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What I think Gran Turismo 6 needs to do in order to be better

In this article I will be talking about what I think Gran Turismo 6 needs to improve in order to be better. (Please note these are my thoughts and opinions of what I think.)

Before I go any further I would just like to state that I have played on the Gran Turismo series since Gran Tursimo one for the Play Station one.

The first thing I would like to talk about in this article is that all cars should have interior modelling and views. I felt disappointed when I got my copy of Gran Tursimo 5 and noticed that a lot the cars have no interior view at all. (Even when they brought out an update for the standard cars to have a basic interior view, it was still disappointing.) So please Gran Tursimo make all the cars have interior view, this would make the game and races feel more realistic and it would also look a lot better to the eye and consumer.

This brings me onto my second point, which is that the cars need better physics and damage effects. If this was achieved this would make the realism of the game a whole lot better and would make races a whole more challenging. In addition to this the weather and race conditions should also play a bigger part in the overall performance of the car.

My next point in this article is that the races should be more challenging and a lot harder. I felt like the races in Gran Turismo 5 were a bit easy and made the races boring since there was no actual competition. The further you get into the game the harder the races should become, for example the B & A license races should be easier than the races what require you to have an IA & IB license.

The next point in this article is that bring more race types into the game. I feel like it time that they added something like drag racing and time events like get to the next gate before the time runs out. In addition to this they should bring qualifying, (like in the original Gran Turismo where it was on option) this would be a nice addition to the game and it would also give Gran Turismo fresh feel to the game and it would also make the game longer by having more to do.

This brings me onto the next point in the article is that the game needs more locations and race courses added. This would make sure that the player wouldn't get bored with seeing the same track after the first so many races and would keep the game entertaining.

The second to last point of my article is that there should be a real time weather system on the game. (We saw a bit of this on Gran Turismo 5 but needs a lot of improvement.) So for example you could be halfway through an endurance race and it starts to snow, rain, hail whatever it decided to do and you have to pit in and get the tires changed for the relevant weather and until you did this it would be a lot harder to handle the car.

My final point in this article is that the online system of Gran Turismo needs to be improved. I have had experiences where I been online and there either been so much lag I couldn't continue to race or there been people who been using hacks to win a race. There should be an anti-cheat system in place and Gran Turismo should also offer a bigger bandwidth to ensure players get the best and fairest online races they can.

I will be getting the next Gran Turismo just because I enjoy my racing games and it would be another game to add to my collection but I fear for Gran Turismo if they don't do the things mentioned above that the game could be left to collect dust.

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Chaostar2952d ago

"I have played on games like Forza and the physics and damage effects are a lot better"

In no shape or form are Forza's physics better than GT5's. Forza is a great game but one of the main draws of Gran Turismo are the mindbogglingly accurate physics and car handling. Sorry, while I respect your opinion, I have to strongly disagree; I'm actually completely puzzled how you even came to that conclusion.

Matt6662952d ago

first of all thank you for your comment, I respect what you say but on Gran tursimo 5 I once crashed into a barrier doing over 150mph, and was still able to continue to race like it was a small bump while on forza when I do that the wheels come off and I cant continue with the race

Chaostar2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I see your point, it's completely unrealistic in that respect but what would a Burnout style wreckage really bring to the game except the need to restart or, even crazier, rewind time and try again?

Two completely unrealistic methods of keeping a player in the game without any frustrating restarts. As far as actual driving mechanics go though, I maintain that GT easily takes pole position.

@response below
That's fair enough, if you want it hardcore like that you could just restart every time you crash on either game :)

Also I never pressed disagree btw, I'll agree as proof.

Matt6662951d ago

Editors comment: Wow two dislikes for my opinion of what I experienced really don't people have anything better to do

fei-hung2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

You must surely be able to make clear distinction between racing physics and crashing physics.

The racing physics are far better in GT than Forza.

The wall crashing should have been sorted out by now, but for enthusiasts of race simulation, it is no where near as bad as being able to rewind, have auto drive option or have roads made slightly wider to accommodate newbies.

