The problem with N4g, that there a lot of kids on here who don't know what an opinion is.


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Why I hate fan boys

In this article I will be talking about fan boys, (as the title suggests,) and why I hate fan boys.

Before I continue I understand that there's a difference between opinions and a fan boy, someone who puts an opinion down respects other user’s comments and thoughts, a fan boy will start an all-out war if someone's opinion is different to theirs.

My first point why I hate fan boys is because they always seem to put immature comments to someone or to something what they don't like themselves for example, (please note this is a comment from a YouTube video, which has been slightly edited due to it being written in capitals and foul language) "RE6 is an flipping amazing game, I don't know what these autistic whiners are talking about, leave it!."

Please note that the fan boy said “autistic” what do you think it’s good taking the fun out of people with a mental or even physical disorder, no it isn’t you just degrade your dignity that little bit more, (if they had any to start with I don’t know.)

Seriously OK if you’re going to put comments like that you might as well get off the internet and lock yourself up in a room because it clearly shows how narrow minded and immature you really are. Do you really have no social skills?

My second point (kind of related to my first point) is would fan boys actually act that tough if they had to say it to some ones face, (IE in the real world) the short answer would be no (not unless they have no idea how to act in the real world.)

Let me explain why, on the internet you can have an alter ego where you can be anybody you want, as in age height weight, build etc. but in the real world you can't escape who you really are. I guess that's why fan boys love the internet because they can act all though against mature users who respect other people’s opinions and don't force their own opinions on anyone else.

My third point being is, (this is also linked to my 1st and 2nd point) that fan boys generally annoy me, yes really they do, I don't see why they have to act so tough or even better way to put it is get so upset when they don't like someone else opinion. Makes me wonder do they act like that in the real world. (Yet again they might if they hate everyone anyway.)

My final point in this article is I want to know why they act the way they do. What makes them think its OK to act like that, is there alter ego, is it because they have parents what don't care, and is it because they have no friends, or is it even that something bad happened to them.

Well whatever the answer is, really there is no reason to go off on a rampage when someone else puts down their own opinion what is different to yours ( I have seen plenty of cases of this on YouTube and other websites.)

To summarize what I don't like about fan boys are the following: they act hard when there probably not, they have no concept of what an opinion is and they just generally annoying by thinking how writing in capitals and swearing makes them think that’s it is OK to act that way and ruin the internet for everyone else.

If you’re a fan boy and reading this I hoped you enjoyed it because this article are my thoughts and opinion and I respect what you think but there's no need to off in a foul mood and start being moody towards everyone who has a different opinion.

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Matt6662975d ago

I am chilled out I was simply expressing my opinion