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How "new" is Call of Duty Ghosts

Hello readers, in this blog I will be talking about how "new" Call of Duty: Ghosts, is and how much has been copied and pasted from previous games.

Before I continue I understand that I might get a lot of hate from fan boys, but if you can't accept the truth, then don't read it since I have done my research.

First of all let’s start with some positives before we get onto the negatives (since in my opinion there will be a lot more.)

The first positive is the new game engine (and I going to use the word "new" loosely here,) since the game engine could just be an upgraded version of the previous game engine.) But so far the game engine does look a lot better than its previous versions. There is also the added "dynamics" to the maps which should make how the game is played different.

The game sound engine also has had improvements made to it so your gun and explosions sound different from let’s say in a small room with carpets to being in a big open room that echo’s your gun sounds, this certainly makes the game sounds a lot better. This should be able to help players roughly by the sound of the shot or explosion came from.

The next thing is, that now you can customize your character, which gives a game a more personal feeling, now for once everyone won't look the same (just like in real life), (yes I know it’s a game, but still it’s doesn't seem so boring).

No more death streaks, it was about time Call of Duty. Really death perks were simply made for noobs and since they had been removed it should make players more wary before just simply running into a battle or objective and blowing every one up when they go down.

In addition to this, there are 10 new game modes, (even though I don't know what all of them are) this should keep players busy trying out the different ones and finding out which one they prefer to play.

That's all the positives, I can think of so now I will be moving onto the negatives.

Even though earlier in the article I said that the "dynamic" maps are a positive, this is also a negative because I read that its only certain parts of the maps that are "dynamic" so therefore I find this a bit of a let-down because the maps could be a lot more dynamic (for example just look how dynamic Battlefield is compared to Call of Duty.)

The next negative is how many weapons are at least from one previous Call of duty game. The list includes the following; the Point 44 Magnum, the M9, the FAD, the Bizon, the Tar, the Vector, the LSAT, the MK14 and Riot Shield. Even though there are weapons from previous games there are also quite a few new weapons so you could it it’s balanced out.

The next is the perk list; once again the perks I mention have at least been in one other Call of Duty game. The list includes; Quick Draw, Slight of Hand, Marathon, Stalker, Blind Eye, Dead Silence, Lightweight, Pain Killer (originally a death streak), Blast Shield, Toughness, Ghost, Hard-line, Over Kill, Fast Hands, Steady Aim, Dexterity, Recon, Scavenger, Sitrep, Awareness, Bandolier and Danger Close. So a lot of perks from previous games, some good and somewhat noobs will be using. They could have put more thought into the perks and made more new perks then simply reapplying old perks.

My final thoughts that there have been some improvements to the game but a big part of the game was copy and paste job again, so therefore it’s not "new" but more of a upgraded game.

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JonahNL2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Of course they're going to bring back "old" stuff. Ghosts isn't about being something new; it's about taking the good things from several games in the series and presenting them in the best possible way. Elements from MW, MW2, MW3 and even BOII are returning.

I actually love the return of all these perks, because of the way they are chosen this time around. No longer are we bound to three tiers with one perk each, which used to cause everyone to use just the best perk per tier. Remember how everyone used Stopping Power, Ghost and Assassin? Exactly...

Thanks to the point system you can now truly choose how you wish to play the game. Imagine wanting to be silent (Dead Silence), have better hearing (Awareness), detect equipment (Engineer), bring up your gun faster (Dexterity) and run for longer distances (Extreme Conditioning. These are all examples from Black Ops II, in which it's impossible to pick all of these perks.

Ghosts, however, allows you to choose all of these. Sure, you need to make some sacrifices, but it's now possible to combine everything with, well, everything. I've always wanted to combine specific perks to create unique play styles and now that's finally possible.

The even cooler thing about this is that it changes the gun play as well. You want to be completely stealthy in BOII or MW3? You can be and you would still have a lot of power in a gun fight. In Ghosts you have to give up stuff like Quickdraw, Dexterity and Sleight of Hand to become fully stealthy. You now have to think twice before picking your perks.

Well, that's just my two cents. Instead of trying something new it's aiming to perfect the system. As far as I'm concerned that's something the series needed to do much more.

Matt6662859d ago

Well one point of me writing this article, was to the fan boys who say bf4 is bf 3.5, while they defend that COD ghosts is new when its just updated and like I said in the article some of the perks they chosen are for noobs anyway for example danger close.

JonahNL2859d ago

Danger Close isn't that big of a big deal. You're probably forgetting how weak the explosives were in MW3. With Danger Close they would actually be usable again and probably on the same level as BOII's explosives.

Also, keep in mind that when picking the Danger Close perk, which costs a hefty 3 points, you are giving up other major perks to use it. You're left with only 5 points after picking just one perk.

With Blast Shield available as well I don't think there will be any issues with Danger Close. The reason it was a problem in the first place is because of One Man Army, a perk that WON'T be returning.

oscarmike2859d ago

cod fanboys? on n4g? lmao!

haven't read a single positive cod related article on this website. and any positive comments on a cod story gets voted down immediately.

you say this "article" was meant to balance the bf4 hatred from COD fanboys on a website that is 98.5% anti cod.....whatever helps you sleep at night

Matt6662859d ago

@ ZidaneNL
mm no offensive but you sound like some one who would use danger close, and it was a big problem because you would have people running around with one man army, nade launcher and danger close and just using nade launchers all the time just to kill people.
Even if you get rid of man army your still going have people running around with danger close and nade launchers or rocket launchers getting kills with them weapons because its going to be overpowered and they clearly don't have any skill to get kills with anything else.
It's the same with people who run around with marathon and light weight and just getting kills with the knife because its over powered and lack skill to get kills properly

JonahNL2859d ago

Okay, now you're cracking me up. I am the kind of guy who runs Flak Jacket all the time, not the explosives. Yes, they were a definite problem in MW2, but no longer in MW3. The GL now almost always requires two hits to kill in the latter game. Danger Close won't magically make them as powerful as their brethren in MW2. They also cannot be replenished anymore with Scavenger. There is no way that Danger Close could even come close to becoming as big of a threat as it was in MW2.

Matt6662859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Then why stick up for it? (if you don't use it) That's what I don't get and there is scavenger on COD Ghosts, so you could use a combo of the two and we don't even know the power of danger close what if it is just as powerful? COD makes the knife over powered since it can kill you anywhere on the body so why not danger close?

Wni02859d ago

the no recoil thing bothers me the most.

Valenka2859d ago

I'm struggling to understand the point that this blog was trying to make. I mean, raise a hand if you can name an instalment in a series that was completely "new" and "original." Especially when it comes to Call of Duty or any other critically successful franchise; when you have a formula that works, the company is never going to deviate from that formula. They're only going to add onto it, remove what was not popular or liked and continue forward.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is certainly nothing "new" and definitely not original, but it does introduce some new features and revitalises the formula that Activision implemented six years ago.

annus2858d ago

I think the point is flame bait, as are 90% of CoD articles. You can wrap the words in as much intelectual content as you want, but the end of the day it's still pointless bait that everyone already knows about.

Matt6662858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

@ Valenka & annus,
One of the main points of this article was to say to the COD fan boys who was saying BF4 is just BF3.5. Hey wake up, COD: Ghosts isn't that new either.

annus2858d ago

I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that CoD fanboys realise that others think it's the same shit, it's probably why they are saying that BF really isn't that different to BF3 either.