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What will I be buying the Xbox one or PS4 and what I think of them

In this article I will be talking about which console I will be getting, the short answer is both.

But I just don't want to give short answers below I will also be explaining my thoughts and opinions, into what I think is both good and bad about both the Xbox One and the Play Station 4.

First of all let’s talk about the appearance of both consoles. Now this shouldn't matter, (even though it does for some people) it’s how both the consoles perform and what it was designed for what matters. Now we haven't actually seen the ps4 so I can't comment on it just yet, (I will update this part when we see it.) For the Xbox One I thought the look of it wasn't bad but it wasn't anything amazing, the two tone colour of the Xbox one would have been better as all one shade of black.

Next let’s talk about what each console was built for and I will start with Sony Play Station 4. Sony seems to be focusing on a gaming console and if anyone watched there reveal back in February you can tell that they put a brilliant amount of quality into their games. Sony also did this by actually going to different game developers and asking them what they wanted to see in the ps4.

Now let’s talk about the Xbox One, the Xbox one was built for an all-around experience so music, TV, internet and games so it more like an entertainment hub. If you watched the reveal last night you would have noticed there was a lot of focus on apps for TV etc. Now this might appeal to some people but myself I don't watch much TV so therefore that aspect of the Xbox One doesn't make me go wow.

This brings me onto the next point of this article which is the specs of both consoles. Once again I will start with the Ps4, (The specs are from the Play Station Website.) The Play Station 4 hosts a low power x86-64 AMD CPU "Jaguar" with 8 cores, a 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon next gen graphics core, 8GB of GDRR5 RAM, built in HDD, Blu-ray x6 CAV & DVD x8.
Now let’s look at the Xbox One specs, (these are from the Xbox website.) The Xbox One hosts an 8core x86 CPU, with 8GB of RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0 & a 500GB HDD.

Now if we compare the two you can see that both consoles are very similar yet but for two different purposes, as I said earlier the ps4 is built for games while the Xbox One is built for an entertainment hub. So for pure processing power one is just as good as the other.

The next thing I will be talking about is the games for both the
Xbox One & PS4, both consoles this time have both a unique and good line up games. From racing games to FPS and things in between for example puzzle games and action games. Also both consoles will offer exclusives first party games & third party games. On the PS4 the best looking game was Kill Zone, but saying this the PS4 offered great visuals on all the games they showed.

The Xbox one also had a great line up of games, but there best looking game was Call of Duty Ghosts, (surprisingly). The other games Xbox showed still looked good but the visuals compared to Call of Duty & the PS4 wasn't as good. (This was a shame because I was expecting Xbox to have better visuals then they showed.)

Now for the final point of my article is the downside of both consoles. The only downside I can think of at the moment is how much both consoles are going to cost on launch and how much next generation games will cost. It’s a hard balance for both companies because if the price is too high then not many people will be able to afford them but if they are set too low then both companies will be making a loss.

My final thoughts are that I hope both consoles do well and that they both bring new and exciting games, features and apps to the users of the PS4 & Xbox One.

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Maddens Raiders2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )


No. Only one does this time. Only one did last time.

Matt6662949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

and what makes you say this? Which one do you think got the good line up then and why does it?
PS4 line up, (from PS website)
Drive Club,
Killzone:shadow Fall,
Infamous Second Sun,
Watch Dogs,
Assassins Creed 4,
The Witness,

Xbox one lineup: (from xbox website)
Forza 5,
Quntum Break,

dannyboi2122949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

every game u mentioned about the new ps except for 2 are coming out on both conoles and the xbox one have 15 exclusive to xbox games

zerocrossing2949d ago

Given what we currently know about each console, I have no idea why anyone would consider purchasing the Xbox One foot in the grave...

All joking aside MS really dropped the ball on this one, they appear to have more of a focus on their new console being a multimedia entertainment device than actually focusing on games.

Matt6662949d ago

I will only be getting a xbox for the exclusives that it

Raf1k12949d ago

I was thinking the same thing but buying it at full price at launch just for the exclusives isn't a good idea to me. I would wait and get it when it's cheap that way there'll be a fair few exclusives to play and won't cost anywhere near as much.

It's up to the individual as always. Get what you feel is best for you.

dedicatedtogamers2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I re-watched Sony's PS4 reveal earlier today. I noticed something.

The moment the conference began, it was about games. Before anyone stepped onto the stage, trailers for games were playing. Every sentence was about gaming. Every slide was about how the PS4 was designed for games. It took 26 minutes before Mark Cerny shifted focus away from gaming-related topics (he began talking about video sharing, which is still kinda gaming, and integration with tablets/social networks/etc.). For the rest of the conference, it was about gaming and gaming-related features. After the conference, Sony talked about games with the press. They also announced their unprecedented partnership with indie devs.

On the other hand, it was nearly 10 minutes before Microsoft showed off a single game-related feature on the Xbox One (it was when they showed off their instant switching between Forza, movies, etc, and Forza was on for 3 seconds). It was another 20 minutes before the first game trailers/gameplay were shown off. The first and only first-party developer to take the stage, that 343 Studio lady, announced a Halo TV show. Microsoft announced their unprecedented partnership with NFL and Steven Spielberg. After the show, Microsoft announced even more bad news like used game fees, required online, no backwards compatibility, required Kinect, etc.

I will still boycott Sony if they implement similar Used game fees, required online, required installs, etc., but it is quite obvious that Sony is focusing on gamers while Microsoft is focusing on ESPN.

ZodTheRipper2949d ago

This reads like the lecture of a fourth grader.

Matt6662949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Your articles are not much better, before posting comments like this maybe you should proof read your own blogs etc.

For example "Why Sony won next gen already" when it should be "Why Sony has already won next gen"

Further more I dyslexic so well done for making yourself look like an idiot.

ZodTheRipper2949d ago

I didn't even mean to insult you in any way, I just found it difficult to read. Call me idiot and critize my blog as much as you like, since I was offered two positions as a freelance writer because of it I can be sure that the relevant people appreciate my writing, even if english is not my native language.

zerocrossing2949d ago

Exactly what Matt666 said.

I'm not trying to be funny hear but your 1st (and only) blog isn't exactly a shining standard.

For future reference you should really consider sticking to the topic of the blog rather than criticising the author.

Matt6662949d ago

well if English isn't your first language like you claim, then of course your going to struggle to read it, yet I had no reports about my grammar on this article.

Z5012949d ago

Is MS going to offer a 3 year warranty at launch? (my concern) supporters STILL bring this up every time rrod is brought up. So i figured this would be a great time to ask instead of 2 years into the next-gen.

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