The important point here is the word ' option.' you choose how you wish to play. I.e. Using rewind feature, auto drive or bouncing of walls. I have never ever seen a person who crashes into walls in GT, beat someone who races well. Hitting walls always slows you down. The only time it may help is when everyone playing is rubbish and bouncing of them as well.

as for improvements, I would love to see more race variation:

1) drag
2) elimination
3) pgr had a brilliant race where you must overtake x amount of cars within x amount of laps or time

It would also be nice if they made had celebrity cars. I'm dying to see KITT, bat Mobile, ecto1 and others in there.

If they have the top gear track, it's just silly that they can't have the celebrity times on there. It's a small thing that would make an enormous difference.

SmokeyMcBear2951d ago

Well if you have damage set to on, if you crash into a wall at that speed, although the physical damage to the car wont be much, mechanically the car will be almost undrivable, pulling the the site, limiting speed, all that good stuff.

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Matt6662951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

This is two your second comment, then were do you draw the line for something like that, in my own opinion I would prefer either the restart opinion or that you don't get any points for the race if its a series race

fei-hung2951d ago

I think you draw the Line where gameplay still fits and is not constantly broken up via having to restart or by your car being immobilized.

Anyone who had played GT knows every micro second counts. Having your car slow down for hitting a wall is very costly and it can very easily cost you the race or a gold medal. The number of hours where'd just trying to cut of a few split seconds to get a gold license is very high.

However, if there was a qualifying race, or a clean race mode / series, penalizing players could be added like in PGR.

Matt6662951d ago

To the people or fan boys who disagree with my comments how about you actually put something if you got something to say

BeZdaBest2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

i have something to add remove most of those skyline's there are about 40 of the same car that is ridiculous

add some normal cars i like mustangs and they only have one.. it from 07' gt and when did the game come out...there where missing alot of simply cars..

is this what real track racers do.. buy low branded cars
sup them up.. an race...

murkster-dubez2951d ago

I stopped reading when you said Forza has better Physics than GT5.

rainslacker2951d ago

They've already said that not all cars would have interior view ala premium. However more of the standard cars will have premium features.

GT actual driving physics are bar none the best on any console for any racing game. It falters when running into walls, or other drivers. here's why. The game would be incredibly frustrating if you couldn't continue the race. GT greatest strength is that it appeals to a huge variety of game players. What your asking for is a change to the fundamental core of GT game play. If added it should remain optional.

As far as damage. GT5 damage seemed mostly aesthetic. I never saw any real change in driving by having a damaged car. Not sure how I feel about it until I see what changes would be made.

Agree races should become harder as you progress...or at the very least the AI drivers should become better. Just throwing in a few faster cars for the other drivers is more frustrating than challenging.

More race types are always welcome. They added quite a few for GT5. Not sure how I feel about least for all races.(I assume you meant A-Spec here). It would be easy enough to get an overpowered car and simply be at the top of the pole, which means you likely wouldn't really be racing at all, just driving. Of course this is still possible without qualifying. Been running the boring BSpec endurance races with the Red Bull Prototype and letting it run while I'm away. I would also like to mention that the special events races do tend to be more challenging, as they do limit your PP in most cases. If you want more challenge, maybe don't overpower your car, or find a car that matches closer to the typical opponents list.

Agree, more locations are a must. Particularly since the courses get reused a lot.

Weather suggestion is not a bad idea, but should remain optional as it is now.

Never played online so can't comment. However there was something on the in game news channel about them cracking down on cheaters about a month ago.

Neko_Mega2951d ago

One thing people forget about GT5, it alot of stuff doesn't happen until you get higher level.

I played a online game once, I crash so bad that my car couldn't even move. But when you play offline it doesn't happen until your level gets higher and sometimes it not as close as what happens online.

Forza is ok, but I'm happy GT is nothing like it. If anything really needs to be done with GT6, that is all cars should have cockpit view and more deep upgrading of your car.

Another thing, Forza's physics are good on some parts. But having a high speed car hit another car and making that car fly in the air is not real physics.

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