I don't know why they brought that back in. Every one who I know hated that system. In my opinion they should of gone back to there roots on this, where you could only choose three perks, but while having the freedom to put what ever you want on your gun, but to balance this the more attachments you have on your weapon the heavier your load out and the slower you run (or something along those lines)

Akimbo weapons, they are always a bad thing in my opinion and I can see a lot of people are going to be running around with overpowered weapons. You should only be allowed single weaponry not akimbo this would solve a couple of things first making the game more balanced, second of all making it feel a bit more realistic.

There are a lot of perks taken from previous COD's, I thought it being a new COD they would of all been new perks. For example some of the perks back are danger close and Lightweight. Come on guys for a "three year development" I certainly seeing a lot of copy and pasting going on.

What the point of character customization if you can't see your legs or body during gameplay, seriously I thought it was next gen, yet it still looks like a last gen COD, I want to feel like a person when I running around, shooting etc on a fps game, not feel like a floating camera.

There's a lot of games COD has also took ideas/ copied from. The PMC from MGS4. Atlas that name was taken from Borderlands. The grenade that lets you see though walls etc is taken from Killzone. There are a lot of things taken from Halo for example the hover tank. Is isn't necessary a bad thing but there is a very thin line between taking things from other games and your own ideas.

The ADS (aiming down sight) on sniper rifles is still way to fast, it just encourages quick-scoping (which is luck mixed with cheapness if you actually mange to hit anyone). If anything they should slow down the ADS and actually encourage players to use sniper rifles properly, at long range, if you want to go in at close range use a pistol or a smg.

My conclusion is that, even though there a few new things, there's a lot that been copied and pasted from previous COD's all in all I will certainly not be throwing my money at them I rather keep my £40 for a game that is actually worth it.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2500d ago

I don't think most fans of call of duty would actually want the core gameplay to change, which is why they're adding new stuff in instead of changing. Most of the people who are vocal in disliking call of duty probably won't buy it but the fans will even if their is no true games.
I agree with you in wanting to feel like you're actually in the game, like in killzone and battlefield you feel like you're actually playing the soldier and you feel the weight of your guns aswell.
It's not a bad thing to take ideas from other games if it improves your own, every games takes from each other pretty much.
Akimbo weapons are pretty inaccurate so it does not matter much to me, the only time it actually did was when in mw2 you had the akimbo shotguns till it was patched.
I also would like more weapons but you also have to keep in mind balancing issues and its not a good thing if you have a massive choice of guns, many of them would just be reskinned variants rather than statistical changes at that point just to keep the balance.
The graphics look good for the next gen in my opinion, comparable to titanfall.
As for destructible environments I would like at least some destruction such as fences breaking and maybe some walls but not on the scale of battlefield because then it would just be trying to be battlefield. They both should stand out in their own ways.
I may or may not pick up this title, many good games coming out this holiday season and Cod is one of my least anticipated.

Matt6662499d ago

Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you for the input, I understand that its difficult to get the balance correct on some issues but to me now COD compared to other FPS titles just feels like its lagging behind times instead of really pushing themselves. For a three year development I must say I not that impressed. But I guess everyone has there own tastes in games.